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Ty James Net Worth


Ty James is an American actress, singer, and producer. She was born on July 13, 1975. As of 2021, her net worth is estimated to be around $7-8 million USD. Her parents are Rick and Tina James. The couple are from Buffalo, New York. In addition to her career in the entertainment industry, Ty is also a mother of two. She has been a popular social media user for years, having over 5 million followers on Instagram.


Ty James is an American, belonging to the African-American ethnicity. She is the daughter of Rick James and Syville Morgan. Her father died when she was a young girl, and the actress continues to carry on the family legacy. In addition to her acting career, James has also been involved in the fashion industry. She has been a model and recently released a documentary about her late father. While her net worth is unknown, her biography is fascinating to read.

Father Popularity 

Her father Rick James is best known for his songs like Come get it, Ebony Eye, U Can’t touch this, U and I and many more. He was declared dead on 6 August 2004 in California because of a heart attack and some other major issues. Ty James misses her father very much. She oftenly posts his picture with a heart warming caption. These days she is gaining attention of many as recently she has released a documentary for her dad named ‘B**chin’. For this documentary she is receiving a positive response.

A Model

Aside from her music career, Ty James has modeled for many famous fashion designers and is an occasional model. She is a multi-millionaire, and she leads a comfortable lifestyle. She recently purchased a property for around $2 million. Her parents’ names are listed on her Wikipedia profile, as well as her age, height, and weight. She has not revealed any information about her personal life, but her two daughters are very proud of her. 

Multi talented Lady

She has never disclosed her exact date of birth and where she was born. She was raised by her father in New York. She has an estimated net worth of $7-8 million USD. She is an actress, singer, and producer. She has been active on social media for many years and continues to live with his father’s legacy. 

Comfortable Lifestyle 

In addition to her acting career, Ty James is a successful model and has modeled for some of the most prominent fashion designers. She has a comfortable lifestyle. If you are wondering how much Ty James earns, you can find out on her Wikipedia page. 

Her Children 

While her father was a well-known entertainer, Tyenza James has not been married. She and Rick James were married two times. While Ty’s parents are still not together, she has two daughters. The names of her daughters are Jasmine Thomas and Charisma. Her children are not yet old enough to be named, but her parents are multi-millionaires. They have a house and several cars.

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