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Who is Akash Kumar? Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Eyes and Instagram

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Who is Akash Kumar?  Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Eyes and Instagram

Akash Kumar, also known as Pablo Andreis Romeo, is a 29-year-old Italian-Indian-Brazilian model, famous for his ice eyes. Known for having participated in the edition of 2018 from Dancing with the Stars, Akash was a competitor of TheIsland of the Famous 2021, coming out after less than a month.

Who is it Akash Kumar?

  • Akash Kumar
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Date of birth: November 16, 1991
  • Birth place: New Delhi
  • Profession: template
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 78 kg (while dancing she weighed 92 kg, after the end of her relationship she lost almost 20 kg)
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @ iamakashkumar91
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March 24, 2021: Akash Kumar after his exit from the island he lashed out by social media against Elettra Lamborghini and Tommaso Zorzi, Rei of having attacked him during the live coverage of the island. Akash also sued Cristiano Ronaldo to defend himself, telling Elettra that he did more Vogue campaigns than she did on spotify. A fierce Akash also posted a chat with Tommaso where the boy invited him to clarify by going to his house while Akash did not bury the hatchet in the least, reiterating that this trash does not belong to him.

Akash Kumar Biography

Akash Kuman was born on November 16, 1991 in New Delhi. His father is a Indian leather goods entrepreneur, and the mother is a Brazilian model. The couple knows each other and falls in love in Milan, a city that sees them there for business reasons. They decide to go and live in New Delhi, where Akash was actually born. In 1994 the couple separated and Akash and his mother move to Italy, in Verona, where the young model grows up and graduates from linguistic high school.

Enter the world of fashion thanks to the mother, posing for her first advertising campaign at the age of 6, and then continuing in adolescence to pose for various Venetian brands: Benetton, Diesel and Carrera.

She moves to Milan to broaden the horizons of her model work; indeed has the opportunity to pose and model for internationally known brands.

He currently lives in Verona and moves to Milan for work.

Regarding its origins, he declares

I feel Indian, as well as Italian, e I am a follower of Hinduism, the most widespread religion in India. In my life, however, India is the root; the tree is Italy

akash kumar name and eyes

Akash Kumar Eyes

The Blue Ice Eyes by Akash Kumar shave been the subject of controversy: it seems that in some photos from the past, Akash had dark eyes. There are therefore many the inferences that see Akash having changed eye color surgically.

Akash Kumar: What is the Real Name?

Akash Kumar in the course of his career he has changed his name several times: Pablo Andreis Romero and Pedro Pablo are the most used names. The controversy over her name was raised during her participation in Ballando Con Le Stelle by Selvaggia Lucarelli. Regarding this Akash stated:

My real name is Akash Kumar. Pablo Andreis Romeo is the stage name that an agent gave me a few years ago and that I didn’t even like very much but I had to work to help my sick mother.

Akash he also used the name Andrea P. for his participation in the first edition of Temptation Island as a temptress. model Akash Kumar

Akash she poses for her first advertising campaignair at the age of six. As a teenager he militated like model and wearer for Venetian brands such as Armani, Benetton, Carrera and Diesel. He decides to move to Milan to begin an international career path, and in fact he manages to model and pose for brands known all over the world.

He is currently studying acting because he hopes to pursue a career as an actor as well.

I’m studying acting. When I feel like I’ve gotten good enough, I’d like to move to Los Angeles

We see it in 2018 as competitor of Dancing with the Stars by Milly Carlucci, together with Eleonora Giorgi, Cesare Bocci, Stefania Rocca, Giovanni Ciacci and Giaro Giarratana, among others.

Akash also participates as a tempter at the first edition of the “Temptation Island” program, but his name in that case was Andrea P.. At the time in the program he approached Giorgia Lucini, Andrea Damante and Nicolò Raniolo.

The Italian-Indian-Brazilian model, during a instagram direct, with two former castaways (Marina La Rosa and Luca Vismara), on the evening of 1 March, he had revealed his intention to withdraw from the Island of the Famous 2021. The triggering reason would seem to be there akash presentation clip all about physical beauty and modeling. Akash has shown a precise and rather smoky character since before his landing on the Isle of the Famous.

