Troy Ave Net Worth – Hip-Hop Artist From Brooklyn, NY


Roland Collins better known by the stage name Troy Ave, is an American rapper from the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. His moniker derives from Troy Avenue, a street near his childhood home.Troy Ave’s net worth is almost $1 million. He is a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn who has been collaborating with many high-profile rappers, including 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Raekwon. His songs are largely autobiographical and are inspired by life on the streets. His net worth is expected to continue to grow. His upcoming album will likely increase his net wealth even further.

Private Person

Despite his high net worth, Troy Ave is a private person and does not divulge much information about his personal life. He was born on 23 November 1985 and holds American citizenship. He has worked with many artists, including Fabolous, Raekwon, and 50 Cent. His popularity has grown as he collaborates with other artists and has earned millions of dollars through his music. However, there are few details about his personal life, so it is impossible to know exactly how much he is worth.

Net Worth 

Troy Ave’s net worth is $35 million. This is an astonishing amount of money for a 37-year-old artist. While he is based in Brooklyn, he has achieved success in New York as a Rapper. His height is 5 feet 6 inches and his weight is not Available. He has kept his personal life private. There are no details about his relationships and divorce. He has remained single and has not revealed any of his financial information.

Debut Album

The Brooklyn native has been collaborating with many artists since his early teens. His debut studio album, New York City: The Album was released in November 2013. His second album, “Blurred Light”, was released in June 2015. It received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Although Troy Ave has never won a Grammy award, he has made millions from his music. He has also been in collaboration with many other rappers, including Nas and Lil’ Wayne.

Thriving career

Although Troy Ave has not won any awards, he has a thriving career. His success has earned him a huge amount of net worth. He is also a member of the XXL Freshmen Class of 2014. It is not clear if he has a girlfriend.

He was in Lockup

The Brooklyn rapper spent nearly four years in NYC jail, and suffered another attempt on his life, when he was shot multiple times on Christmas morning back in 2016.


Troy Ave has a net worth of $3 million. His fame has been growing as he has risen from humble beginnings. His love for music has earned him numerous accolades, and his fans love him for it. The rapper has a very private life and does not release his finances online. He lives in Queens, one of the largest boroughs in New York. It is hard to imagine a more popular person.

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