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Venier, D’Urso, Ventura, Cuccarini, Marcuzzi: all the conductors who hate each other

Removed glitter and sequins, blades and knives remain. The conductors of our house preach well, but scratch very badly: in front of the cameras they talk about female solidarity but, off the spotlight, they make war. And, sometimes, even with the spotlights on.

The hosts who hate each other: Barbara D’Urso VS Mara Venier

Barbara D’Urso she stands as a champion of the fair sex, saying she has been supporting the cause of women for years now. However, she never misses an opportunity to throw some digs at some of her colleagues. Above all, to its most bitter “enemy”, Mara Venier, “Guilty” of having brought Sunday In to the glories of the past and to have forced Sunday Live to leave the field and also the live broadcast (the broadcast of D’Urso, in fact, goes on air starting at 17.20, or when Sunday In has already finished, and is no longer live).

However, Mara Venier is not indifferent to Barbara’s digs and responds in turn. In fact, the latter recently hosted Stefano De Martino in the studio, he would have liked to offer him a coffee, as he often does with his guests, but then he took a step back, saying:

You know that I can’t name coffee because there is a coffee exclusive, I can offer you a tea. A tea, a chamomile … but that thing there is not a little name.

The reference to Barbara D’Urso and her caffeuccio it is quite evident: the presenter from Cologno Monzese, in fact, invites her viewers to have a virtual coffee with her every afternoon. Since Venier has done it too, a fuss has inevitably arisen.

Barbara D’Urso VS Simona Ventura

But that’s not all: even between D’Urso and Simona Ventura there is no good blood. It had been understood for some time that the two were not really friends. Last September, however, when Simona led Temptation Island, it was clear to everyone. During his Afternoon 5, in fact, Barbara he never mentioned the Ventura and, presenting the new edition of the program, he said “Tonight my friend Maria’s program is back (De Filippi, ed) “. De Filippi, however, is only the author of the program, not the presenter.

The reason for the hatred between Ventura and D’Urso is to be found in the past: it seems that Barbara had a flirt with Simona’s ex-husband, Stefano Bettarini. In this regard, a few years ago, Ventura said the following:

I think Barbara has a big problem with women, but I honestly don’t want to stay behind her. Barbara dated several of my exes. You take my scraps, is one of the few in Italy to do separate collection.

Simona Ventura VS Mara Venier

But Simona Ventura also has another bitter enemy: Mara Venier, his former mother-in-law. Yes, you got it right: until recently, Simona was engaged to Gerò Carraro, son of Nicola Carraro, husband of Mara Venier. The relations between the two women have never been idyllic: the reasons are not known, but what is certain is that, once the relationship between Simona and Gerò, the queen of Sunday In he published a shot with his stepson writing a laconic but unequivocal “we“(Click here to see the photo).

Federica Panicucci VS Barbara D’Urso

But let’s go back to Barbara D’Urso: between the queen of coffee and Federica Panicucci there has never been a great feeling. The Cold War has been going on for years now, without ever really understanding why. They have simply always avoided naming each other. Also on the occasion of the ten years of Morning 5, transmission born with D’Urso and subsequently entrusted to Panicucci, the former carefully avoided mentioning the latter. Furthermore, in a video broadcast to celebrate the important anniversary, Panicucci did not appear.

However, for some time now, the two ladies of Canale 5 have given some timid signs of rediscovered serenity and, on some occasion, albeit rare, have talked about each other. Recently, for example, Panicucci complimented D’Urso for the excellent ratings of one of his programs. Peace made? We will see…

Milly Carlucci VS Maria De Filippi

While preparing for a historic event, namely the broadcasting – on unified networks – of the guest of Maria De Filippi in dancing with the Stars (we talked about it here), it must be said that between the two women, for years and years, there has been a real war on the last point of share. A trip by Carlucci, however, which was not much appreciated by Maria: some time ago, in fact, Morgan, who was initially a judge of Friends, he left his post and, just a week after the end of his engagement on Channel 5, he went to Milly as a guest on Dancing.

