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Tom Brooks Net Worth

Well-known music producer

Tom Brooks is a well-known music producer and is one of the most wealthy people in the country. He has several sources of income and has a great deal of success in his career. Besides being a successful music producer, he is also a co-founder of Wicked Limited, a mobile phone accessory company in his hometown. In addition, Tom Brooks worked as a sales executive for eight years and was a freelance property developer for four years.


Brooks was born in London and attended East Sheen Grammar School before returning to his family home in Devon where he attended Colyton Grammar School.

Soccer Player

His primary source of income is his career as a Soccer Player. He is still alive and has amassed a significant amount of wealth through this profession. His birthplace is the city of St. Louis, Missouri and he is 65 years old. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, with the element Air and his opposite sign Leo. As a result, his fortune is largely based on his career.

Criticized for his public appearances

Despite his wealth, Tom Brooks has been criticized for his public appearances. The reality star has become a rage on social media, with his infamous Instagram posts revealing his true personality. He has been credited with helping many women achieve their dreams by being a role model. Those who follow his Instagram account are likely to be envious. Besides that, he has a huge fan base.

Recent Bankrolling Scandal

A recent scandal has brought a lot of attention to the musician. His wife, Darcey Silva, is said to be bankrolling Tom Brooks, and the singer has since apologized for his actions. The incident has even made Brooks more wealthy as it seems that he has been asked to pay back a woman for her money. Moreover, a recent Instagram post claiming that he should be compensated has been deleted.

No Publicized Financial Spendings

Tom Brooks’ net worth is modest. Despite his high profile, he does not disclose his personal spending habits. He spends his monthly earnings for his daily needs and his lifestyle. Some of the money he earns goes to charity. However, he is not open about his financial life. Nevertheless, he has a lot of fans who are following him on social media. He has an Instagram account with 140,000 followers and has a large Twitter following.

Net Worth 

Although Tom Brooks’ net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million, it is difficult to find out exactly how much he spends on his lifestyle. He spends a considerable amount of money on daily expenses. In addition, some of his funds are donated to charity. Most of his earnings, however, come from his successful collaborations with Yeezy sneakers. This was one of the biggest celebrity cash-outs in history. As a Musician, Tom Brooks has a large fan base and a high net-worth. His primary source of income is being a successful song creator and a Musician.

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