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Who I am The Social Status: Members, Names, Age, Career and Instagram

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Who I am The Social Status: Members, Names, Age, Career and Instagram

The welfare state it’s a Italian musical group of five boys born in 2009 to Bologna. The leader of the group is Lodo Guenzi. With 4 albums released and the great success of the song A life on vacation, who finished second in Sanremo 2018, the group was part of the 26 Big competing at the Sanremo Festival 2021, with the song Combat Pop, which ranks thirteenth in the final ranking of the event.

Who I am The Social State?

  • No.ome art: Social State
  • Names: Lodovico “Award“Guenzi, Alberto”Albi“Cazzola, Francesco”Checco“Draicchio, Alberto”Bebo“Guidetti, Enrico”Carrot“Roberto
  • Age: 34 (Lodo), 36 (Albi), 35 (Checco), 35 (Bebo), 34 (Carrot)
  • DatAnd of birth: between 1984 and 1986
  • Birth place: Bologna, Foggia
  • Profession: singers, musicians, writers
  • Official site:
  • Instagram profile group: @lostatosociale
  • Lodo Instagram profile: @influguenzer
  • Albi Instagram profile: @albicazzola
  • Checco Instagram profile: @furrizucchini
  • Bebo Instagram Profile: @bebaster
  • Carrot Instagram Profile: @supercarota
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


The welfare state is a gender group indie rock-pop and Italian electropop, in business since 2009. The group was born in Bologna when Alberto Cazzola (Albi), Lodovico Guenzi (Award) and Alberto Guidetti (Bebo), in 2009 they are DJ of Radio Città Fujiko, and decide to give birth to The welfare state. In 2011 will join Francesco Draicchio (Checco) and Enrico Roberto (Carrot).

They debuted in 2012 with the album Democracy tourists, which carries them around for Italy and Europe with a tour of 200 dates. They play a lot in the pubs and social centers in Bologna and they impose themselves on the Emilian music scene by doing a lot of apprenticeship.

Their notoriety grows and leads them to: publish two novels, collaborate with artists such as Luca Carboni, Cristina D’Avena, Arisa, Piotta and Myss Keta, affect others 3 albums, to finish second at the Sanremo Festival 2018, make a movie and to have their own radio program on Radio 2, The Social State Show.

To date The Social State is one of the best-loved and best-known groups on the Italian music scene. We will see them again on the Ariston stage this year with the song Combat Pop.

The components

Lodovico Guenzi, known as “Lodo”, on vocals, guitar, piano and synthesizer. He is not afraid to expose himself and he is the soul of the band.

Alberto Cazzola, known as “Albi”, on vocals and bass. Graduate Sociology of Work, defines himself and his companions as “fun and enjoyable”, and he gets mad when his is called “a band for girls”.

Francesco “Checco” Draicchio, synthesizer, sequencer and vocals. In 2006 he divides himself between rehearsals, recordings and extra-musical works, while working as precarious researcher, and his parents advised him to find a “real” job and a girlfriend. Checco, however, has never abandoned his dream.

Alberto “Bebo” Guidetti, drum machine, programming, synthesizer, sequencer and vocals. He is one of the founders of the band, he lives on music since 2012. Before worked at the factory: he bought a car, a house, with the idea of ​​living thanks to a stable job. Today he says he is happy with this precarious but serene lifestyle of his.

Enrico “Carota” Roberto, voice and synthesizer. Originally from the province of Foggia. His father advised him to let it go, but then, hearing him live, he changed his mind, suggesting that he quit his job, and devote himself only to music.

Beginnings and training

In 2009 Lodo, ​​Albi and Bebo are DJs of Radio Fujiko in Bologna. Award give life to the group The Social State. 3 is a nice number, but the band decides to acquire in 2011 two other elements: Checco And Carrot who also takes care of programming and singing.

From 2011 the group will be composed as follows:

  • Alberto “Albi” Cazzola – voice, bass, born on 31 July 1984 in Bologna;
  • Francesco “Checco” Draicchio – synthesizer, sequencer, programming, percussion, voice, born on November 18, 1985 in San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia);
  • Lodovico “Lodo” Guenzi – voice, guitar, piano, synthesizer, born on 1 July 1986 in Bologna;
  • Alberto “Bebo” Guidetti – drum machine, programming, synthesizer, sequencer, voice, born on 12 September 1985 in Bologna;
  • Enrico “Carota” Roberto – voice, synthesizer, piano, rhodes, programming, born on 5 August 1986 in Bologna.

The 5 members claim that they do not have a leader in the group:

We were falling into the trap of the bands, which is to put in front of only one person who sings, shows himself and talks to reporters. Luckily, we didn’t fall for it

Musical career

The group made its debut in 2010 with the self-produced EP Welfare Pop, followed by the most famous Love in the days of Ikea which starts the collaboration with Garrinchia Dischi. 2012 is the first album of the band: Democracy tourists, followed by a tour of 200 concerts in Italy and Europe; thanks to the album they win the second edition of the Buscaglione Prize, and the same comes reissued the following year in deluxe edition with double CD. The second CD includes all 11 tracks on the disc reinterpreted by 11 artists. The album wins several awards and is one of the most talked about albums in the field Italian indie rock.