The spot announcing the singer-songwriter’s presence on Raiuno read as follows: “Morgan guest of dancing with the Stars to tell the whole truth“. Many thought that the singer would go to Carlucci to talk about what happened to Friends and why he had left his post as a judge. During the live, however, Morgan talked about something else and the clamor for his guest went out like a real flash in the pan.

Here’s how then what Maria De Filippi said about the guest of the singer a Dancing:

Morgan wouldn’t have invited him. I would have waited for a different occasion and I would not even have played on the misunderstanding of the ‘truth’. (…) I think he has to win by dancing, since it is the final. So maybe Milly is happy. Indeed no, since you do not look at the data. I thought he already won with the semifinal, but it didn’t happen. I’m sure it will happen with the final

Alessia Marcuzzi VS Simona Ventura

Did you think it was over? Absolutely not. In recent months, Ventura had to deal with another colleague who said she was very disappointed in her, namely Alessia Marcuzzi. The latter led the edition ofIsland of the famous in which Simona took part as a competitor. In front of the cameras it seemed that there was no kind of altercation between the two, but the truth is quite different. Here’s what Alessia said about it:

It’s not like we’re dating, I have to tell the truth. I have already said this in other interviews, she disappointed me a little on my Island of the Famous because she didn’t behave well when she went out. But, having said that, time passes …

But that’s not all, because – recently – Simona Ventura attacked her colleague hard. Here’s what he said about her:

The island in which I have invested passion, blood, work, sweat has become something else, declined in the style of ‘Big Brother on the beach’. If Riccardo Fogli had been hit, what happened to everyone? I would have behaved differently, opposite with the body. Running a program isn’t just about having the script and reading the hunchback

Paola Ferrari VS Belen Rodriguez

How can we forget the heated clashes between the very sensual Belen Rodriguez and Paola Ferrari, who does not miss the opportunity to beat her? The latter, in fact, has repeatedly reiterated that – in her opinion – Belen has no talent. Here’s what he said about her a while ago:

Beautiful, smart, rich. I admire it because they don’t make smarter ones. I was supposed to be born like that. If you can have a success like this absolutely devoid of any drop of talent it means that you are smart and good. An advice? Keep it up, find the right man, put away as much money as possible and open up a farm

In response, Belen accused Ferrari of being envious:

What problems does Paola Ferrari have, who has it with everyone? They are unfortunate comments, dictated by a single denominator that is called envy.

Belen Rodriguez VS Barbara D’Urso

Belen is the protagonist of another conflictual relationship, the one with Barbara D’Urso. There has never been a great deal of sympathy between the two and the reason seems to be linked to the marriage of the beautiful Argentine with Stefano De Martino: it seems that Barbara has criticized the treatment reserved for wedding photographers by the couple. Since then, there have been many digs that the two women have sent. Belen, to tell the truth, sometimes, more than a dig, he launched a real Molotov cocktail. Here’s what he told Hyenas few years ago:

Do you know what I say to Santiago when he cries loudly at night? Not that the black man comes, but ‘if you behave badly, I’ll call Aunt D’Urso!‘and he immediately falls silent

Lorella Cuccarini VS Heather Parisi

Let’s talk now about two 80s TV stars, Lorella Cuccarini And Heather Parisi, returned to television recently with the program with the eloquent title Beloved Enemy. The two women can’t stand each other and they do nothing to hide it: Parisi never misses an opportunity to harshly criticize Cuccarini, who in turn responds in kind. The last fight? We told you about it here.

Lorella Cuccarini VS Raffaella Carrà

There is no good blood even between Lorella Cuccarini And Raffaella Carrà: some time ago, in fact, the first should have taken part in Strong strong strong, talent led by the second, as a judge. However, after a first meeting between the two ladies of the small screen, Cuccarini was made out without any explanation. Burning was the disappointment of Lorella, who wrote a long post against Raffaella. Here are his words:

I try one deep bitterness. Especially since the person responsible for all this is one of the characters I loved most in my childhood and in my professional life. The character, in fact. I didn’t know the person at all. In thirty years of career I had never met her. I’ll stay a long way off for the next thirty too.

In short, the women of the small screen are in full war, other than female solidarity!

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