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Was Summer Wells Found Dead


The search for Summer Wells has been complicated by false leads and speculation generated by online people seeking to capitalize on the child’s disappearance. Despite the lack of concrete information, strangers have stepped forward with donations. The six-year-old was born to Don Wells and Candus Bly in Hawkins County, Kentucky. No one has released a motive or reason for the kidnapping.

Ongoing Investigation 

ation and was arrested for having a pistol intoxicated. The couple has not publicly The case of Summer Wells has caused an emotional tumult. The investigation is still ongoing. Investigators said they received more than 750 tips. However, no solid leads have been made from the tips. The father of Summer, Donald Wells, expressed little hope that his daughter was still alive. Despite this, her mother-in-law, Jennifer Wells, has confirmed that she took and passed a lie-detector test, but does not know why Summer would have done it.

Another Missing Child

Earlier this year, the Wells family released a video on YouTube at midnight on February 4. It features images of the other missing children and the audio of a long prayer. “Dear Father God, Please rescue, redeem and restore my child,” reads the prayer. The video also shows pictures of disguises used by the search for Summer. In addition to the prayer, the Wells family also released photos of the costumes they were wearing.

Poor Family 

The family of Summer Wells reported the case to child protective services after the father made threats on social media. The TBI investigators searched the Wells’ home. But no one could find the girl. This case has become a nightmare for many families. It is unclear if the investigation will ever find a cause. Hopefully, the family will learn the truth soon. But in the meantime, the family will continue to live without her.

Endangered Child Alert

The investigation into the disappearance of Summer Moon-Utah Wells inspired volunteer and state search efforts and resulted in an Endangered Child Alert from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. An Endangered Child Alert is issued when the authorities believe the child’s safety is in jeopardy and has not been found. The family last saw their daughter around 6:30 p.m. The next day, she was inside the house and possibly barefoot.

Who was responsible for it?

Despite the fact that Summer Wells’ disappearance is still a mystery, many family members have been raising questions about her disappearance and how she was taken. Summer was a tomboy, and her mother, Candus Wells, told the family that she hoped she would come home. Summer had asked her brother to watch over her but didn’t answer. It was this behavior that made her grandmother suspect her daughter had been taken.

Father in Jail

On October 30, 137 days after the girl went missing, Summer’s father was arrested for a DUI. Don was on probation and violated it. He received jail time. Fortunately, the judge recognized that it was Don’s first DUI. He will have to serve a minimum of 90 days in jail, but it is important to remember that his punishment is a probationary one and will be reassessed every 30 days.

Hoping For Results

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office and TBI held a news conference on June 16, 2021. In addition to 30 tips poured in before the end of the day, the search teams said the terrain, dense canopy cover, and poor cell phone service slowed down the operation. They asked residents near Ben Hill road to check surveillance footage, trail cameras, and outbuildings. They hoped that information would surface soon.


Although the case continues to be under investigation, the family and community members are asking that the public help them find out what happened to Summer Wells. Thousands of man hours have been put into this case, with more than one hundred agents searching social media accounts, digital evidence, and physical evidence. Hundreds of police officers have conducted countless targeted ground searches and more than one hundred official interviews. In addition, Wells’ father, Don Wells, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in late October.

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