trillian wood smith

The son of a famous American rapper and record producer Trillian Wood-Smith is an upcoming hip-hop artist. He has a YouTube channel, which is titled Original Trillian, with more than 1.26k subscribers. In addition to rapping, Trillian also runs a fashion line called Popular Loner. He has also launched a management service for artists. He is still in high school but has already accepted a sports scholarship with Pace University.

He owes his success to his parents, Busta Rhymes and Trillian Wood-Smith. The young rapper is the son of the late rap legend, and a successful entrepreneur. His father is a successful producer and has six children, including a daughter, Trillian Wood-Smith. According to his Instagram page, he’s a “hardcore hip-hop veteran,” and he’s sending his inspiration to the aspiring musician.

Trillian Wood-Smith is a college student at Lincoln University, and her father is also a successful rapper and actor. Both of these men have made a career out of their family’s rap careers, and they have a long list of fans. In addition to rapping, Trillian Wood-Smith is also studying at Lincoln University. Her social media presence has helped her gain attention amongst her peers.

Trillian Wood-Smith is a talented young rapper, whose father is a prominent rapper and record producer. His father, Busta, also helped his daughter get her start in music. While she’s working on her new album, she’s still trying to make an impact in the business world. The success of her new venture has inspired many in the industry, and she’s now hoping to make a name for herself.

Born in Brooklyn, Trillian Wood-Smith’s father is an American rapper, singer, and record producer. She was raised by her mother, Joanne Wood, and was raised by her father. Her father’s parents are divorced and have five children, including Trillian. Despite her father’s fame, the singer has no formal education and lives in New York with her mother, Joanne. After graduating from high school, she is now pursuing a successful music career.

Despite her young age, Trillian Wood-Smith is now a well-known hip-hop artist. She has released two singles and several freestyle rap songs. Her father has become famous through his hip-hop career and owns a fashion label, called Popular Loner. Both of them earn a decent income from their business. He also organizes events, parties, and hosts a TV show.

Trillian has a lavish lifestyle. He owns a blue Lamborghini, which is reportedly worth between $200 and $500K. He is also a savvy businessman. He owns a popular fashion label called Popular Loner, which makes him a great living. In addition to a successful fashion career, Trillian is also a renowned actor. His parents are always by his side.

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