What is David Antonia Usuga’s Net Worth?

David Antonia Usuga’s net worth is estimated between $1 million and $5 million, most of which comes from narcotics trafficking. After his arrest in Colombia on October 23, 2021, the governments of New York and Colombia gave him massive bonuses. However, there are many questions surrounding his net worth. The following are some of the most common answers. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Dario Antonio Usuga David was born in September 1971. He is a Colombian narcotrafficker and leader of the Gulf Clan, a drug trafficking organization. He was a member of the Colombian Popular Liberation Army in the early 1990s before assuming the identity of the United Self Defense. His net worth has increased substantially in the past few years, but it remains relatively low.

In October of 2021, Colombian intelligence agents were able to locate Usuga’s hideout. They tracked down a Cartel member who had been bringing him medication for a kidney disease. This drug lord was captured during a police strike, and his net worth is likely to rise as a result. However, the method in which his net worth was acquired was unethical and impacted millions of people.

Usuga’s net worth is estimated at $1 to $5 million. Until his arrest, his money has been derived from illegal drug trade. The drug trade provided him with all his financial resources, including massive bonuses upon his arrest. He was due to be arrested on October 23, 2021, but it is currently unknown how much he will earn after the arrest. So far, there is not much known about Usuga’s net worth.

Suga has been involved in criminal activities since his childhood. Though the details of his childhood are unclear, his parents’ names are known. His siblings, Nini Johana and Juan de Dios suga David, have a criminal background. His father is a former criminal and his mother was also involved in drug trafficking. Although there is no public Wikipedia page for him, there are many pieces of information about him on the Internet and on social media.

Dario is known as the head of the drug cartel Clan del Golfo. He was involved in some genuine wrongdoings, including drug dealing, abduction, homicide, sexual abuse, and extortion. He also had involvements in illegal mining and killed local pioneers. Currently, there are no records of his net worth or assets. There are a few theories, but the net worth of this drug lord is unknown.