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Trey Gowdy is a former prosecutor and the head of the House’s investigation into the Benghazi attacks. He is currently on the fast track to becoming a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team. This will put him in the center of the White House and the House’s ongoing fight over the president’s conduct. His long tenure in American politics has also earned him a hefty salary, estimated at $212,499.

Impressive Salary

Born in South Carolina, Trey Gowdy earned a high-paying job in Washington, DC, after serving as a U.S. ambassador to Germany. In 2016, his Fox News salary was around $80,000. This was enough to allow him to fund his own projects and increase his net worth. Today, he is a high-profile television personality who is generating enough money from journalism to support his family and expand his net worth.

He was Fired 

In February 2018, Gowdy stepped down as the chairman of the Board of Governors of the state of South Carolina. As a result of the controversy, he was fired and has not been reappointed since. His successor, Mike Pence, has said that he is “too busy with family and work.” In addition to his role as a director, Gowdy will also serve as executive vice president.

Major Media Player

Although he hasn’t spoken about his salary publicly, he is still a major media player, having joined the President’s outside counsel. His salary is estimated at $2.2 million. A fox News spokesperson confirmed the news to CNBC. This new position is a major leap for Gowdy, who was fired from Fox News last year because he was too critical of the President’s policies.

Well-known Political Figure

Trey Gowdy has a salary that is considerably higher than his previous post. He is a well-known political figure in the U.S. and abroad. His net worth is estimated at $3 million dollars. A spokesperson for the former congressman told CNN that he received a high-paying fox news salary. However, his wife, Terri Gowdy, earns a slightly lower salary than her father.


A recent survey showed that a majority of Americans watched Fox News, but the network turned against President Trump when he was a host on the network. In the interview, Gowdy said that he earned enough money from journalism to increase his net worth. And while the media has made the network’s stance on President Trump questionable, it has earned itself a reputation for being a biased source of news.

Podcast Series

The salary of Trey Gowdy is also considered to be high, which is expected to continue to be true until he reaches the age of 50. His health is a key factor for the media host’s salary, but he also has a few other sources of income. He has a podcast series that he has self-titled and is available on Amazon and Spotify. It features interviews and commentary with power players.

Successful Law Practice 

Gowdy’s salary is a reflection of his success as a lawyer. In addition to being an attorney, he also runs a successful law practice. His legal career and his income have contributed to his net worth. His current salary is a great deal lower than his former salary at NRATV. As a lawyer, he generates enough income to increase his net worth.

Increasing Net Worth

His salary is a good reflection of his work as a writer and producer for Fox News. He has earned a substantial amount of money as a journalist. However, he also makes a lot of money on the side. In fact, his net worth has increased to a point where he is able to cover his expenses and even earn more than he previously.


As a lawyer, Gowdy’s salary is similar to that of a lawyer. He works for Fox News as a senior contributor and has been paid between $100,000 and $1 million. His salary is comparable to that of other top-paid journalists and hosts on the network. There are also many benefits associated with the job. For example, a seasoned journalist will be paid well, but a newer one may have more room for growth

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