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Dr. Tina Viceral was born in the Tondo district of Manila. Her specialty is ENT, HNS, and otolaryngology. She is a member of the EDMED MULTISPECIALTY CLINIC CORP. The famous comedian, Vice Ganda, paid tribute to Dr. President. She cited her work in the Zika pandemic. Currently, she is serving at hospitals in the Philippines.

The youngest brother of Dr. Tina Viceral is 45 years old. The family lived in Manuguit, Tondo, Manila. Her father is a native of Taysan, Batangas, and her mother immigrated to the United States after the death of her parents. Her mother stayed behind in the Philippines to work as a caretaker, but returned at the age of seven. Her family is now a prominent Filipino-American businesswoman.

A barangay captain in Manila, Dr. Tina Viceral was one of the country’s first female barangay captains. She was the daughter of Rosario Viceral. She has four siblings, including younger sister, actress and comedian Vice Ganda. In the Philippines, she was awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree. She teaches at various universities and has published books on health care. She is also a member of the Philippine Medical Association.

As a physician, Dr. Tina Viceral is a Filipino and an international doctor. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million. She has three children, a son and a daughter. Her father is a retired barangay captain who is also a famous surgeon. Her parents are Reynaldo and Rosario Viceral. They have five siblings, including the late actor and comic Vice Ganda.

Her father was a barangay captain in Tondo, Manila. She is the oldest of the five siblings. Her mother, Rosario Viceral, is a former barangay captain. Her mother is a retired doctor, but she still works for the government. She is a surgeon at the Quezon City General Hospital. She was a front-liner who was involved in COVID-19 mass testing.

As a doctor, she is a mother of five children and a barangay captain in Tondo. Her father is a native of Taysan, Batangas. She has four siblings. Her younger sister is the famous Filipino comedian Vice Ganda. Her siblings include Reynaldo’s wife, Rosario. She was raised in a tondo neighborhood in Manila.

Tina Viceral is a doctor and a renowned Filipino surgeon. She is married and has a net worth of $2 million. She is a successful doctor who specializes in otolaryngology. She was raised in Tondo, Manila. Her father is a native of Taysan, Batangas. Her mother, a nurse, was a caretaker. They were both doctors and worked in the same hospital.

Dr. Tina Viceral is a family doctor who specializes in otolaryngology. She is an ER physician and was trained by Dr. Marivic in Manila. The latter is an OB-GYN. The other two are pediatricians. As a surgeon, Dr. Viceral is a pioneer of otolaryngology and a pioneer in the field. She worked in the COVID-19 area of the Quezon City General Hospital.

The Dr. Tina Viceral’s net worth is approximately $1 million. She is a successful doctor. She has no children, but she is reportedly married. Despite not having a significant number of social media followers, she is a well-known doctor. The estimated net worth of Dr. Viceral is around $1 million. She is a highly regarded physician with a career in the medical field.

Dr. Tina Viceral is a family physician. She is an ENT-Head and Neck Surgeon and is also a famous sister of Vice Ganda. In addition, she is a Filipino singer, and she has one sibling. She is a 50-year-old ENT-Head and Neck Surgist. She works as a primary care physician in Tondo.

The health care worker, Dr. Tina Viceral, is a frontliner for COVID-19. Her brother, Ion Perez, is an actor, singer, and comedian. She is a proud sister of her sister. And she is a frontliner for the Philippines, where she is also a member of the EDSA. Her work in the COVID-19 fight has led to a rise in the number of patients with the disease.

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