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Wayne Jenkins Baltimore Wife

Accused of Crime

Wayne Jenkins played a beat cop in Baltimore, Maryland, from 25th April to 30th May 2022. He joined the police department in 2003 and was a top junior officer under Sergeant Michael Fries. He was often found to be lying, but he was never given a complaint. In fact, Jenkins’ claims were often proven false in front of jurors, so it was not uncommon for him to appear innocent when he was accused of a crime.


Wayne Jenkins is married to Kristy Jenkins, who is 42 years old. They have three sons together. Sadly, they lost a child the year before their third child was born. The couple has not made any public statements about Wayne and Kristy’s marriage.

Supportive Wife

Wayne and Kristy Jenkins were high school sweethearts. But their marriage was troubled by his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Their children suffered as a result, and he had to be separated from his wife. But his wife was supportive and urged him to consider the consequences of his actions. Despite all the trouble, Kristy and Wayne are now living a quiet life away from the spotlight.

Sentence to 25 years in Prison 

He loved his wife and traveled long distances to visit her. The couple had three children, and after the divorce, he changed his career to a new field. However, he’ll miss watching his children grow up. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

He and Six Others

Jenkins was a part of a criminal enterprise. He headed a gun task force. He and six other officers were indicted in federal court for federal racketeering. They were also accused of robberies, extortion, and overtime fraud. The incident shook the city’s community and created distrust among residents. The gun task force had a reputation for catching drug dealers and illegal firearms.

Not Enough Evidence 

The Baltimore State Attorney’s Office has investigated the case. The office referred the case to the police integrity unit, which investigated it and presented evidence to a grand jury. However, the grand jury decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to obtain an indictment. In 2016, Jenkins’ wife Kristy Jenkins filed a motion for leniency.

Open Wound Case

Despite the numerous lawsuits against him, Jenkins has yet to be disciplined. This case is an open wound, but the Baltimore Sun investigation uncovered some troubling red flags about his conduct. As a result, the police department has decided to pay out a combined $90,000 to the plaintiffs.


Wayne Jenkins was charged with racketeering conspiracy, theft, and falsifying evidence. He has also been charged with deprivation of rights under color of regulation. Aside from being charged with these crimes, Jenkins also has a beautiful wife and three children.

Guilty for Multiple Offense

Jenkins was part of a special police unit called the Gun Trace Task Force. The team was formed to target suspected criminals who had large supplies of guns and drugs. He and his partners were involved in more than one case of racketeering. In February 2017, he pleaded guilty to multiple offenses.

He was a Police Sergeant

Wayne Jenkins has not disclosed his net worth yet, but his salary as a police sergeant was $73,699 in 2014 and $85,406 in 2016. He earned an additional $83,345 in overtime. His total pay in 2016 was $168,751. So, his salary as a police officer has certainly been lucrative.

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