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Todd Tucker is an American actor and television personality who was born on the 4th of August 1973. He is currently 48 years old and stands at 1.70 m. His weight is 72 kg. He was first famous for his role in the reality TV show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” He is married to Kandi Burruss and they have two children together. His height and weight were the focus of speculations when he was in high school.

Tucker was born in Georgia and is 5’7″. His weight is 72 kg. He has a thick build and is a Christian. His height is unknown. He is married to Kandi Burruss and has two kids together. Todd Tucker’s girlfriend is not publicly known. His previous relationships are unknown. He is currently married to Kandi Burruss and they have two children together. His height is also undefined.

Todd Tucker is an actor, production manager, and social media star. He has been on various TV shows and has uploaded various contents on YouTube. His zodiac sign is Leo and he was born on the fourth of August 1973. His net worth is $7 million, and he is a very successful businessman. To keep up with the Kardashians, he is also working on various projects. The height and weight of Todd Tucker are important considerations for any celebrity.

Todd Tucker’s height is a determining factor in whether you should date a Hollywood celebrity. If you want to know how much Todd Tucker earns, you may want to know the details about his age, net worth, and relationships. Then you can decide whether he is the best option for you. You can also see how tall and fit he is. With the right measurements, you can find the ideal man for your next date!

Todd Tucker is a popular actor and producer. His YouTube channel is full of videos of his family and friends, as well as his own videos. He is also known as an actor and a producer. His height, weight, and zodiac sign are important factors that affect his height. If you want to get a glimpse of Todd Tucker’s physical attributes, look no further! You will be amazed at his stunning look.

Todd Tucker was born on the 4th of August 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents are Caucasian, and he lives modestly. His zodiac sign is Leo. His height is 1.70 m. This is the average height of an adult. He is a sexy and well-liked actor. However, his career is not the only source of his fame. A few years ago, he began working for The View, where he became the production manager. Currently, he is an actor.

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