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Who are Serena and Davide: Biography, and What happened at the Temptation Island Bonfire

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Who are Serena and Davide: Biography, and What happened at the Temptation Island Bonfire

Serena and Davide, whose surnames are Davide Varriale And Serena Spena, I’m a couple from Temptation Island 8. Serena and Davide are engaged by 2 years and 8 months, yes they are known why he was the boyfriend of Serena’s best friend. The boy’s jealousy is severely undermining their relationship, and has led David to request the early confrontation bonfire. The couple clears up and leaves the program together.

Who are Serena and Davide from Temptation Island?

  • First name: Serena Spena and Davide Varriale
  • Date of birth: 1995 Serena
  • Age: 25 years old Serena
  • Zodiac sign: Information not available
  • Profession: He is an entrepreneur at Great Events, she owns a wedding favor shop
  • Birth place: Both from Naples, Davide precisely from Soccavo fraction
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: Information not available
  • Official Instagram profile: @mr_davide_v @serespenaofficial
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Davide Varriale was born in Soccavo in province of Naples. He defines himself as an agnostic and has a sister named Ilaria. Passionate about Fabrizio De Andrè, a few years ago he also wrote reviews of the lyrics of Faber songs. He is also an enthusiast and lover of cinema (including the Hungarian one), art and literature; Davide seems to have a classical background. He is also a skilled draftsman: you can find some of his really interesting sketches on his profile.

Serena Spena is originally from Naples and has a sister named Anna. Serena is the owner of two shops of wedding favors and furnishing objects in the province of Naples. We know that her relationship with Davide was born in a particular way, and that the girl took a while to let go of the past and the ways in which the boys met.

History of the Couple

Davide and Serena they met in a particular way about three years ago: their respective ex boyfriends were friends with each other and therefore couples often went out together. However, the four exits were convicts: the two boys fell in love and therefore broke off their respective relationships to be able to live their story that has been going on for 2 years and eight months. They had been engaged to their exes for eight years, but Serena she got back with her ex three times before making the decision definitive and be with David. They participate in Temptation Island conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi to understand if Davide’s jealousy and his control can improve. He admits that he had her canceled from social networks, friends and the gym to keep her with him.

Serena and Davide Instagram

The guys have a private Instagram profile. Also present on Facebook: Davide with his Name and Surname, while Serena with the profile of her shop that you can find in the dedicated biography.

After the first episode it seems that Davide has created a temporary account where he defends himself in the stories, saying that it is easy to judge without knowing. There is now no trace of this profile.

Why do Davide and Serena participate in Temptation Island?

Davide and Serena have been engaged for two years and 8 months. It is Serena who writes to Temptation as Davide’s excessive jealousy is leading to the crumbling of their relationship. This jealousy was born due to the way their relationship was born: in fact, Serena and Davide met because they were engaged to their respective friends. So going out between couples they fell in love, but Serena took longer than Davide to leave the past behind. Davide confessed to having a mania for control and trying to destroy whatever the girl does without him.

  • During the early evening David chose the single girl Benedetta while Serena he chose the tempter Hector, but at the time of parting it were two single guys who went to get Serena, because they were impressed by her! Davide immediately shows himself jealous and confirms that he does not accept that the girl carves out spaces and things that do not understand him. He also admits that he has a control freak. Serena confirms that Davide’s jealousy and control tend to extinguish her. Jealousy also mounts due to some costumes worn by Serena deemed too high-cut. Serena talks a lot with the single Ettore while Davide isolates himself and tends to remain in his thoughts in the village. During the first bonfire, Davide sees Serena in the company of Ettore talking and discussing. Davide reacts by saying that even if there is nothing wrong he would make a mess because his character is like that. Limits and impositions are evident.
  • During the second episode, Davide worries about the fact that he is losing control over her and fears that the girl may take this experience as reality. In the Pinnettu Davide sees Serena talking about her story saying that for Davide she left her ex and with whom she had been for 8 years and was living together. He says that when they broke up, his ex got a number tattooed on his wrist and that when they met again after 4 months, one of the other’s arms fell back. And that for a year she was always very clear with Davide in telling him that she had the war in mind. At the bonfire Davide sees Serena spending time with the Single Ettore between complicity and smiles. The girl dances saying she hasn’t had a night in three years. Ettore provokes her, trying to understand if there is a possibility for them to know each other outside but Serena remains very vague. Ettore seems convinced to conquer her. Davide for his part says he doesn’t understand anything and is annoyed e to take time to metabolize. In fact, he stays up all night in the garden to think. In fact, Davide knows that he acts first of all for Serena’s good even before his own and that he “lives for her”. At the turn of Serena’s bonfire the girl declares herself calm then sees a video of Davide where she says Serena and mine and that the freedom she had has not been able to manage it well and therefore he tends to control her not even sending her to the gym because he wears shorts short. She also says that she is influenced by her friends and that sometimes she doesn’t think she is up to talking. Serena does not break down and laughs because she is certain that the previous relationship does not want it anymore. She knows that he has a problem that they can no longer deal with together.
  • David is often shown isolated from the rest of the group intent on reflecting. At the bonfire Davide sees Serena always close to the single Ettore who is jealous when other singles approach her. Serena then talks to Ettore saying that she prefers to compare herself more with the other guys and approaches the single Alberto with whom she establishes a more playful relationship. Davide seems to be relieved but the next day he is called to Pinnettu. He sees Serena talking about Ettore with Antonio, saying that if he is so interested he must show it because he has put his “nose” since she spoke to him. You need a strong signal. David at the sight of these words asks for the bonfire of immediate confrontation.
  • In the fourth episode the early confrontation bonfire that Davide requested of Serena after jealousy and possessiveness became evident. The girl accepts the confrontation bonfire despite the proximity to the single Hector. Davide tells how difficult it was to accept and see his girlfriend with the costume, low-cut dress and the closeness to Ettore, things that for him who is very jealous were devastating. Serena confirms that Davide she only missed a few evenings and that she is 100% involved. They review several videos together but Serena explains the point of view of a person who wanted to get involved and make a journey, while David claims that all the things he did seemed premeditated with no feeling towards him. Serena confirms that she wants a lighter relationship, she doesn’t want such a heavy man and asks Davide to change this dynamic between them because she doesn’t feel herself but she feels very limited in everyday life and in the relationship with others. Davide questions Serena’s sentiment, she is saddened by this and after a long look Davide embraces her and whispers “I understand you”. Davide says he understood that Serena really put herself to the test because if she got over this it absolutely meant that she wanted to continue the relationship with him.

A month later

Davide and Serena a month later are calm and confirm their choice to stay together. Davide claims to have smoothed out some aspects of his character that were excessive: Davide compromised to accept what Serena is like. Alessia confesses to Davide that she would have liked to take him by the ears for some “medieval” phrases that the boy said. Serena affirms that they have always been there for each other and that they have understood that everyone needs their own space and not to have a closed relationship that makes them lose their identity. Serena claims to have heard the initials Ettore only with a greeting message. Davide always hopes to have lucidity to try to make Serena feel good. Serena confirms that the thing is mutual.

Temptation Island Couples September 8, 2020

Davide and Serena are one of eight couples participating in Temptation Island 8 2020: together with them there are: Francesca and Salvo, Nadia and Antonio, Sofia and Amedeo, Speranza and Alberto, Anna and Gennaro, Carlotta and Nello. Temptation Island 8 starts September 9 on Channel 5 in prime time.


  • One of the Davide’s favorite movies is The Turin Horse by Béla Tarr
  • In 2014 he took a trip to New York
  • His latest trip was to Paris, this fall, in the company of his girlfriend Sofia


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