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Turkish TV Series: The 14 best to watch in Streaming, on Youtube and on TV

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Turkish TV Series: The 14 best to watch in Streaming, on Youtube and on TV

Turkish Soaps: what are they and which ones to see? After the success of Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of Love and even before Cherry Season – The seasons of the heart, the public became passionate about Turkish soaps and not only for the beauty of the protagonists (Can Yaman above all) but also for the delicate way and at the same time emotional with which emotions are managed. Many viewers also noted the almost total lack of violence in Turkish-origin soap operas. However, romanticism is the real key to the success of these productions: a lot is based on facial expressions, looks and hugs while kisses are relegated to one every few episodes. Now that Bitter Sweet is practically finished, how to fill the abstinence of Turkish series? Now that we have gotten used to the beautiful sights of Istanbul, where can you continue to see them? Here are the Turkish TV series that we recommend.

Best Turkish Series

  • Siyah Beyaz Ask (SBA)
  • Kiralik Ask
  • Chilek Kokusu
  • Ates Bocegi
  • Ask Laftan Anlamaz
  • Sisterhood
  • Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir (DEK)
  • Sen Cal Kapimi
  • Daydreamer the Wings of the Dream

Siyah Beyaz Ask (SBA – Love in Black and White)

SBA love in black and white siyah beyaz ask

The story of SBA Siyah Beyaz Ask it is one of those that has most affected both in Turkey and abroad. The chemistry between the two protagonists, Birce and Ibrahim was so strong that it has repeatedly raised the protests of Ibrahim’s wife. A romantic, dramatic and yellow genre. The story is about a sweet and human doctor, a cold hitman, the blackmail that will force the woman to marry him and the unpredictable and beautiful change that the man will have next to the woman.

Kiralik Ask (Love For Rent)

kiralik ask

Kiralisk Ask Turkish soap heir to Cherry Season which aired on American TV with the title love for rent while in Italy the translation is Love for Rent. The series stars Homer Iplikci a reserved but brilliant boy who in life he has never had love affairs important being reserved and of sound principles. His relatives however want to see him married: his grandfather’s inheritance is bound to Homer’s marriage. The uncles then try to drive the marriage by hiring the beautiful Defne to make the protagonist fall in love, get married and then leave the scene. But the two boys will really fall in love, however Daphne is a prisoner of the secret and of the sum received from her uncles to pretend to fall in love and will engage in strange behaviors that will fuel misunderstandings and unpredictable situations. We like the series for the articulated plot, the unfamiliar development and the beautiful love story! Like the two previous series it is available in streaming on youtube subtitled.

Chilek Kokusu

Chilek Kukusu

Chilek Kokusu or “The scent of strawberries” is a series that always stars the beautiful Demet and that aired in 2015. It is a fresh, funny TV series that deals with the love between Asli, a young, beautiful girl, a pastry genius famous for her strawberry cakes and Young Burak rich and womanizer, contrasted by the difference in class You can see it in streaming on youtube. During the filming of the series the two protagonists Demet and Yusuf they started one love story . Their relationship lasted almost two years and ended in 2017.

Cesur Ve Guzel

Cesur Ve guzel

Cesur Ve Guzel is one of the most famous ever in Turkey, Thriller genre and more heart-stopping than the others. At the baase there is a love story between the protagonists that is intertwined with power games and a thirst for revenge for a murder. Cesur and Shuan, the protagonists, will not have an easy life in the realization of their love.

Ates Bocegi

ates bocegi

Ates Bocegi (whose Italian meaning is Lucciola) is one sentimental Turkish soap and takes up the classic pattern of Turkish soap. The protagonist is a successful lawyer who finds himself involved in a serious crime committed by his cousin: in fact, the latter accidentally ran over a girl who ends up in her own wheelchair. driving the protagonist’s car who had lent it to him for the evening. During the investigations conducted by the protagonist to understand what happened to the car he lent to his cousin on the night of the accident, he meets the aunt (a beautiful taxi driver) of the girl who has been hit, with whom a spark will be triggered. We like it because it’s fresh, romantic with a good dose of humor that gets through between joy and romance the stakes. This series is also fully subtitled and you can find it on youtube.


Like Sevgili Geçmiş sisters

Sisterhood, in Turkish the original title is Sevgili Gecmis is a series of eight two-hour episodes that will be broadcast by Canale 5 in prime time in the exact 2020. The series revolves around the story of three sisters who do not know of their mutual existence until a letter arrives for one of them . They will find themselves trapped on the island of Smyrna after having just met, with a past to discover and a future to live. The series is of a dramatic genre.

