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Who is Walter Zenga: Age, Teams, Marriages, Andrea Zenga, Sons and Raluca

Walter Zenga it’s a football coach and former Italian footballer, one of the most famous Italian sportsmen who from 1982 to 1994 held the role of doorman for theInter. Father of 5 children, he has 3 marriages now over, various collaborations in sports television programs, and a large and respectable football track record. Ex-husband of the presenter Roberta Termali, the son of the two, Andrea Zenga, is currently a competitor of the Big Brother Vip 2020.

Who is Walter Zenga?

  • First name: Walter Zenga
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Age: 60 years
  • Date of birth: April 28, 1960
  • Birth place: Milan
  • Profession: coach, former goalkeeper
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 84 kg
  • Tattoos: a pegasus on the leg
  • Official Instagram profile: @walterzenga_official
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Walter Zenga, was born on April 28, 1960 in Milan, from Alfonso and Marina. He grows up, together with his brother Alberto, in the Milanese suburbs, in Viale Hungary. He spent his childhood playing in the oratory field.

The 80s are the golden years of the goalkeeper: he triumphs with Inter and marries his first wife Elvira Carfagna, Miss Marche. Walter’s first son was born from the marriage: Jacopo (1986).

The sports journalist Gianni Brera coins the nickname “hang gliding”, all thanks to the physical presence of the goalkeeper who, to perform his magic on the pitch, almost seems to fly from one post to the other of the goal.

His notoriety leads him to participate in sports programs, such as Forza Italia, in which he meets the presenter Roberta Termali, who will become his second wife, and whom he will give birth to Nicolò Zenga (1989) and Andrea (1993).

His football career continued brilliantly, until in 1994 he ended his long season with Inter. He moved to Sampdoria and then to Padova, retiring from football played in 1998. He continued to work both on television, and began his career as a coach, which led him to travel all over the world, and to meet his third wife: Raluca Rebedea with whom he is currently in a crisis situation.

In 2017 he returned to Italy to coach Crotone. In 2020 he was entrusted with Cagliari, but in August of the same year, the president of the club, Tommaso Giulini, did not reconfirm him on the rossoblu bench.

Relationship with Andrea

Walter Zenga and Andrea Zenga they have never had a peaceful relationship. The story came out with the participation of Andrea al Big Brother VIP. Andrea told some details of a failed relationship, made up of absences and little empathy that led over time not to count on each other. The relationship between the two was also the subject of discussion in the living rooms of Barbara D’Urso where they also intervened the sons of Walter Jacopo and Nicolò. Andrea and Walter had the opportunity to clarify January 29, 2021: Walter Zenga in fact accepts the invitation of Alfonso Signorini and enters the house for a confrontation with his son. Several moments of tension are expected, also considering what Andrea said to the brothers Jacopo and Nicolò. During the meeting after moments of tension, Andrea still doubtful, however, leaves the door open to the possibility of meeting his father Walter Zenga outside. In fact, Walter invites Andrea to meet face to face in Dubai at his home and talk about their relationship.

Football career

Spurred on by his father since childhood, Walter is passionate about football, in the role of goalkeeper. The first club he relies on is Macallesi 1927, but since 1971 Walter Zenga has been in the chicks of Inter.

His footballing journey continues doing apprenticeships for several seasons in minor leagues, such as Salernitana, Savona and Sambenedettese, but in 1982, at the age of 22, he returned to Inter: first as a second to Ivano Bordon, and then as a holder.

During the 1987-1988 Italian Couple he was the protagonist of his team’s qualification for the round of 16, proving to be decisive twice on penalty shootouts. The first great successes of hang gliding Zenga arrived in 1989, when Inter, led by Giovanni Trappattoni, won the scudetto of records and the Italian Super Cup, to then win the first UEFA Cup in 1991. In 1993 he played his last match with the Nerazzurri shirt: the victorious 1993-1994 UEFA Cup final.

The following year, in fact, the long season with Inter ends:

When president Pellegrini didn’t tell me that he was negotiating the purchase of Pagliuca with Sampdoria, that was where it hurt me. Because after twenty-two years of Inter I deserved a different attitude!

