What is Peter Sussman’s Net Worth?

Before we talk about his net worth, let us first take a look at his personal life. Peter Sussman was born on April 22, 1969 in Great Neck, New York. He was raised by his parents and later went on to become an executive producer for ‘How To Rob A Bank’. He is now an executive chairman of Kew Media Group Inc. and is currently worth an estimated $6 million. As for his personal life, Peter Sussman was married to actress Bethenny Frankel. The couple married secretly in 1996 and were surrounded by 150 friends and family. However, they divorced two years later.

After making his name in the entertainment industry, Sussman has diversified his career as a producer and CEO of Kew Media Group Inc. He was previously the CEO of Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. and The Entertainment Group of Alliance Atlantis Communications. In addition to his professional career, Peter Sussman has a wide following on social media. He has 1,338 followers on Instagram and 186 followers on Twitter.

In addition to his professional career, Sussman is also a businessman. He works as the chairman of Kew Media Group Inc. and has an estimated net worth of $5 million. One of his major projects was the television show ‘How to Make It in America’. He has an impressive social media following. He is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This proves that Peter Sussman has a successful career.

In addition to his professional career, Peter Sussman’s net worth is derived from his business activities. His work in the entertainment industry has earned him numerous awards and nominations, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series (2003) and the Producers Guild of America Award for the same year. In addition to these, he has worked on various projects as an executive producer. If you’re interested in knowing more about Peter Sussman’s net worth, read on.

Peter Sussman’s net worth is estimated to be about $5 million in 2022. His wealth is largely derived from his business ventures and his career in the entertainment industry. However, his net worth will increase even further in the future. It will rise by large margins. So, how does Peter Sussman make such a substantial amount of money? Here are a few interesting details about his net worth.

Peter Sussman has been married for eight months. He was married to Bethenny Frankel, an Instagram celebrity. The couple did not have any children and have not been together for more than a decade. Currently, he works behind the scenes. In addition to acting, Sussman also works as President of Alliance Atlantis Entertainment. There are numerous projects in the works for Peter Sussman.