Island Of The Famous 2021

Akash Kumar is a castaway from the Island of the Famous 2021 broadcast from March 15, 2021 conducted by Ilary Blasi and who sees Massimiliano Rosolino as a special envoy to Honduras. It is the first time for Akash Kumar in a reality show of this type, after having participated in the Dancing with the Stars which is however a different type of program. It seems, however, that Akash, is threatening to leave the Island even before the program begins, due to the presentation clip of his character which, according to him, does not do him justice: he appears in fact as the handsome model and the fact that he participates in the Island to grow personally and to defeat panic attacks is not mentioned. He declared that with the money from the eventual victory he would support the Pope John XIII Community of Don Oreste Benzi in Rimini. In the studio for his friend Akash Simone Rugiati (the chef of cooks and flames and more).

In the first episode of the Island of the Famous Akash Kumar he immediately complained of the shipwreck Drusilla Gucci: in addition to having named her, in fact, he also defined her as arrogant, having addressed him in inappropriate ways. Akash Kumar in the second episode is named by the other castaways: he collides with the televoting with Angela Melillo. Akash showed a certain impatience for some dynamics that were created in the game as well as for a studio intervention by Tommaso Zorzi which irritated him to the point of saying “this trash doesn’t belong to me”. In the third episode Akash is eliminated from the Isola Dei Famosi 2021 game in the televoting against Angela Melillo. He decides not to stay on Parasite Island, leaving the program for good.

Akash returns as a regular guest in the studio as soon as he landed in Italy and the controversies with the columnist do not subside Tommaso Zorzi. Even Akash would have stopped following the influencer on social media and in a direct Instagram he declared: Not that by winning a Big Brother Vip you can believe yourself to be an Oxford professor, okay? You have won a reality show you have not won a degree from Oxford!

All Shipwrecked Competitors

The official competitors of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 are:

Akash Kumar’s girlfriend and ex

During an interview with Italian stories by Eleonora Daniele, Akash claimed to have suffered from panic attacks. All this, says the model, would be born in 2020, when his girlfriend (of unknown identity) would leave him shortly before the lockdown began. Akash stated that he had spent the lockdown period in complete solitude, arriving at lose 20 pounds, due to the pain of the end of the relationship and the fact of not having been able to meet the parents for more than a year. Subsequent indiscretions revealed by Giornalettismo see Akash Kumar interested in the former tronista Giovanna Abate: the two would have spent the New Year together and would have written for the whole subsequent period until the boy’s departure for Honduras.

Now he says he has recovered, thanks to the help of a psychologist, but sometimes panic attacks hit him in the middle of the night.

Akash Kumar Instagram

With almost 95,000 followers, Akash Kumar’s instagram profile is a photo album of modeling jobs in which he seems to be constantly engaged. Nothing too personal on social media. Akash is very reserved.

Akash Insta

Dancing with the Stars and the Lite with Selvaggia Lucarelli

Not everyone knows that before participating in dancing with the Stars, Akash had already took part in two other television programs: Temptation Island And Hi Darwin. During the airing of these programs, however, the model used a pseudonym: Pablo Andreis Romeo and Andrea P.

During the second episode of Dancing with the Stars in 2018, Wild Lucarelli asks for an explanation about the appearances of the model to other programs “under a false name”. Lucarelli attacks him by suggesting, with bright tones, to find his own personality. For its part Akash defends himself during the third episode of Milly Carlucci’s program: the model apologizes for not immediately declaring the fact that he used a stage name in the past. Apologies accepted and controversy archived.

Curiosities about Akash Kumar

  • He is a friend of Francesco Monte, a former tronista of Men and women by Maria De Filippi ed ex boyfriend by Cecilia Rodriguez;
  • He is very attached to his paternal grandmother who, in fact, goes to visit at least twice a year in India;
  • He was also a close friend of Andrea Damante, ex boyfriend by Giulia De Lellis, but it seems that the two have separated due to misunderstandings;
  • on social media it was “Accused” of having undergone cosmetic surgery: apparently his own eyes are too beautiful to be true.

Akash Kumar Video

Below is the video of Akash’s interview with Italian stories, program conducted by Eleonora Daniele.

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