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Before becoming a fitness model, Uzoma Obilor was a computer gamer. Now, he competes in Classic Physique and has a large fan base. Born in Missouri, Uzoma grew up in Las Vegas and is known for her amazing physique. When she was a little girl, she was a dedicated gamer, but she also found a love for fitness when she grew older. She wanted to have a six-pack, and now, she’s achieving her goal.

Since becoming a fitness model, Uzoma Obilor has gained fame online. She has an estimated net worth of 200k and is a popular influencer on social media. While she hasn’t shared her exact age with her followers, she appears to be in her late 20s. As an added bonus, she’s reportedly dating a wellness devotee named Samantha. It’s unclear whether the couple is married or not, but he most definitely has a large bank account.

Despite her petite stature, Uzoma Obilor works hard to maintain her physique. She has an incredibly athletic body, and she works out rigorously. After completing high school, she continued weightlifting as a way to get in shape. Then, she decided to join a local bodybuilding competition, where she competed in a Male Physique class. After a few years, she found out that her physique was too large for the class, and was placed in Classical Physics. After a year, Uzoma Obilor became a star among other bodybuilders. She eventually became an IFBB pro card.

Uzoma Obilor is a rising bodybuilding sensation and is one of the most famous models in the world. Her Instagram account is a popular social media platform and she’s a fitness model with a net worth of 200k. With her amazing physique, she’s become an international figure, and her net worth is in the low four-digits. While her size may seem small for many, it’s likely to make an impact on her career.

As a fitness model, Uzoma Obilor’s height and weight has become a worldwide sensation. Her incredibly toned and slim figure has helped her to achieve her dream of becoming a fitness model. The IFBB endorsed her workout routines, which included alternating sets of lighter and heavier weights. The results she achieved made her one of the most influential people in the fitness industry.

After finishing high school, Uzoma continued to weightlift. She decided to pursue a fitness career and her physique quickly became large enough for the Female Physique division. She was soon a sensation among bodybuilders and won her first IFBB Pro Card. She’s now 21 years old and has a net worth of 200k. This is a pretty incredible accomplishment.

Uzoma Obilor’s success on social media has led her to become a global figure model. She has over 500k followers on Instagram and is one of the most popular IFBB contestants. She has a net worth of 200k and has a colossal amount of fans. She’s also a great role model, helping others reach their fitness goals.

After graduating from high school, Uzoma Obilor started weightlifting for her new career. She began competing in IFBB competitions as a female in the male physique division. Then, she found that her physique was too big for the division and moved on to Classical physics. After a while, she won the IFBB Pro Card and became an instant sensation among bodybuilders.

As a woman who has become a global fitness star, Uzoma Obilor is also a great role model. She is an IFBB Pro Card winner who has over 500k followers on Instagram. Her popularity has made her a globally recognized name in the world of bodybuilding. She is a fitness coach and a personal trainer who has helped hundreds of women achieve their fitness goals.

Her physique is an impressive one. She is a bodybuilder who competes in the Classic Physique division. As a young woman, Uzoma’s huge physique caught the attention of bodybuilders and drew attention from social media. Currently, she’s a fitness icon who is known for her massive fan base. It’s no surprise that Uzoma has an immense fan base.

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