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Tommaso Eletti and Valentina: History at Temptation Island, Couple and What Happened

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Tommaso Eletti and Valentina: History at Temptation Island, Couple and What Happened

Valentina and Tommaso are a couple from Temptation Island 2021, the surname of Valentina is Nulli Augusti was born in 1981 and is a surveyor, while Tommaso’s surname is Eletti, was born in 2000 and is looking for a job. Valentina and Tommaso were engaged by one year and 7 months it’s a 19-year age difference: they leave the program separated after Tommaso’s betrayal but today they could be back together.

Who are Valentina and Tommaso?

  • Name and surname: Valentina Nulli Augusti and Tommaso Eletti
  • Name of the couple: Valentina and Tommaso
  • Date of birth: Valentina 1981, Tommaso 2000
  • Age: Valentina 40, Thomas 21
  • Zodiac sign: Valentina not available, Tommaso not available
  • Profession: not known
  • Birth place: unknown
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: Information not available
  • Official Instagram profile: @ tommy_eletti / and @valentinanulliaugustiofficial
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Biography of Valentina Nulli Augusti and Tommaso Eletti

Valentina and Tommaso from Temptation Island 2021 I am a couple who have been engaged for less than two years, with an age difference of 19 years. They live in Tommaso’s house where the boy’s mother also lives.

Valentina Nulli Augusti it’s a 39-year-old hostes who turns 40 in a few days, is originally from Rome and had one marriage lasted two years from 2014 to 2016, the date on which she separated. She has many friends to whom she is very attached, loves being outdoors and attending social environments.

Tommaso Eletti is a 21-year-old sportsman (wakeboard practice) and works as a cameraman for a youtube channel. He failed high school so he lost a year, he is a jealous person and says he found everything he could want in Valentina.

Marriage and Valentina’s ex-husband

Valentina was married from 2014 to 2016, the husband’s name is Stefano Pagani. The two shared some activities of which it is possible to find traces on the Internet: you can find them in the biography dedicated to Valentina Nulli Augusti. After the separation, Valentina decided a year and seven months ago to put her feelings with the young Tommaso on the line.

Temptation Island 2021: The Path

  • In the first episode by Temptation Island Tommaso showed before parting with Valentina his jealousy and insecurity. The phrases that most impressed the audience were “Your body is sacred”, “You must always wear a cover-up” and “I go crazy if they touch you”. Recommendations did not last long, in fact Tommaso shortly after arriving in the village is called to Pinnettu where he sees his girlfriend Valentina trying on costumes and choosing decidedly daring clothes. Tommaso is already beginning to feel bad, he does not sleep at night and is visibly worried; he then confesses that he is afraid of losing her in tears. In the second Pinnettu sees Valentina interacting with the single Salvatore, an entrepreneur, who tells her about his professional successes. At the bonfire Tommaso sees Valentina having fun at Karaoke and at the cry of “I want to make a rosicà” he also sees a second video. Valentina looks at some singles and shows herself in a bikini, Tommaso is dumbfounded and gets more and more jealous. After this Tommaso decides to approach the single Giulia. Valentina is then urgently called to the Pinnettu to see images that cannot wait. The episode ends with this scene. Everything that happened in the first episode of Tommaso and Valentina.
  • Advances Second Episode: Tommaso talks to the other boys and says he doesn’t believe what happened to him. Valentina on her side says that she is behaving like this to force her to ask for the immediate bonfire and exit the program. What will he have seen in the pictures?
  • In the second episode Filippo spoils us by saying that Tommaso and Valentina’s journey will last less than 21 days. Filippo calls Valentina aside to tell her that she must go to the Pinnettu to see images that cannot wait for the next bonfire. Here Valentina sees that Tommaso says she is disrespecting him with his behavior. According to Thomas, Valentina it would be making him jealous. Tommaso approaches Single Giulia, perhaps trying to find some serenity, and perhaps to make Valentina jealous. Tommaso and Giulia take a seat in the hammock and, hidden by a blanket, seek some privacy. During a second pinnettu, Valentina he notices that Tommaso’s behavior towards Giulia has changed. The two dance together and become more and more intimate, triggering Giulia’s jealousy. The two hide again under a blanket, and Tommaso and his friends admit to having had contact – but it is not clear what kind – with Giulia. In the third video that Valentina sees, Tommaso and Giulia deepen their knowledge, in the jacuzzi the two get particularly close. But Valentina is more and more convinced that this is Tommaso’s strategy. But everything changes at the bonfire. Tommaso accompanies the single Giulia into the house, where there are no cameras and the two seem to get closer. Giulia confides in the other singles, saying that there is more physical contact between them. And he admits that they kissed at home. Valentina, for his part, he goes on to say that Tommaso’s is just a strategy. But Tommaso invites Giulia to dinner, and arranges an appointment on the beach. The two are getting closer and closer and, under a blanket, they seek intimacy again. The two say they have done “a slaughter”, Thomas appears in shock, but it is not clear what the two have done. In the third video Valentina sees Tommaso enter the single house, after 15 minutes the two seem to kiss – at least from the audio. He confides in his boyfriends, saying that a mess has happened and that he would like to sleep with Giulia. There is a fourth video for Valentina: Tommaso calls Single Giulia and begins to confide his doubts about Valentina, saying that Valentina is not the woman he wants to be with. His, after the confidences, take a kissing. Tommaso confides in Giulia that he wants to leave the program and be with her immediately, under the helpless eyes of Valentina. The girlfriend asks for an immediate bonfire, after clarifying that it is right for her to live his age and she does not deny anything of what was there. Philip calls Thomas for an immediate bonfire but not before showing her a last video where Tommaso makes plans with the single Giulia. FALO ‘COMPARISON: At the bonfire Tommaso confirms that he did not start out of spite, but that he approached Giulia because she likes her. Tommaso talks about a dream that he had and that destabilized him, he accuses Valentina of having put her breast on the back of a single and this made him feel bad. Then it changed overnight and realized that it is not ready. Despite this, the first part of the bonfire is spent watching Valentina’s videos with Tommaso underlining her shortcomings and the phrases he didn’t like. After several minutes of justifications inexplicable by Valentina, even under Filippo’s stimulus, they begin to talk about Tommaso’s kiss and flirting with the temptress Giulia. After turning around the speeches, Filippo asks Valentina and Tommaso the question: Valentina wants to go back alone and Tommaso wants to go out with Valentina instead. The couple goes out separate.