Ask Laftan Anlamaz

Ask Laftan Anlamaz

Ask Laftan Anlamaz is considered one of the best Turkish series of all time: it aired between 2016 and 2017 with 31 episodes of about two hours. The protagonist of the story is Hayat a young and beautiful girl who lives in Istanbul with some friends to be able to attend her studies. After finishing university, her father, a very strict man, puts her in front of a crossroads: either she immediately finds a job in Istanbul or she will have to go back to live in the country where she was born. Hayat immediately starts looking for a job to avoid returning home and arrives at the multinational fashion textile company “Sante”, here she is hired because they exchange her with Suna Pektas, daughter of a friend of the owner of the company. TO head of the “Sante” there is Murat, son of the owner with whom at the beginning he will have several clashes that will turn into a beautiful love story. The lead actress is the current protagonist of the TV series currently in production Sen Cal Kapimi (knocks on my door). The series is available with English subtitles on Youtube.

The Fateful House (DEK)

the house of fate

Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir: in Italian The fateful house or The house where you were born is your destiny is a Turkish series still currently in production which features the beauty Demet Ozdemir and the SBA actor. A dramatic series, of very high depth, which sees an impeccable acting. The story tells of a girl named Zeynep, born in a poor environment full of abuse and squalor, who is later adopted by a wealthy family. The series begins with a depiction of Zeynep’s current golden life amidst flashbacks from his previous miserable childhood. However, the series soon offers one unexpected turn of events: at the insistence of the biological mother that blackmails her psychologically, suddenly Zenedyp marries Mehdi. He is a humble mechanic but respected of his former neighborhood. The series focuses on evolving their relationship amid a growing set of challenges.

Sen Cal Kapimi

Sen Cal Kapimi

Sen Cal Kapimi: in Italian Bussa alla mia porta is a Turkish series currently in production of a romantic / brilliant genre. It tells the story of a girl who is about to finish her studies with a international scholarship which is suddenly interrupted. To try to trace the causes of this interruption, the protagonist Hande Ercel in the role of Eda Yildiz meets Kerem Bursin in the role of Serkan Bolat. The scholarship he is responsible for will only continue if she pretends to be his girlfriend for a few months. A game of misunderstandings and a very strong complicity between the two protagonists make this series one of the most popular of the moment.

50 M2

50 M2 Turkish Netflix TV Series

Series Available on Netflix from the end of January 2021, of a thriller / drama genre that deals with the life of a boy who does the dirty work for his putative father, while not remembering his true identity and his childhood. Following a single photo that testifies to his origins, he escapes and betrays his father / boss and takes refuge in a foreign neighborhood. Here he takes on a new identity, which will inevitably lead him to live a new life suspended between past and present.

Ada Masali

Ada Masali Turkish TV Series

Ada Masali is a TV series set on an island of a romantic genre, broadcast from summer 2021 on Star Tv. The series captures for its fresh and very engaging nature and for having as protagonists two actors much loved by the Turkish public.

DayDreamer The Wings of the Dream

DayDreamer The Wings of the Dream, whose title in Turkish is Erkenci Kus, is the Turkish soap that Can Yaman shot right after Bitter Sweet. The series in turkey aired in summer 2019 and was very successful. Can in this series plays a photographer who loves travel, sports and adventure who does not like long-term programs and who suddenly finds himself having to run his father’s advertising company. He will meet the female protagonist (the beautiful Demet Ozdemir) in an unexpected way: the two will kiss in the darkness of a theater thinking they are their respective boyfriends! A series of misunderstandings and embarrassing situations will lead to a beautiful love story. What do we like? There is Can! But the strength of the series is not only this and the plot will involve you fully. Broadcast by Canale 5, here you can find all the previews of Daydreamer.



Kuzgun (in Italian “il Corvo” is a Turkish television series that aired in Turkey in 2019. The series focuses on theme of love and revenge. The protagonist is torn apart between following his mind, asking for revenge for stolen childhood, and a heart full of love, born in childhood, for Dila the daughter of the person responsible for his misfortunes.

Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari

Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari - Fazilet and his daughters Turkish TV series

Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari is a drama series, centered on the figure of Fazilet who seeks social redemption through the attempt to direct the lives of his daughters. The title can be translated as “Fazilet and his daughters”.


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