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Who is Aldo Montano GF VIP 2021? Biography, Age, Wife, Son Mario Jr

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Who is Aldo Montano GF VIP 2021?  Biography, Age, Wife, Son Mario Jr

Aldo Montano is an athlete, a famous 42-year-old ex fencer, originally from Livorno. Aldo Montano he was Olympic champion in saber at the 2004 Athens Olympics, and has a career full of victories and successes behind him, such as the recent victory of the silver medal in the men’s team saber at Tokyo 2020. Aldo Montano will enter the house of the Big Brother Vip 6, on September 13, 2021 and he recently confessed that it was his wife Olga who persuaded him to participate.

Who is Aldo Montano?

Aldo Montano, born Livorno in 1978, is a fencing champion, just retired from professional activity with the team silver medal at Tokyo Olympics 2021. Married with Olga Plachina, Russian athlete champion in the 400 meters flat, the couple has two children.

First name Aldo Montano
Age 42 years old
Date of birth November 18, 1978
Birth place Livorno
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Height 185 cm
Weight 75 Kg
Profession Former fencer of the Blue Flames
Ex Girlfriends Manuela Arcuri, Antonella Moretti
Wife Olga Plakhina
Wikipedia Aldo Montano (Livorno, November 18, 1978) is a former Italian fencer, specialized in the saber, individual Olympic champion at the 2004 Athens Games.
TV Programs Those who football, The Farm, Big Brother Vip 6


Aldo Montano was born on November 18, 1978 in Livorno. He grew up in a family of Olympic fencers, all specialized in sabers, and so Aldo also embarked on the same career. At his first participation in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Aldo Montano wins individual gold in the saber specialty, and becomes a face known and loved by the Italian public. Thanks to its permanent presence in Those who football, and his much talked about relationship with Manuela Arcuri, Aldo Montano combines his career as a fencer with a decent career as a television personality. We see it in 2006 a The farm, conducted by Barbara D’Urso, and becomes the testimonial of various advertising campaigns and important fashion brands. Married since 2016 to the Russian athlete Olga Plakhina, Aldo Montano is the father of Olympia (2017) and Mario Jr. (2021), and is preparing for enter the house of Big Brother Vip 6, on September 13, 2021.

Hip prosthesis

Upon retiring from his competitive career, Aldo Montano announced that he had to undergo hip replacement surgery. In fact, in recent months Aldo he competed with infiltrations and therapies but without being able to stop the necrosis of the left femur that was diagnosed a year and a half ago. As Aldo stated in an interview, it is the price to pay for a career as long as his.

Wife Olga Plachina and Sons

Aldo Montano has been married, since October 2016, to the Russian athlete Olga Plakhina, 18 years his junior. The two gave birth to their first daughter on February 28, 2017 Olympia, followed by the second son Mario Jr., born on March 27, 2021.

Aldo Montano Family

In step Aldo Montano was linked to Manuela Arcuri until 2006 and, from 2007 to 2012, he had a relationship with the showgirl Antonella Mosetti.

Career, between Sport and TV

Aldo Montano began his career in the late nineties. He first enlisted at the Carabinieri Sports Center, then moved on to the Penitentiary Police, then competing for the Blue Flames. The Tuscan fencer becomes a beloved face by the Italians when, in 2004, at Athens Olympics, wins the gold medal in the individual saber and the silver medal in the team tournament. Become a regular guest of Simona Ventura a Those who football, and also participates in several television programs such as The farm And Selfie – Things change. His career is full of victories and successes, he wins in fact:

  • Mediterranean Games (2005), gold;
  • Beijing Olympics (2008), team bronze;
  • World Championships (2011), gold;
  • London Olympics (2012), team bronze;
  • World Championships (2015), team gold;
  • World Championships (2018), team silver;
  • Tokyo Olympics (2021), team silver.

At his last Olympics, the fifth, he announces his from fencing.

Big Brother VIP 6

Aldo Montano is one of the competitors of the Big Brother VIP 6 2021 edition. Aldo’s participation was made official in the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, which sees as commentators Sonia Bruganelli and Adriana Volpe. Will he be able to be appreciated inside the house?

The official competitors of the Gf VIP are: The other competitors of the Big Brother VIP 2021 are: Kabir Bedi, Federica Calemme, Alessandro Basciano, Eva Grimaldi, Nathaly Caldonazzo (entered December 17) Ferdinando Giordano, Giacomo Urtis, Valeria Marini, Biagio D ‘ Rings (entered November 29), Maria Monsé and Patrizia Pellegrino (entered November 22) Sophie Codegoni, Katia Ricciarelli, Soleil Sorge, Andrea Casalino, Amedeo Goria, Samy Youssef, Tommaso Eletti, Carmen Russo, Raffaella Fico, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Aldo Montano, Alex Belli, Miriana Trevisan, Manuel Bortuzzo, Giucas Casella, Davide Silvestri Francesca Cipriani, Ainett Stephens, Manila Nazzaro, Nicola Pisu, The Ethiopian Princesses: Lucrezia Hailè, Clarissa Hailè and Jessica Hailè.

Ten days after entering Big Brother’s house Aldo Montano leaves the house for a few days to attend an event with the President of the Republic Mattarella who awarded all the Italian Olympic athletes. After going through the quarantine in a hotel, Aldo Montano returns to the house of the GF between the happiness of all and above all of Manuel Bortuzzo who had particularly missed him.

Aldo in the house is perfectly integrated and does not receive any nominations and does not risk elimination. However, he has a bad fight, at the dawn of the week of stay in the house of the GF, with Alex Belli. Aldo felt betrayed in his friendship for an alleged double game by Alex. After a verbally violent quarrel, the two clarify.


Aldo Montano is very active on social media. His instagram profile is full of photos that portray him with his family, during training and even in moments of personal leisure.

Aldo Montano Insta


  • Aldo Montano announced his retirement from sporting competitions this year, at his fifth and last Olympics, like the champion Federica Pellegrini;
  • he contracted the Coronavirus, together with his wife and daughter, they all recovered quickly;
  • he has several tattoos, especially on his forearms, including the words “memento audere semper”;
  • is the testimonial of a commercial on road safety, produced by the Ministry of Transport;
  • as correspondent of Those who football, Aldo Montano managed to snatch a mini-interview from the then President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

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