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Who is Alena Seredova: Biography, Age, Vivienne Charlotte and Alessandro Nasi

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Who is Alena Seredova: Biography, Age, Vivienne Charlotte and Alessandro Nasi

Alena Seredova it’s a model and actress, born in Prague and best known for her marriage to goalkeeper Gigi Buffon. The model gave birth to her third daughter on May 19, 2020, the first with her current partner Alessandro Nasi. Buffon’s ex-wife shared a photo on Instagram that portrays the hand of the newborn. The girl’s name is Vivienne Charlotte, and in the Instagram post the Seredova presented her to her followers simply with a “Welcome Princess”.

Who is Alena Seredova?

  • First name: Alena Seredova
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Date of birth: March 21, 1978
  • Profession: Model, showgirl, sports executive actress
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Birth place: Prague
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram profile: @alenaseredova
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Alena Seredova was born on March 21, 1978 in Prague precisely in the district of Vinohrady where he lives with his parents and his younger sister Eliska. The height was taken from her father, who is a very tall man over five feet and ninety-five. She has always studied foreign languages ​​since she was a child, initially her dream was to be a flight hostess. However, it is discarded due to its excessive height, the limit being set at 177 cm. At 15 she made her debut in the fashion scene, posing for the famous photographer Jadran Setlik. After this experience he worked for two years in Greece and, at 18, moves to Milan to break into the world of fashion. She competed in the Miss Czech Republic contest in 2008, finishing second, and later Alena competed for the title of Miss World, coming fourth. In 2005 she is remembered for a very sensual calendar that still remains among the best sellers in history.

In 2011 he got married with the national goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, a marriage that ends after five years and two children and which is managed by Alena in a very composed way despite having discovered Gigi’s new relationship with Ilaria D’Amico. Since 2015 she is engaged to Alessandro Nasi whom she defines “The real man of her life”. She defines herself as a strong person but it is said that she was fragile and without trust in some moments of her life even if she never let it shine through in public.

I’m leaving

Alena Seredova gave birth his third daughter Vivienne Charlotte May 19, 2020. The girl is the first with a daughter she had with the entrepreneur Alessandro Nasi after the children she had with Buffon. The post on Instagram that announced the birth of Alena Seredova it was very sweet with the words “Welcome Princess”.

Alena Seredova Instagram

Work and Career

Alena Seredova is a face of the Italian show business. His television debut is due to Giorgio Panariello, in fact Alena participates in his program “I’ll be back on Saturday”. She said that when she was selected for the program she went to lunch with Panariello and he asked her if she wanted a salad. Alena instead displacing him he replied that at least he would order a schnitzel and a beer! Subsequently she is busy with the filming of “Guglielmo, Tell e la mela” by Andrea Buscemi and lands on the big screen with the film “I saw the stars”. Speaking of films, he also stars in “Christmas in Love”, directed by Neri Parenti with Danny De Vito. After this experience he becomes the fixed face of Italian comedies, as in Vanzina’s “A summer at the sea”, “Vip” and “A summer in the Caribbean.” She has been the face of several commercials, such as Yamamay, Triumph, Cotonella. She works in the Domenica Sportiva as a regular columnist in 2005. In 2007, immediately after completing her first pregnancy, she was also on the jury of Miss Italia in the edition conducted by Mike Buongiorno. After these experiences she moved away from the show and now closely follows the his “Divine Perfumes” perfume line distributed by Notino.

Alena Seredova and Alessandro Nasi

Alena Seredova is currently pregnant with Alessandro Nasi, manager and entrepreneur of Turin finance, member of the Agnelli family. The two have been happily together since 2015 and their relationship is booming. Alena has declared that their relationship is very balanced and that Alexander is the real man of her life. He defined him as a very patient man, who when he approached Alena, the woman was fragile and angry with men but he was able to manage the situation having the patience to make it flourish again.

According to what Alena herself declared to Silvia Toffanin, Alessandro Nasi was not aware of the gossip connected to her: “He helped me a lot with his way of being. It is totally atypical of what attracted me before. The fact that Alexander does not have never read a gossip magazine and had no idea who I was he helped me. At first he was very patient, he was close to me, consoling me. Today I’m back to love“.

Alena Seredova and Buffon

Alena Seredova is best known for being the wife of Gianluigi Buffon. Their love blossomed in 2005. They met at the party on the occasion of the 30 years of Bobo Vieri (companion of Costanza Caracciolo). Alena, at that moment engaged to Edoardo Costa, left her man to start a relationship with the Juventus goalkeeper. Alena Seredova and Buffon got married precisely on June 16, 2011, in Prague, when they were already parents of Louis Thomas born in 2007 and of David Lee, born in 2009. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only 3 years and after the end of the relationship the goalkeeper began a relationship with the journalist Ilaria D’Amico. The relationship with D’Amico, however, should have started even before the separation. La Seredova, by Caterina Balivo a “Come to me”, he declared: “I learned that Gigi was cheating on me on the radio. I was the next to last to know. After me my father found out“.


  • Alena Seredova, has been honorary president of the Carrarese
  • Her measures they are 94-61-92
  • He has a dog called Sprint
  • He is a lover of beer as he revealed to Come to me with Caterina Balivo
  • His supply she’s not a model at all: she likes to eat!
  • When he started his career on television with the program “I’ll be back on Saturday”, he spoke very little of the Italian language in fact his texts had been shortened for this reason
  • He thought that “creature” meant child, because he studied Italian while also looking at the work “la Tosca” where this word is used
  • With the first pregnancy took 25 kg, while with the second only 9 kg

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Article by Regina Fiamma Pisano

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