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Who is Alessandro Autera Temptation Island 2021: Age, Job, Girlfriend and Instagram

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Who is Alessandro Autera Temptation Island 2021: Age, Job, Girlfriend and Instagram

Alessandro Autera, of the couple Jessica and Alessandro from Temptation Island is a 34 year old boy originally from Milan, known to the public for being the ex boyfriend of Jessica Mascheroni, and being single out of the Temptation Island 2021 program. Alessandro is currently engaged to the single temptress of the reality show Carlotta Adacher and despite Carlotta’s statements on social media highlighted a crisis, the couple is still together.

Who is Alessandro Autera?

  • First name: Alessandro Autera
  • Nickname: Alexander of Temptation Island
  • Date of birth: 1987
  • Age: 34 years
  • Zodiac sign: unavailable
  • Profession: unavailable
  • Birth place: Milan
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: various all over the body, including an inscription on the neck “Fight”
  • Official Instagram profile: @ alessandrinoo_92
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @

Biography Alessandro Temptation Island

Alessandro Autera was born in Milan in 1987. There is not much news about Alessandro’s biography, very armored social profiles and little information available to the public. He has been engaged to Jessica Mascheroni for 7 years, also originally from Milan, and has been living with his girlfriend for 2 years. In the last period, accused by Jessica of having become monotonous and not very enterprising, he is convinced by her to participate in Temptation Island 2021.

Alessandro works in the family business. We don’t know exactly in which sector but he said he had no economic problems of any kind.

Carlotta Adacher

Alessandro Autera is engaged to the single Carlotta Adacher which he had approached during the program. The girl is a TV presenter and showgirl on a local television, and despite the two we had a crisis where they had declared that they had broken up in early August 2021, they later confirmed that they were reunited and are still together with the following photo:

alessandro autera and carlotta

Ex Girlfriend Jessica

Alessandro and Jessica have been engaged for 7 years. When they meet, Jessica immediately falls in love with Alessandro’s enterprising and adventurous character. After 5 years they decide to go to live together, precisely in Trezzano sul Naviglio (Lombardy). However, while living together, things begin to become “boring”, especially for Jessica, who complains about Alessandro’s passive attitude. The boy is, in fact, accused of having become passive, homely and boring. Hence, the decision to take part in the Channel 5 program. The couple quit at the end of the program.

Jessica and Alessandro Temptation Island 2021

After starting the cohabitation, Jessica Mascheroni of Temptation Island begins to complain of an intolerance towards the passive and not very enterprising attitude of her boyfriend Alessandro. The girl writes to the editorial staff of Temptation Island 2021, led by Filippo Bisciglia, putting his doubts to the authors. From the presentation video, in fact, Jessica complains about Alessandro’s attitude: cold, monotonous, excessively homely, devoted to the gym, to work and to cell phones. Jessica then decides to embark on the path of Temptation Island, to break the monotony of their relationship, and to stir a little ‘Alessandro, who declares himself “perfect” as it is. Who knows what this couple has in store for us at Temptation Island 2021. Jessica and Alessandro are a couple from Temptation Island.

  • In the first episode of Temptation Island 2021 Jessica sees Alessandro who makes personalized meals to keep in line with his pro gym diet, always very focused on himself between training and nutrition. Alessandro says he would never go dancing with his girlfriend and that they almost never go out. His girlfriend Jessica instead approaches the single Manuel. After the bonfire Jessica sees the other girls who speak ill of Alessandro and say that his girlfriend (Jessica is a saint) because she can stand him!
  • Alessandro, in the second episode of Temptation Island, coherently continues his path. In fact, he is still focused on the gym and physical activity, but worried by Jessica’s rapprochement with the single Manuel.
  • The previews of the third episode show us an Alexander in crisis who, after seeing a video in the pinnettu, expresses his need to go to the village of his girlfriends to clarify with Jessica. However, seeing Jessica would give him immediate disqualification.
  • In the third episode Alessandro begins carrying on his usual habits between the gym, nutrition and hair spray. At the bonfire Alessandro sees Jessica dancing and having fun with singles. Alessandro takes it as a spite and tells some details of their relationship. Jessica also says that she needs stimulation and spends time with the single Davide Basolo. The two seem rather complicit and close. Jessica confesses that she is confused and that she wanted to get close to Davide before but she didn’t. She also says that she and Alessandro have not had sex for months because she has a block. Alessandro was upset and already sees himself single. At the bonfire Alessandro sees Jessica talking to Davide and complains about him confirming instead the desire to spend time with Davide. Jessica adds that if they weren’t living together, they would have broken up by now despite the seven-year relationship. In the videos of the bonfire Alessandro also sees a very strong growing complicity, including physical, between his girlfriend Jessica and the single Davide.
  • The previews of the fourth episode show that something is also changing in Alessandro, who approaches the single Carlotta, finally arousing a reaction from his girlfriend Jessica.
  • In the fourth episode Alessandro approaches the single Carlotta. Physical contact and flirtation, the boy for the first time really shows interest, apparently reciprocated. After a day of massages and pampering Alessandro is visibly interested. At the bonfire, however, he sees images of Jessica that disturb him and interrupts the vision of the images.
  • According to the previews of the fifth episode, Alessandro will be tempted to ask for a bonfire for comparison, after having seen the images of his girlfriend exchanging cuddles in bed with the single Davide.
  • Alessandro, in the fifth episode, sees a video of Jessica and Davide getting closer and closer. He vents, saying that he is lucky to have met single Carlotta. In the second pinnettu Alessandro sees an outsider between Davide and Jessica, who are increasingly in tune. So much so that he comments that his girlfriend is a horrible person. The videos did not end there and Alessandro, in a rage, begins to regret the years he spent with Jessica. In the third video, which shows Jessica in bed with Davide, and the two continue to exchange affectionate gestures even the next morning. After these images Alessandro decides to ask for the comparison bonfire, where they fight and review Jessica’s videos and Alessandro’s last ones. After the disastrous bonfire, the two choose to leave the program separated. Alessandro then goes to the single Carlotta and decides to go out with her from the program while his now ex decides to go out with the single Davide.


Alessandro’s instagram profile, responds to the name of @ alessandrinoo_92, and unfortunately it is private. But we can also follow Alessandro on Fb: Alessandro Autera.

Jessica and Alessandro Temptation Island 2021


  • Alessandro has many tutuages, including: one on the side with the words “whatever happens tomorrow, we live today, never forget it” and one on the back that says “The Top”;
  • friends call him “Alessandrino” or “Sandrino”;
  • is an avid AC Milan fan.

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Alessandro’s video presentation

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