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Who is Alessandro Cavallo Amici 20: Biography, Age, Instagram Dancer

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Who is Alessandro Cavallo Amici 20: Biography, Age, Instagram Dancer

Alessandro Cavallo is a 21-year-old dancer from Brindisi, a finalist in the Amici 20 program. Alessandro boasts a very good basic technique and after the program he conquered several contracts And job opportunity.

Who is Alessandro Cavallo?

  • First name: Alessandro Cavallo
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Date of birth: 1999
  • Birth place: Latiano (Brindisi)
  • Profession: Dancer
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: The word “No pain” (no pain) at the height of the side
  • Official Instagram profile: alessandro_cavallo
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


Alessandro Cavallo was born in the province of Brindisi, precisely in Latiano, 21 years ago. He has an older brother to whom he is very attached, even if we have no particular information about his family we know that his mother is called Cosima and his father Antonio. Alessandro, who has always been passionate about dance, began studying from an early age in the prestigious Tersicore Academy of Brindisi directed by the teacher Antonella Di Lecce. The academy is known for training other successful dancers over the years. Later he attended the prestigious course of study at the Academy of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Here Alessandro manages to refine the very strong classical base that distinguishes him and to enhance the contemporary dance technique. As he himself stated:

The best memory for sure, that memory that I will never be able to forget, was the first time I danced the prince of Cinderella on the stage of the Teatro alla Scala.

After his diploma at La Scala however Alessandro has to face a very bad injury that forces him to abandon dance for some time. This injury taught him to suffer, fall and get up and listen to his body. As Alessandro stated in fact:

We must listen to ourselves every day because we are not machines and every day our body cannot give us 100%.

Alessandro Cavallo in June 2021 he is facing a hard mourning: in fact, his sister-in-law, his brother’s wife, passes away due to an incurable disease at the age of 36. Alessandro has always told how the sister-in-law had pushed and supported him in his participation in Amici.


Alessandro Cavallo, dancer currently of the school of Friends 20, distinguished himself for having had a varied training path that led him in 2015 to be selected for a two-month internship at the Bordeaux Opera and the following year to win a scholarship for theIB internship in Barcelona. Some of Alessandro’s photos that we can currently admire on Instagram come from Barcelona: in fact, the city has remained in his heart.

In the same year, 2016 he plays the prince of Cinderella at the Teatro La Scala in Milan and on tour for several Italian theaters. After the injury he returned to the falcon in 2019 as part of the staff of the Southern Ballet directed by Fredy Franzutti. In January 2021 he officially enters the Amici school as a competitor, conquering the bank through a challenge.

Immediately after the experience of Amici Alessandro is offered a contract from 1 June with the “Balletto di Roma” to start a tour and work with dance. After the end of friends he is a guest of Verissimo the program with Silvia Toffanin.

Friends 20

Alessandro Cavallo is a student dancer of the school of friends. In the episode aired on January 9, he conquered the bench through a challenge, managing to beat the dancer Riccardo Guarnaccia who must immediately leave school. The challenge was judged by the professors, Alessandro being led by the editorial staff and not by a particular professor. Alessandra Celentano, Veronica Peparini and Lorella Cuccarini then expressed their opinion by making Alessandro win who stood out above all for his technical completeness and his expressiveness.

Alessandro is with Tommaso a pupil of Celentano: certainly Alessandro is the classical dancer who comes closest to the taste of the teacher, while showing a considerable talent for other styles of dance. In fact, his modern and contemporary two steps with Martina and other dancers of the school are much appreciated.

Alessandro in the school approaches from Enula: the boy seems very taken by her, while the singer is more hesitant and reiterates that she wants to be alone while recognizing their feeling. Over the weeks there have been a few kisses between the two even if we can’t talk about a real relationship.

Alexander wins the golden jersey of the evening of Amici 20, becoming one of the dancers who are part of the prime time program on Saturdays from March 20, 2021. He is part of the team Cuccarini – Arisa together with the dancers Rosa and Martina.

  • In the second episode of the Evening Alessandro is a risk elimination with Ibla and Martina: he is saved by the judges Stash, Emanuele Filiberto, Stefano De Martino and can continue his journey inside the school.
  • In the third episode of the evening Alessandro wins the first challenge against Enula. He later confronts Samuele in a gauntlet in a test that highlights versatility and charisma. Alessandro loses this challenge but in any case he remains in the school without risking the ballot.
  • In the fourth episode Alessandro dances the first two-step challenge with Martina challenging Enula and manages to win. In the second challenge he performs on a Medley of Saturday Night Fever against Serena. Alessandro wins the challenge.
  • In the fifth episode Alessandro dances several performances: first against Serena and wins, then against Sangiovanni and here too he manages to bring home the point. Alessandro receives many compliments and manages to be one of the major protagonists of the episode.
  • In the sixth episode Alessandro challenges Serena in the first heat. Modern dance, played on the intensity of interpretation. Alessandro wins the first challenge. In the third heat he dances against Sangiovanni and also on this occasion he takes home the point with a high level performance. In the third heat again in challenge against Deddy: Alessandro Cavallo dances while Arisa sings his last piece live, entitled Nettle. Wins the point.
  • In the seventh episode Alessandro faces a versatility test against Giulia in the first heat. facing three different styles consecutively. The point goes to Giulia, and Alessandro loses the confrontation. Also in the first heat he also faces Samuele in an improvisation test: by reworking a scene where a boy is bullied he manages to excite the audience and the teacher Cuccarini but loses the challenge. He goes to the ballot for the final elimination but is saved and Samuele exits.
  • In the’eighth episode Alessandro in the first challenge finds himself against Serena dancing Somebody Love. The first point goes to Alessandro, who at this point only needs one more point to go to the final. In the second challenge he has to face Giulia, but she loses the confrontation. It is then the turn of the challenge with Serena, but also in this case she loses the point. Therefore, since all the dancers are tied for 1 point, Cuccarini (Alesssandro’s teacher) decides a decisive challenge between Giulia and Alessandro, and the definitive point goes to Giulia who goes directly to the final evening despite Alessandro having made three challenges. The possible admission of Alessandro to the final is at the discretion of the judges who must decide the 4th and 5th finalist. Karl Sydov offers Alessandro a scholarship to work with him in Brodway – Milan, a project that wants to relaunch live shows. Alessandro is selected as one of the finalists who compete in the next final episode of Amici 20.
  • In the ninth episode that of the final Alessandro faces in an open challenge all the other dancers or Giulia: dance Requiem for a Dream, a Taranta and then The cure. Alessandro confirms the excellent performances and skill, but is unable to access the grand final he sees instead Giulia against Sangiovanni. However, he concludes his experience in the school bringing home a contract with the Balletto di Roma and a scholarship to study and work on Broadway.

alessandro dancer friends

After the end of the school Alessandro remained in very close relations especially with the singer Aka7even.

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Alessandro Cavallo he counts about 10 thousand followers on his Instagram profile. The boy, who boasts extensive experience in dance academies including that at the Teatro la Scala, has a profile full of photos that portray him while he carries out his passion: dancing. Very few other types of photos, of daily life or moments of break from training and shows.

Alessandro Amici 20 Isntagram


  • Alessandro accepts the criticism, and has declared that he tries to make it a reason to improve himself
  • His dream is to one day dance the role of ‘Des Grieux’ in ‘Manon’
  • His mom is called Imma


On Youtube you can find this short film made by Alessandro Cavallo himself, where he stages a choreography.

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