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Tiffany Cross – American Journalist, Political Analyst, TV Host, and


Tiffany Cross is a highly respected American journalist, television personality, political analyst, and writer. She hosts a Saturday morning show on MSNBC.

Cross began her career in news coverage as a reporter at an Atlanta radio station. She also worked as a partner producer for CNN during the 2000s. She is the former head of the BET Networks’ Washington, D.C. bureau.

Who is Tiffany Cross?

Tiffany Cross is a journalist who has worked in the media and political world for more than 20 years. She has spent her career in Washington D.C as a Bureau Chief and Field Producer for BET Networks, Associate Producer at CNN and 2020 Resident Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics.

Tiffany is the co-founder of The Beat DC, a platform that intersects national politics, policy, business, media and people of color. Her work is frequently read by elected officials, CEOs and C-Suite executives, opinion leaders and media influencers.

She has been a host of the weekend show The Cross Connection on MSNBC since 2020. Her show was a hit among Black viewers, whose demographic accounted for more than a third of her audience.

The cancellation of Cross’s program comes after a rocky relationship between the anchor and her management, according to Variety, which asserted she engaged in on-air commentary that MSNBC execs deemed not reflective of the network’s values. She also generated controversy with her October 8 comments about Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s treatment of his head injury, stating that white NFL coaches do not protect “Black bodies.”

In an email, MSNBC said Cross had been let go Friday and the network had terminated her contract. A rotating group of anchors will lead the show’s Saturday hours until a replacement is found, and her production staff will be retained.

Is Tiffany Cross married?

Tiffany Cross is a well-known American journalist, political analyst, television host, and author. She is known for her work on MSNBC, where she hosts a show every Saturday.

She is also the author of Say It Louder: Black Voters, Our Voices and the Shaping of American Democracy, which was released in July 2020. She is also one of the recurring guest hosts on Joy Reid’s new weekday show, The ReidOut.

In the past, she was a reporter for an Atlanta radio station and worked as an associate producer for CNN in the 2000s. She later served as the Washington, D.C., bureau head for BET Networks and evolved as a resident fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics.

Cross has spent most of her career steering media and policy in the nation’s capital. She is co-founder of The Beat DC, a platform that intersects national politics, policy, business, and all people of color.

She hosted The Cross Connection, a Saturday morning program on MSNBC, from 2020 to 2022. However, due to her controversial statements on the air, she cut ties with MSNBC. She was reportedly planning to move to another TV station.

What is Tiffany Cross’s net worth?

Tiffany Cross is an American journalist, television personality, political analyst, and author. She hosts a Saturday morning MSNBC show called The Cross Connection. She is currently based in Washington, D.C.

She is also the Co-Founder of The Beat DC, a platform crossing national politics, policy, business, and media with a focus on people of color. She is passionate about telling it like it is, and helping others see the connections between race and politics.

Born on February 6th, 1979 in Cleveland, Ohio, Tiffany Cross is a 43-year-old American journalist and TV personality. She is a very intelligent woman and has an amazing personality.

As a child, she had a favorite character called Murphy Brown. Her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia when she was in high school, where she developed a love for reading.

After graduation, she began her journalism career as a reporter at an Atlanta radio station. She later went on to work for CNN as an associate producer. In the 2000s, she worked as a bureau chief in Washington, D.C. for BET Networks and became a resident fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics.

Tiffany Cross has had a very successful career in the world of journalism, and her estimated net worth is $1.1 million. She earns most of her income from her journalism career, but royalties from her books also add to her earnings.

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