What is Christopher Mallick Net Worth?

If you are wondering about Christopher Mallick net worth, you’ve come to the right place. This Los Angeles-based entrepreneur has built his net worth as the Founder and Owner of Oxymoron Entertainment Inc. and an ePassporte processing company. He was the subject of the movie “Middle Men,” which has made him a multi-millionaire. But he has faced some controversy.

For his career as a filmmaker, Mallick has produced many successful movies, including the 2009 thriller “Middle Men,” based on his own experiences. He has also been an executive at Paycom, a company that serves as a liaison between online adult sites and banks. His latest venture, ePassporte, has generated over $7 billion in revenue. It has garnered a lot of buzz, so it’s not surprising that he has an enormous net worth.

However, Mallick has been involved in several lawsuits throughout his career, many dating back to the mid-80s. While many of these lawsuits were settled, others were dismissed. One of the most notorious is the case of Suez Equity Investors LP vs. Toronto-Dominion Bank, which details Mallick’s tax liens, financial disputes with associates, and bankruptcy. This lawsuit demonstrates the extent to which Mallick’s career has been plagued by legal troubles.

In addition to his professional work, Mallick is a noted philanthropist. His charitable foundations support research and treatment of pediatric diseases. Additionally, he contributes to youth and adult guidance programs. And finally, his net worth is a reflection of his dedication to giving back to the community. And what about Mallick’s personal life? Let’s explore this further. The Internet is full of stories about Mallick and his life. He’s been involved in a number of projects since he was just a kid!

Despite a storied career, Mallick has yet to release his debut film, Middle Men. Despite the failure of the film, Mallick managed to secure a distribution deal with Paramount after screenings in various festivals. Middle Men took over a year to make it to theaters. However, the film’s pre-production was suspended when a screenwriter sued Mallick for misappropriating the rights to his Korean thriller. Mallick’s online payment processing company also triggered a lawsuit from a businessman, who sued Mallick and his partners for using the 3-D technology for his film.

As for his personal life, Mallick has distanced himself from his company ePassporte, which he co-founded with Luke Wilson, Gallo, and Ribisi. After ePassporte was shut down abruptly four years ago, he hasn’t returned customer funds. Its failure to recover investments is the main reason why his net worth is in the multi-millions. That’s not a bad amount to make, but it’s certainly not a small sum compared to the rest of his business ventures.