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wayne brady wife diana lasso

After a short time of dating, Wayne Brady married Columbia singer Diana Lasso. Both were born in Columbia and later moved to the United States. They were already trying to establish their careers in music. The couple began dating and got married on New Year’s Eve 1993. While their relationship was not a long one, the marriage was a big step forward for them both. While she was still trying to pursue her career in music, Brady was making waves as a comedian.

Their divorce in 2007 left fans wondering who Diana’s parents are. She was born in Columbia but grew up in Colombia. There are no details available about her parents and childhood. While it is difficult to find out the exact date of her birth, Diana has been making public appearances and attending concerts. It appears that Diana and Wayne are not dating at the moment. Nevertheless, her divorce has caused a stir amongst the public, and she has kept a low profile.

In addition to her singing career, Diana also promotes various music acts and events. Despite their recent split, she has not been visible on social media platforms. She is only active on Instagram, and her first post on the platform was on 25 January 2014. Her professional life has also given her a busy schedule, and she has been focusing on her singing career. Sadly, Diana and Wayne had to split up just two years ago.

While Diana Lasso is a famous singer and ex-wife of Wayne Brady, her personal life is still somewhat elusive. She has been spotted out and about in the public, but she has not been active on social media. In fact, it’s unclear if she is dating anyone. Although the couple was married for many years, they have not been seen in public together since.

Diana Lasso married Wayne Brady on New Year’s Eve 1993. She and her ex-husband never had children. She reportedly has two sisters. Inez attended Jamaica High School and studied at the University of New Mexico. Neither of them is married, but they share a special bond. She attended Marquette University and the University of New Mexico. She and Wayne have a daughter, Maile Masako Brady, which is named after the mother of her first marriage.

Diana Brady has never disclosed where she met Diana. They married on December 31, 1993, but divorced a year later in 1995. The couple didn’t have any children during their marriage. Their daughter, Maile Masako Brady, is the product of their second marriage with Hawaiian actress Mandie Taketa. While they have no children, their divorce was finalized in 2008. Aside from that, their divorce was private.

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