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Tim Allen: The Actor’s Net worth

How rich is Tim Allen?

The role of Tim Taylor in the US TV format “Listen, Who’s That Hammering” made Tim Allen world famous. Even today, the repetitions of the former successful series run up and down around the globe. He was able to prove early on that Tim is a real comedian. Whether on his stand-up tour or the television series “Last Man Standing,” which has been on the US broadcaster CBS since 2011. His comedic talent continues to help keep the star’s bank account rich. The cherished Tim Allen’s net worth is 85 million euros.

Many successes as an actor and series star

Tim Allen's Income
It was by no means always foreseeable that the father of two daughters would one day earn so well. After all, the American comes from a rather modest background. He himself eventually grew up with eight siblings. The fact that his father was killed in a traffic accident when Tim was just eleven should have had an equally strong impact on his career. Because with such a sad fate Tim Allen seems to be very concerned to bring his audience as much joy as possible. Tim Allen has amused audiences in many films and series. Last Man Standing was a great success. The actor collects for each series episode 202,000 euros fee.

He could achieve this goal in his own various roles for Disney reach. He starred in the “Santa Clause” film series and also voiced Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. The fact that not every film by the star turned out to be a resounding success did not prevent the artist from continuing. While “Galaxy Quest” and “From the jungle, into the jungle” were extremely popular, “Joe Jedermann” was one of Allen’s flops. Only very few of his fans outside the United States are likely to know that Tim Allen sided with Donald Trump in the 2016 election campaign for the US presidency. Many of them would certainly not be particularly happy given their star’s political stance.

Tim Allen: A fortune but not a clean man?

Tim Allen's fees
Although Tim Allen has already received more than 20 awards and has been nominated for several dozen awards, this cannot hide the fact that the star also has his dark sides. That Tim Allen is divorced is nothing unusual in Hollywood. However, the actor had already been imprisoned for 28 months. He was at an international in October 1978 Airport caught with 650 grams of cocaine been. Certainly not a trivial offense, as Tim Allen could very well have been sentenced to life imprisonment. In the end, however, it only amounted to a sentence of seven years in prison, with Tim being released earlier on parole due to good conduct. The mild penalty was not due to an alleged star bonus. Rather, the actor was ready to provide the authorities with details about several drug dealers, which was considered a mitigating circumstance. At that time there were no assets that the authorities could fall back on.

In any case, his career only really picked up speed after he was released from prison. Initially, today’s world star had made his way as a stand-up comedian at Detroit Comedy Castle. Since this show could also be seen on TV, the Disney group became aware of him. The foundation stone for the sitcom “Listen, who’s hammering” was thus laid. Over a million dollars received the lead actor for each episode of the final (eighth) season of the series. This not only shows how popular the format was. Rather, his current wealth builds on the income from that time.

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