After two not too happy seasons at Sampdoria, in 1996 he moved to Serie B as a goalkeeper for Padova, and in 1997 he moved to the United States New England Revolution.

On January 16, 1998 he retired from competitive activity, becoming an observer, and subsequently player-coach of the New England Revolution, a club from which he was sacked the following year.

In 2000 he returned to Europe and after various experiences in Romania, Serbia, Turkey and the Middle East, he arrived in Serie A, recalled to Italy to coach Catania. The following year he coaches Palermo, but the contract lasts only one year; in 2010, hang glider Zenga, flies to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to deal with, in order: Al-Nassr, Al-Nasr and Al-Jazira.

In 2017 he definitively returned to Italy to coach Crotone, but after less than a year the team relegated to Serie B, and Zenga resigned. In 2018 he was appointed coach of Venezia and sacked the following year.

The current year saw him coach of Cagliari, managing to make his debut only on 20 June, due to the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and on 1 August he announces that he has not been confirmed by the Sardinian club for the following season.

Television career

Walter Zenga, as well as an athlete, he is a well-known face of Italian television. He hosted Forza Italia on Odeon TV from 1987 to 1990, together with Fabio Fazio and his future second wife Roberta Termali. In the same period he conducted Disco Sport on Radio Deejay with Amadeus.

Until I was 37 I didn’t understand much about how to live, I was a footballer and I felt invincible. When I stopped playing it took me some time to figure out what I had to do when I grew up

Thus Walter Zenga anticipates his role as postman in the very successful program of Maria De Filippi: There is mail for you. In 2008 he comments on some matches of the Italian national team with Marco Civoli and acts as a second voice alongside Alberto Rimedio for the 2016 European championship. In 2017 he is a commentator on Mediaset Premium, and in the same year he returns to comment on the national team matches for a few months. In 2019 we find him in the TV8 studios to comment on the Europa League.

Private life

Walter Zenga get married 3 times. The first marriage is in the eighties with the then Miss Marche, Elvira Carfagna. His first son was born from the relationship: Jacopo (1986). The marriage ends after a few years, in fact, for Zenga, it is the Forza Italia program. During the making of this, Walter meets and falls in love with his future second wife: the host Roberta Termali.

From the relationship with Termali, Nicolò was born first (1989), and after a year of marriage (celebrated at the Municipality of Milan in 1992), Andrea was born, known for having taken part in Temptation Island 2018 with the now ex-girlfriend Alessandra Sgolatra, and currently a competitor of the Big Brother Vip 2020. Recently the same Termali stated that Andrea has not talked to his father for at least 12 years, but he did not want to specify the reasons.

The great love between the two sees the end in 1997, the year in which Walter Zenga has already started dating the actress Hoara Borselli, to whom he will remain linked for 6 years.

On May 23, 2005, Walter gets married with the travel blogger Raluca Rebedea, known during the period lived in Romania. In 2009 the two gave birth to their daughter Samira, and in 2012 Walter Jr. was born. This last marriage was the longest lasting of the ex-goalkeeper. The same, in October of this year, declared, through a post on social media (later removed) the end of the marriage. The cause, according to Zenga, would be “the radical change” that has affected his wife in the last year. At the moment, therefore, Walter Zenga is single and resident in Dubai.


With 152,000 followers, Walter Zenga’s instagram profile is very active. The ex-goalkeeper, posts photos at least 2 or 3 times a week with his loves and passions as protagonists: football, children and Milan.

walter zenga


  • He was elected IFFHS Goalkeeper of the Year for three consecutive times, from 1989 to 1991;
  • In the national team he made 58 appearances;
  • On June 24, 2019, the eldest son Jacopo married Clara Milazzo. On this occasion Walter Zenga made peace with his first wife Elvira Carfagna for good;
  • The participants in Jacopo Zenga’s wedding say that Walter and his son Andrea have not spoken to each other at all
  • During the participation of his son Andrea in the GF VIP, Walter returned to Italy from Dubai, where he resides and was the guest of Barbara D’Urso at Sunday Live to talk about the relationship with the child



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