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Who is Alessandro Siani? Bio, Age, Wife and Children and Conductor Striscia La Notizia

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Who is Alessandro Siani?  Bio, Age, Wife and Children and Conductor Striscia La Notizia

Alessandro Siani, to the Alessandro Esposito registry office, is a well-known 46-year-old Italian actor, director, comedian and screenwriter born in Naples. Film producer and writer, Alessandro Siani owes his success to films such as welcome to the South (2010) and The Pabusive prince (2013) directed and performed by himself.

Cabaret artist and comedian much loved by the public, Alessandro has been conducting with Vanessa Incontrada Strip the News. The new couple replaces Jerry Scotti and Michelle Hunziker.

Who is it Alessandro Siani?

  • Alessandro Esposito
  • Stage name: Alessandro Siani
  • Zodiac sign: Virgin
  • Age: 46 years old
  • Date of birth: September 17, 1975
  • Birth place: Naples
  • Profession: actor, director, screenwriter, comedian, comedian, stand-up comedian, film producer and writer
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 70 Kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @alessandrosianiofficial
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Biography of Alessandro Siani

Alessandro Siani, was born as Alessandro Esposito, on September 17, 1975 in Naples. Raised in the Campania capital, Alessandro began his cabaret career at a very young age, in the Tunnel Cabaret (a local in Naples). He was barely 20 years old when he won the Charlot Prize as the best stand-up comedian of the year (1995). Imposed, especially al theater as a stand-up comedian and comedian, since 1998 we see it frequently present in television, where it reaches and is loved by the general public. Active, with great results, especially in the cinema, he is known for the successes of welcome to the South (2010), The abusive prince (2013, of which he is screenwriter, director and interpreter) e The best day in the world (2019). Screenwriter and also writer, Alessandro Siani has published 5 books between 2010 and 2019. Married since 2008, he lives with his wife and two children in Fuorigrotta in Naples. Alessandro Siani in September 2021 is the new conductor of Striscia la Notizia with Vanessa Incontrada, the new showgirls instead are Giulia Pelagatti And Talisa Jade Ravagnani. The biker envoy Vittorio Brumotti returns with them.

The Career of Alessandro Siani

Alessandro Siani has been active in the artistic field since the nineties. His career ranges in various fields, in fact, Alessandro is: attore, director, screenwriter, stand-up comedian, comedian, humorist, film producer and writer.

Alessandro Siani Cabaret player

Already as a teenager Alessandro performed as a cabaret artist in the historic local of Naples, Tunnel Cabaret. In 1995, at the age of 20, he won the Charlot Prize as the best comedian of the year, to which are added the Franca Villa prize and the Ascea Ridens prize. Milita between television and theater, and right here in 2004 it met with great success thanks to the show Fiesta, which is also produced and sold on DVD. His great cabaret activity takes place above all in the theater. To mention his best known shows:

  • Fiesta (2004);
  • All good (2005);
  • Keep me in mind (2007);
  • For everyone (2008);
  • More than before (2009-2011);
  • I’m in the area (2011-2013);
  • The abusive prince (2015), flanked by Christian De Sica;
  • Happiness tour (2019).

Alessandro Siani Television career

Alessandro Siani made his debut on television, again as a stand-up comedian, during the 1998/1999 season, when he participated in the broadcast Telegaribaldi. On this occasion Alessandro is part of the trio A Head down (together with Peppe Laurato and Francesco Albanese). We then see it in:

  • Pirates (2002), conducted by Biagio Izzo;
  • Maradona Show (2002), which he leads together with Alan De Luca;
  • Bulldozer (2003, Rai 2), hosted by Federica Panicucci.

Thanks to this last program, Alessandro immediately obtained the approval of the general public, and a notoriety that led him to appear consequently in many broadcasts, such as:

  • Sunday in, conducted by Mara Venier;
  • Look at the moon (2004);
  • Sanremo Young (2005), as conductor;
  • Free (2006), as conductor;
  • Those who … football (2006), sent by the San Paolo Stadium, led by Simona Ventura at the time;
  • Tribbù (2007), as conductor;
  • Colorado Café (2009), conducted by Beppe Braida and Rossella Brescia;
  • Made in South (2009), conducted by Gigi and Ross;
  • The abusive prince at the theater (2017);
  • Happiness tonight (2019), creator and conductor.
  • Strip the news (2021), conductor

Alessandro Siani at the Cinema

He has now become known as a comedian and stand-up comedian, Alessandro Siani, made his debut as an actor in the cinema in 2006, with the film I leave you because I love you too much, which, in addition to increasing his fame, won him the award for best actor at the Giffoni Film Festival. Imposing himself also in the cinema, we see Alessandro in:

  • Christmas in New York (2006), with Christian De Sica, Massimo Ghini, Sabrina Ferilli, Elisabetta Canalis and Paolo Ruffini;
  • Christmas on a cruise (2006), with Michelle Hunziker, Alessia Mancini and Nancy Brilli;
  • The second time is never forgotten (2008);
  • welcome to the South (2010), with Claudio Bisio and Naike Rivelli;
  • Worst week of my life (2011), with Cristiana Capotondi, Arisa and Fabio De Luigi;
  • Welcome to the North (2012), continuation of welcome to the South, with Emma Marrone.

Having achieved considerable fame and notoriety, Alessandro decides to devote himself to directing as well.

Alessandro Siani Director and screenwriter

The latest great cinema successes of Alessandro Siani, see the artist committed to directing and writing the screenplay of his projects, The titles of the films that see Siani engaged in directing, screenwriting and acting are well known:

  • The abusive prince (2013), with Serena Autieri;
  • Miracles are accepted (2015);
  • Mister Happiness (2017);
  • The best day in the world (2019);
  • Who framed Santa Claus? (2021), still in production, it is rumored that Diletta Leotta will be in the cast.

He also wrote the screenplay for the two films by Francesco Ranieri Martinotti: I leave you because I love you too much And The second time is never forgotten.

Alessandro Siani Writer

Having also tried his hand at writing, Siani has not only written numerous scripts but has also published 5 books, between 2010 and 2019.

  • A Neapolitan like me … and what do I tell you! (2010);
  • It would not seem that you are Neapolitan (2013);
  • Italy abusive. Comic trip to a differently authorized country (2013);
  • Too Neapolitan (2015);
  • Napolitude. Dialogues on life, happiness and mania ‘è turnà (2019).


Loved by the public, Alessandro Siani on instagram, does not have a real personal account, but I am one authorized fan page with 240 thousand followers. In fact, in the profile we often see his projects or photos with colleagues and artists with whom he collaborates, but no photos concerning his private sphere, of which he is very jealous.

Alessandro Siani Insta

Wife and Children

Very reserved about his private life, Alessandro Siani is known to be married since 2008, with his historical girlfriend. You do not know the name of the wife, but we know that together the couple lives in Fuorigrotta, a district of Naples, together with their two children.


  • The surname “Siani” was chosen by the artist in honor of the journalist Gianfranco Siani, a journalist murdered by the Camorra in 1985;
  • in 2014 he won the Flaiano Prize;
  • in the past he dubbed the cartoon in Neapolitan Jeeg robot of steel, broadcast on Telenapoli 34;
  • was a guest at Sanremo Festival twice, in 2012 in the edition conducted by Gianni Morandi, Rocco Papaleo, Elisabetta Canalis and Belén Rodriguez, and in 2015 in the edition conducted by Carlo Conti;
  • was a guest ad Friends by Maria De Filippi, in 2012;
  • wrote the successful song together with rapper Clementino Cos Cos Cos of 2015.


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