We were so wrong is the single from 2014 that tops the charts of the best-selling songs on iTunes, surpassing Happy by Pharrell Williams. In the same year it comes out The worst Italy, work that also involves Piotta and of which the proceeds (of the first two weeks) are destined to Emergency.

For two years they don’t publish anything. They play a lot and write, returning in 2016 with the album Love, work and other myths to dispel, and in the same year they curate the soundtrack of the film The Asteroids.

In 2018 they participate in the Sanremo Festival finishing second. The Sanremo song A life on vacation, is part of the collection of successes Primates, which contains the single Easy, in collaboration with Luca Carboni, and in the same year they sing with Cristina D’Avena the initials of cartoons I love you Denver. In June 2019 the new single comes out DJ of m ****, to which they lend their voice Arisa And Myss Keta.

The last single of the group comes out in 2020 and is called Self-certification.

In December 2020 the participation of the group in the Sanremo Festival 2021, Big category, with the song Combat Pop.

Sanremo 2018 and national success

In 2018, the Social State climbs onto the Ariston paco singing at the top of its lungs A life on vacation. The song immediately conquered the audience and the audience at home and the band ranks second in the final ranking, giving the Festival their performance with the 83 year old ballerina Paddy Jones, and the duet with Paolo Rossi and the Small Choir of the Antoniano.

A life on vacation, after the Festival, it is the most broadcast song in Italy for over a month.

The following year, the group returns to the Ariston stage, as guests with Renato Pozzetto, and together they sing the famous piece And life, life.

The novels of Lo Stato Sociale

June 2, 2016 is released for Rizzoli the band’s first novel by title Movement is stopped.

Three years later, on 19 September 2019 in Bologna, the band presents his second book: Sex, drugs and work, published by Il Saggiatore. The novel is the paradigm of a disappointed generation, which after growing up between dreams and school desks, finds itself unprepared for the world of work, which is already lacking in its own.

The documentary on The Social State

During the Biografilm Festival of 2019 in Bologna, the documentary The square of my city – Bologna and the Social State.

Paolo Santamaria’s documentary presents the concert of the band held in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna in June 2018. Personalities from music and cinema, politics and culture collaborate on the project to tell about their bond with Bologna. Among others participate: Gianni Morandi, Luca Carboni, Matilda De Angelis, Enrico Brizzi and Luis Sal.


On Instagram, the band, shares with i 310 thousand followers their projects, love for Bologna, and dislike for some characters, such as Matteo Salvini.

The Social State Insta

Private life

Nothing is known about the private life of the members of the group, except that they live in Bologna and are preparing to take the stage of the Ariston.

Sanremo 2021

The welfare state was among the Big 26 competing at Sanremo Festival 2021, presented by Amadeus who was joined during the evenings, among others, by: Elodie, Matilda De Angelis, Luca Argentero and Achille Lauro. The Bolognese group sang the song Combat Pop. In the evening dedicated to duets and covers of Sanremo 2021, The welfare state sings “It’s not forever “ by Afterhours. Lodo Guenzi and the others sing the cover paired with Francesco Pannofino and the entertainment workers.

The group finished in thirteenth place of the final classification.

Text Combat Pop The Welfare State

This is combat pop!
Or was it combat rock?
It was the Clash I know,
What a style!
Put on the good dress,
Smiles and handshakes,
Which is not bad
This funeral.
You thought it was love
But he was a jerk,
Even the best is wrong, but with style!
This is combat pop,
Not rock’n’roll.

In life you can
Even say no,
To love songs,
At the style lessons,
To the hits of the month,
To good manners …
But … but what’s the point?
Always wanting too much,
Paying everything double
And enjoy the half?
But what’s the point
Dress up as a rock star,

Making pop songs
To sell advertising?
What a good songwriter
With all this pain …
No beautiful ‘this song huh,
What bad luck!
The tattoo on the neck
My grandfather has it too
And the elections in May
The usual gonzo wins!
This is combat pop,
Not rock’n’roll.
In life you can
Even say no,

To love songs,
At the style lessons,
To the hits of the month,
To good manners …
But … but what’s the point?
Always wanting too much,
Paying everything double
And enjoy the half? But what’s the point
Dress up as a rock star,
Making pop songs
To sell advertising?
There is no more punk
To say how far out you are
Or rock to argue
With your parents

The committed song,
Yes but nothing serious,
Now only Amadeus
He has a couple profile.
There are no revolutions in songs
But not even a Friday of protest,
Fashion passes style remains
Trust me, a stylist said it.
But … but what’s the point?
Always wanting too much,
Paying everything double
And enjoy the half?
But what’s the point
Dress up as a rock star,
Making pop songs
To sell advertising?

Sanremo 2021 singers


  • On November 21, 2015 at the Paladozza in Bologna, the group has the technical crew perform for a song in their place;
  • Together with Cimini, in 2019, the band created the cover by Song for the summer, contained in the tribute album a Fabrizio De André, Faber nostrum;
  • Lodo Guenzi was a judge at X Factor 2018 with Fedez, Mara Maionchi and Manuel Agnelli, after the abandonment of Asia Argento.
  • From 6 October 2019, every Sunday, from 16:00 to 17:30, they go on the air with The Social State Show, on Radio2.

The Social State Video

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