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Who is Aka7even? Biography, Age, Girlfriend of Friends in Sanremo 2022

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Who is Aka7even?  Biography, Age, Girlfriend of Friends in Sanremo 2022

Aka 7even, to the registry office Luca Marzano, is a singer originally from Naples born in 2000, also known to the public for having participated in X Factor 2018 and ad Friends 20. Under contract with the Sony Columbia Records, Aka7even participates in Sanremo 2022 with the song Perfect So.

Who is Aka 7even?

  • First name: Luca Marzano
  • Art Name: Aka7even
  • Age: 21 years
  • Date of birth: October 23, 2000
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Birth place: Vico Equense
  • Tattoos: tattoo along the entire right forearm
  • Official Tik Tok Profile: @ aka_7even
  • Official Instagram profile: @ aka_7even_
  • Follow us on our Official Instagram profile: @

Biography of Aka7even

Luca Marzano, aka Aka 7even, was born in Vico Equense under the sign of the scorpion. He is the last of a large family, five children and their parents both work: the father is a truck driver and the mother the cleaning lady. His brother Domenico is the one with whom he shares his passion for music: in fact both are singers.

Coma and disease

The episode that most marked his life happens when the boy is only 5 years old: in fact in 2008 he had epileptic seizures which led Luca to remain in a coma for several days, and when he woke up he realized that his passion was music. In this regard he stated:

At the age of seven I ended up in a coma due to a seizure caused by a virus that had attacked the cerebellum. I stayed there for seven days… I think that’s why I have seven lives, like cats

Luca has a very strong character, which he himself defines without shyness. Luca is not new to the world of music: in 2017 is a competitor of X Factor, in the edition that still saw Fedez as a judge. The boy made it all the way to bootcamps and proposed a very different musical style and look.

The music

In fact, Luca shows up at the auditions from X Factor while He plays the piano and sings a cover of Bruno Mars “When i Was your Man”. Luca surprises the jury and the public and goes on with the program making himself known to the general public. From that moment on I am several singles that the boy releases, not least that of 23 October 2020 in duet with Biondo entitled “Coco”. However, the one of the last two years is a different Luca Marzano: in fact he presents himself at the auditions of friends with a renewed look and a stage name, Aka 7even, which is precisely the symbol of this renewal that brings with it a more Urban style.

Career from X Factor in Sanremo, passing through Amici

Luca Marzano in art Aka 7Even at the age of 20 he is already a producer, writer and performer of his songs. He boasts several productions after his debut in the world of music in 2018 at X Factor. After participating in X Factor he joins the stable of Cosmophonix Production a production studio that boasts artists such as Einar, Brenda Carolina Lawrence, Jack James and Urano. The 17 May 2019 Luca Marzano releases his first album entitled “Chiaroscuro” and one of the hits included in this album, Niente se non te “, has over 1 million views on youtube.

In January 2020 publishes a duet with Sac1 entitled “Hotel” In April 2020 Luca revisits Cecilia Krull’s international hit, “My Life Is Going On”, the theme song of the Spanish series La Casa di Carta. On 21 August 2020 releases “Chupa”, the new single from Aka 7even in collaboration with BossFamily, a song of which he is also a producer. On October 23, 2020 a new single is released in duet with Blond, entitled “Coco”. On November 14th he officially enters the school of Amici 2020 2021. Aka7even arrives at the evening phase of the program and brings many successful singles, first of all Loca. Aka7even from January 2022 will be on tour in Italy, inspired by the American style wants to create a real show on stage. A possible collaboration with Fedez is planned: rapper Luca Marzano (real name of Aka7even) wrote a request for collaboration on Instagram to which Chiara Ferragni’s husband replied “Daje”.

In the summer 2021 Aka7even also produces a Spanish version of Loca with rapper Robledo. In Novemre 2021 he releases the new single entitled 6PM a romantic ballad that Aka also presents on the stage of Amici 21. In December 2022 he announces his participation in Sanremo 2022 with the song entitled Perfect So.

Instagram Aka7even

Luca Marzano aka Aka 7even he is very active on social networks: on his Instagram profile he entered the Amici school with 17 thousand followers and has already risen to about 1 million followers.

Aka7even Insta

Aka7even Friends 20

Aka 7even, whose real name is Luca Marzano, enters Amici 2020 defining himself his style with a “unique and black” style. To enter Amici’s school, Luca proposes an unreleased song entitled “Yellow” and manages to conquer immediately Anna Pettinelli who assigns him the desk, despite having pleasantly impressed the other teachers Rudy Zerby and Arisa. The his unreleased Yellow is produced by Cosmophonix and Tony Mendel and collects the consents of the representatives of the radios invited to the program to give their opinion on the unreleased songs. After winning a challenge against Dorian Gabe: Luca is also distinguished by his reinterpreted ability of covers, often performed on the piano. He arrives at the Serale di Amici where he manages to conquer the final, later won by Sangiovanni.

Ex Girlfriend Martina Miliddi

Aka7even after a few weeks from entering the school fell in love with Martina Miliddi. The story came out because Martina was jealous of the new entry Enula. Here is the conversation between the two boys:

Aka7even: How should I make you understand? It’s just you, I’m just fine with you. I’m looking for you because I’m fine. And I’m looking for you because I’m in love.
Martina: Whenever you tell me I sweat! I wonder, are you sure?
Aka7even: I’m not sure, I’ll put my hand on the fire!

After a few months, the two leave at the behest of Martina: the girl is getting particularly close to Raffaele Renda. The relationship between the two resumes, and has gone through ups and downs from the beginning, after the fourth episode of the evening it seems that the two have parted permanently from the videos that can be watched in the daytime.

After leaving Martina’s school, Aka had a small slump in which he declared how pride prevailed over the rest. However Martina in a subsequent interview stated that she and Aka they are on excellent terms and love each other very much, however specifying that their relationship ended within the school.

Flirt with Rosa Di Grazia?

Aka7even and Rosa Di Grazia have become very close in the last period. They comment on the posts of their respective social profiles in an accomplice and increasingly assiduous way. Fans want them involved in a relationship, but there is no confirmation or denial about it yet.

Unpublished by Aka7even

The unpublished of Aka7even are Yellow, Mi Manchi and Loca: they are catchy and have had great success on streaming platforms. Especially Loca, presented in the very latest episodes of the Talent, was a great success and is one of the songs of the summer 2021. Subsequently in November Aka releases the single 6 PM a romantic ballad.

Curiosities about Aka7even Luca Marzano

  • His dream it’s singing in a stadium in front of hundreds of thousands of people all there for him
  • His favorite artists they are Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and Zayn also artists like 6lack, XXX Tentacion, Trippie Redd and Travis Scott.
  • Aka 7even plays piano, bass, guitar and drums
  • He graduated high school with a grade of 72 immediately after leaving Amici’s school


Aka 7even sings the unpublished I miss you before accessing the Amici evening

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