A month later

In the final episode of Temptation Island Tommaso and Valentina return to tell what happened in their story a month after the end of the program. Valentina says she broke up with Tommaso for good, and that after the end of the program he had contact with Tommaso who contacted her as soon as she landed in Rome.

Valentina after a few days decides to talk to Tommaso. They meet and it was exactly the day he went to see Giulia. When Tommaso realizes how badly Valentina was collapses and cries regretting how he behaved. Send a message to Giulia, and tells her that his love always belongs to Valentina.

However this is not enough for Valentina who, despite understanding what happened to Tommaso she doesn’t want to go back with him because the pact of trust has now been broken.

Tommaso arrives and tells his version of the story that coincides with that of Valentina, adding that when they met again they made love, and says that with the single Giulia there was nothing serious.

However, the single Giulia arrives and tells a different story: once they get out of the message she says that Tommaso sought her out saying he wanted to be with her. After coming to his house, Giulia confesses that she blocked her attempts at intimacy and not him because she did not trust Tommaso. Valentina confirms that she wants to be alone while Tommaso promises that he will be able to come back with her.

Are They Still Together?

Valentina and Tommaso are they together today? Valentina and tommaso did not get back together but they met again after the program. In fact, Valentina no longer trusts Tommaso as she did before, who betrayed the pact of trust. Over the weeks they break up permanently.

Story of the couple

Valentina and Tommaso from Temptation Island they have been together for a year and 7 months. She is almost 40 years old and Tommaso is 21, between the two there is an age difference of 19 years. Tommaso has finished high school for a year, due to a failure during his schooling. The two declare that they are very much in love and very close to each other, from both an emotional and a passionate point of view.

a perfect fit!

Valentina said.

Thomas stated that the first night they went out there was an astral conjunction and the two promised each other love. They are not married but, as Thomas says, it is as if they were.

Why are they attending Temptation Island 2021?

Valentina and Tommaso participate in Temptation Island 2021 conducted by Filippo Bisciglia at the behest of Valentina, who calls the editorial staff of Temptation Island due to Tommaso’s strong jealousy. The boy, in fact, despite his young age, says he has found the perfect woman for him in Valentina

I got the doll just the way I wanted it… everything perfect!

Vaentina, however, feels suffocated by Tommaso’s heavy jealousy, calling it “pathological jealousy”. For his part, Thomas justifies himself by saying that

I chose a wife not a “kid”, be a wife … even if I am twenty it does not mean that you can have fun.

Valentina for his part he declared of wanting to show Tommaso that he can trust her, while acknowledging that her boyfriend has a jealousy problem she would like him to be able to control her and realize that she has nothing to worry about. Tommaso has promised Valentina that he will try to control himself however, he said, the mere thought of someone approaching his fiancée makes him literally sick.

Who knows how the Valentina Tommaso couple of Temptation Island will face off against the tempters and temptresses. Surely their jealousy is the problem that this type of program triggers the most, and Filippo Bisciglia in one of his previews stated that the couple Tommaso and Valentina will give us various satisfactions!

All Temptation Island 2021 Couples:

The Singles of the program have also been announced among which well-known faces of social networks and past programs stand out including: Davide Basolo, Luciano Punzo, Giulia Mastrantoni, Luca Vetrone, Marco Ricci, Giuseppe Ambrosio, Vincenza Botti, Manuel di Bernardo, Salvatore Pisano

Video of Valentina and Tommaso Temptation Island 2021

Here is the video presentation of the couple formed by Valentina and Tommaso for Temptation Island 2021.

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