What is Renee Maloney’s Net Worth?

The average American household has a net worth of $2022, so what is Renee Maloney’s net wealth? She’s co-founded a paint and sip franchise with her friend Cathy Deano. Since then, the company has grown to 300 franchise locations with over two-hundred employees and an annual revenue of $42 million. The company also hosts live painting events where guests can come in for a glass of wine and watch the artist create an incredible masterpiece. One recent example of the success of a Painting with a Twist franchise is when the franchise was featured on the show, which was filmed in Rockwall, Texas.

While Renee’s net worth is difficult to estimate, there are a number of public sources for her bio, including the SEC and FINRA. SmartAsset compiled her profile using publicly available data from the SEC and FINRA. SmartAsset is not affiliated with Renee’s firm, and cannot vouch for its accuracy. SmartAsset produces the profile content independently of business relationships. In addition, financial professionals with business relationships with SmartAsset are not given special treatment or access to their profiles.

During the early years of the show, Maloney and Deano remained busy with their careers, while Maloney was the president of a non-profit art association. The two sought to invest in a business that would be meaningful while simultaneously generating revenue. Together, they founded a paint-and-sip prototype in 2007, which was subsequently turned into the successful franchise Painting with a Twist.

The couple met while volunteering in schools ten years ago. Cathy and Renee’s net worth is estimated to be at least $80,000. They later joined the company and now have over 80 locations across the United States. Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney founded this business, which has grown to over 80 locations. The pair initially started the business as a way to rebuild Mandeville after Hurricane Katrina. Guests can join a painting class for $35 to $45. The couple met in a school volunteering program.