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Who is Alberto Matano: Age, Coming Out, Live Life and Instagram

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Who is Alberto Matano: Age, Coming Out, Live Life and Instagram

Alberto Matano it’s a Journalist television and writer, originally from Catanzaro born in 1972, presenter of the daily program “Live Life”. He was one of the presenters of TG1 at 20 and is one of the most popular journalists in our country. He recently came out by announcing that he is gay and has been engaged for several years.

Who is Alberto Matano?

First name Alberto Matano
Birth 9 September 1972 (age 48), Catanzaro
Zodiac sign Virgin
Profession Journalist and TV host
Height 178 cm
Weight About 70 Kg
Wikipedia Alberto Matano (Catanzaro, 9 September 1972) is an Italian journalist, television author and television host. Index.
TV Programs Tg1, Live Life, Dancing with the Stars
Education Bachelor’s degree in law
Mom Marisa Fagà


Alberto Matano was born in Catanzaro on Saturdays September 9, 1972. Alberto’s father is a retired biologist with a great passion for theater and music. The mother, Marisa Fagà, on the other hand, is a teacher, known in her country for having held roles of trade unionist and councilor. Alberto Matano was very close to his grandmother Luisa who died at the age of 101. Alberto has a sister who lives in Milan and a brother who lives in Brussels. He is also the uncle of three nephews to whom he is very attached. His studies began at the Scientific High School of his country and after graduating he continued his career at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” where he graduated in Law. His choice to enroll in Law, however, is not the result of a passion, in fact Alberto graduated in law only to meet the expectations of his parents. His true vocation is news and his secret dream is to become a journalist. In 1996 he managed to pass the selection for the Perugia radio and television journalism school, and after three years he manages to obtain a professional journalist’s card. From 2007 he became the half-length conductor of TG1. Since 2019 he has hosted the program “Live Life” every morning at 11 am.


Alberto Matano he has a rather popular Instagram profile: with almost 150 thousand followers he is one of the most successful conductors on social media in the Italian scene. Alberto shares moments of professional and personal life with his followers. He loves sport very much and some photos show him doing physical activity.

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Work and Career

Alberto Matano is a highly successful professional journalist, author and host. His career starts as parliamentary journalist at Montecitorio. He recently declared that information, culture and entertainment coexist in perfect harmony with each other and allow him to communicate in the most effective way with viewers. THE first television program with which he reaches notoriety is “Iinnocent”Where he tells and gives voice to the injustices of people who are victims of serious judicial errors. This program also marked his debut as a writer: In fact, Matano has published a book entitled: “Innocent. Lives marked by injustice”Where he magnificently tells the stories of protagonists of bad justice making the book an in-depth analysis of his television program.

Since leaving the conduct of TG1 at 20 in 2019, Alberto has also participated in dancing with the Stars Milly Calrlucci’s program e Your business. In 2019 supports Lorella Cuccarini in running the program Life live. With them too Eleonora Daniele which leads the internal column of the “Italian Stories” program now replaced by Marco Liorni for maternity. For the summer the program is suspended: in its place One Summer Morning conducted by Andrea Delogu and Marcello Masi. From 7 September 2020 Alberto Matano returns to the helm of the La Vita In Diretta program this time alone. The program goes on regularly except for an abridged version in the period of Joe Biden’s inauguration: the program has in fact given way to Emma D’Aquino and his direct from the White House. On 9 March he presented the evening “I’m not a lady”With Loredana Bertè on Rai1. In May it was on the cover of Cosmopolitan.

RAI journalists

Alberto Matano is a well known and loved Rai journalist. Together with him we remember other fellow Rai journalists: on TG1 at 8pm we find Laura Chimenti, Emma D’Aquino, Francesco Giorgino and Alessio Zucchini who replaced Matano who was busy with “La Vita in Diretta”; the conducting of the afternoon edition of Tg1 alternates with Barbara Capponi, Francesca Grimaldi, Gianpiero Scarpati and Gabriella Capparelli; in the “60 seconds” edition we find Cecilia Primerano, Perla Dipoppa, Paola Cervelli, Barbara Carfagna and Isabella Romano as new entries. We also point out Monica Giandotti and Marco Fritella who passed from the TG to the conduct of “Uno Mattina” and Francesca Fialdini, now at the helm of With us… Freewheeling. At TG2 we find instead Marzia Roncacci and Manuela Moreno.

Live Life

The live life program conducted by Alberto Matano airs every day from Monday to Friday starting at 17.05 on Raiuno from 7 September 2020. The program has a journalistic and international slant, focuses on reporting and commenting on the news, reporting the events of the day told by the correspondents of the Rai offices around the world and by correspondents around Italy. Matano himself stated “In the program there will be a part dedicated to investigations, one to Covid developments and finally a space that will welcome everything that has not entered the news”. So the news is in the foreground, with few if not zero guests in the studio! Alberto Matano airs in the same time slot as Barbara D’Urso, in an afternoon Rai vs Mediaset match!

During an episode of the program, Alberto Matano dealt with the theme of the disappearance of Denise Pipitone and an alleged turning point in the investigation. It would seem that that service has created discontent in Rai, especially Federica Sciarelli who would not have liked the way they dealt with the affair. However, Matano’s denial came ready and said: “Chatter. We often talk to Federica and between us there is a relationship of deep esteem and sympathy. Ever since I switched from TG1 to the guide of La vita live I have been reading whatever“.

The summer edition of the program has always been called Life Live Summer until the 2020 edition led by Andrea Delogu and Marcello Masi. The summer 2021 edition instead sees two changes in the name and in the conductors: Summer Live is conducted by Roberta Capua and Gianluca Semprini.


Alberto Matano has been engaged for some years, but nothing is known about the identity of his partner. In particular, Matano’s confidentiality means that not much is known about his private life. As regards the children argument Tree replied like this: “There was a time when I came very close, but I was very young. Then it didn’t happen again and, every now and then, to myself, I wonder what my life would have been like if things had gone differently. Perhaps, at the time, I would have been able to do my best, while today, with the pace I have, it would certainly be more difficult. Anyway, I have two brothers who gave me as a gift three fantastic grandchildren who filled this void ”.

Alberto Matano has declared that he will make his relationship public when an important event such as that of marriage happens. In this regard, at the end of October 2021 he declared, after the non-approval of the DDL Zan, that he was Gay and that he loved his partner very much.


  • Alberto Matano is regarded as journalists more sexy of Italy.
  • He declared to be a fan of the “bossa nova” musical genre. His favorite song is Corcovado, by Astrud Gilberto.
  • His friendships include many prominent personalities such as Roberta Morise, Luciana Litizzetto, Salvo Sottile, Giuliano Sangiorgi e Mara Venier to which a special friendship binds him
  • According to some friends Alberto Matano is a very good cook and his “cacio e pepe” is famous.
  • Alberto was a guest on the show Today is another day by Serena Bortone
  • During an interview with Andrea Delogu before the Sanremo Festival 2021, the presenter jokingly said that “There is a photo of Alberto Matano” in every Rai dressing room!
  • Alberto Matano cultivated the dream of becoming a Vj during university and had auditions for MTV!

Video by Alberto Matano

Article by Stefania Sal

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