Top Vegan Instagram Models

There are a number of Top vegan Instagram models out there, but we’re going to introduce you to just some best ones. These models use their social media platforms for activism and advocacy in addition to modeling.

These top vegan Instagram models all advocate for the ethical treatment of animals and hope to bring awareness to animal cruelty. Other top vegan celebrities include Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian West, Jared Leto, and Brad Pitt also promote world peace through a plant-based diet.

Aimee Tyler (@aimeetylerthevegan)

The first top vegan is Aimee Tyler who has been on the plant-based diet since she was 13 years old. She promotes her lifestyle with recipes, fitness tips, and beauty care advice through her blog and Facebook page.

Aimee Tyler is an experienced vegan model from North Hollywood, California. Her Instagram account has grown in popularity over the years and now has over 168,000 followers. AJ the Vegan has been on a vegan diet for six years. She also works as a freelance writer for various blogs and websites. Her Instagram account is vegan-related and posts about food, healthy living, and low-waste tips.

Alexis Levinson (@alexislevinson)

Alexis Levinson is a vegan model from Nashville, Tennessee who not only decided to live a greener life, but abstain from using animal products. Comparable to some vegan Victoria Secret models, she is recognized for her outstanding work in promoting healthy living and awareness of social justice issues. She posts on Instagram to raise awareness of the vegan movement and how others can adopt a vegan lifestyle. Tess Holiday is an activist known for her work in promoting body positivity within the fashion industry. She was named by Vogue magazine as one of the Top 12 plus-size models in 2012, and is currently signed with Milk Model Management.

Model Boy

Davey Wavey (@waveydavey)

Davey Wavey is a successful LGBT YouTube personality, writer, and online influencer. He has gained popularity over the years for his videos on topics about sex, relationships, and dating. He also posts his vegan eco-friendly lifestyle on his social media accounts to inspire other vegans to adopt healthier living habits.

Ritika Taneja

Ritika Taneja is a famous Indian plus-size model that went vegan for her health and beauty. She has been featured in advertisements for cosmetics and clothing companies. Ritika is an award-winning vegan model who’s been vegan for over twenty years. Ritika has grown in popularity by posting her tips and advice on how to stay vegan and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She posts recipes, videos, guides, and articles for different publications. In addition, Ritika posts her vegan lifestyle to raise awareness for the ethical treatment of animals and the benefits that come from a healthy plant-based diet.

Vegan Geezer (@vegang3zr)

Vegan Geezer is an experienced vegan model who’s been on the plant-based diet for over three years. He posts his vegan lifestyle as well as other health topics on Instagram to help encourage others to adopt healthy eating habits.

Vegankacf (@vegankacf)

We have Vegankacf from Toronto, Canada. He’s been vegan for six years and is popular on Instagram for posting a variety of vegan-related content such as recipes, tips, fashion-related content, and lifestyle photos. Vegankacf is also an avid blogger who posts vegan cooking blogs for a Top 30 blog site as well as other vegan fitness blogs on his personal website.

Gabrielle Pizzotta

Gabrielle Pizzotta is another top female vegan model from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Pizzotta’s Instagram has grown in popularity over the years and now has over 60,000 followers. Her account is mostly vegan-related content such as fashion photos, healthy living tips, recipes, selfies, and lifestyle photos of her pets.

Pete Turner

Pete Turner is a popular male vegan model from Sheffield England. His Instagram account is also mostly related to vegan content such as recipes, healthy living tips, fashion advice and photos, reviews of restaurants/foods, selfies and lifestyle shots.

Colby Melvin (@colbymelvin)

Colby Melvin is an American actor, writer, and director, He has a large following on social media, and posts on Instagram about veganism as well as his acting career.

Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox is a retired British model that went from the Top 50 sexiest women of 1987 to Top 12 top female earners in 1989. She was also named by Loaded magazine as the Top Female Porn Star in 1994. Since retiring from modeling, she has been sharing her vegan life and racy Instagram posts with her 1.3 million followers, which might explain why she is at the top of this list.


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