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Who is Alessia Marcuzzi: Biography, Age, Height, Husband and Children

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Who is Alessia Marcuzzi: Biography, Age, Height, Husband and Children

Alessia Marcuzzi it’s a note Italian presenter, actress and showgirl. Having become famous as a model, she made her debut as a valletta and is currently the host of many successful programs. In the past we have also seen her as an actress in films and television series as excellent performances.

Who is Alessia Marcuzzi?

  • First name: Alessia Marcuzzi
  • Age: 47 years
  • Date of birth: November 11, 1972
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Profession: Presenter, actress, showgirl and former model and valet
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Tattoos: He has no visible tattoos on his body
  • Official Instagram profile: @alessiamarcuzzi
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Alessia Marcuzzi, Roman, theNovember 11, 1972. The parents, Eugenio and Antonietta, live in Rome and Alessia obtained the linguistic high school diploma. After high school he decides to attend the “Mario Riva” school of diction and acting. She made her debut on the television station at a very young age Telemontecarlo as valletta of a football program and in 1994 he joined Rai as a correspondent for a quiz program conducted by Gigi Sabani. Also in those years she made her debut as an actress and only later moved to work for the competitor Mediaset. It leads on Italy 1 different editions of the Festivalbar music show starting from 1996. He then decides to pose for risqué calendars published by Max magazine in 1998 and then in 2000 repeats the experience of being photographed naked for Panorama magazine. In that period the famous story begins with the player Simone Inzaghi, however, which lasted a few years. His first son, Tommaso, was born from this relationship. Alessia has another relationship with a footballer, former Chelsea goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini, which lasts for 5 years. Among the important relationships of the well-known presenter are those with the actor of “A doctor in the family”Pietro Sermonti and with Francesco Facchinetti, with whom he had the second daughter, Mia.

Currently the presenter lives a beautiful love story with Paolo Calabresi Marconi, who became her husband in December 2014. The gossip talks about a couple crisis not yet confirmed.


Alessia Marcuzzi is very active and followed on social networks where she counts more than 5 million followers!

Alessia Marcuzzi and my daughter

Husband and Children

Alessia Marcuzzi got married in 2014 with Paolo Calabresi Marconi, entrepreneur and producer in the world of television, with a private ceremony in Great Britain. For Marcuzzi this is a very important story, which she herself defined “the love of maturity” precisely because of the different approach she had in this relationship and more awareness compared to his previous reports. The two have no children, however Alessia had a son, Tommaso, and a daughter, Mia. Tommaso is now eighteen, while My Facchinetti she has a striking resemblance to her mother, so much so that she is nicknamed on social media “Alessia in miniature”. Fortunately, relations with both fathers are excellent for his children, so much so that portraits of allergic families are often seen on social media, even during the holidays. Excellent relationship with Simone Inzaghi, so much so that Alessia was even his best man in 2018.

Work and Career

Alessia MArcuzzi after just 30 years of career, has already led 45 TV programs, among the most famous we remember the reality shows Big Brother (competitors who have made the history of the GF) which saw its management from 2006 to 2015, as well as The Island Of The Famous starting from 2015, or since the program was transferred to Mediaset networks (the clashes with Eva Henger and, in the latest edition, those with Taylor Mega remained famous). Leads The island of the famous until 2019, the year in which Alba Parietti is the columnist. Another successful showgirl program is satirical news entertainment and inquiry “Hyenas”.

Of the acting career for the big screen, however, we remember “All the moron’s men”In 1999, which was also the last film that saw her act. For TV, he starred in the series “Carabinieri “and in the sitcom” Cosi Fan Tutti “, which aired until 2012, which was her last stint as an actress. Alessia was also the testimonial of several commercials, the last one was the one for The Fork application. He has also received several career awards, such as two telegatti. The latest program that has been entrusted to her is the Vip version of Temptation Island 2019, by Maria De Filippi. 2020 will also be a year full of commitments for the presenter, despite having decided not to continue the guide of the well-known reality show “L’Isola dei Famosi”, (whose correspondent from the Island is Alvin) after 5 years of running, perhaps for the too many controversies of the last edition. In fact, Alessia has returned to lead “Le iene” and does not lead Temptation Island for 2021.

Farewell to Mediaset

Alessia Marcuzzi after a long career in Mediaset has decided to leave the company on 30 June 2021 to take a period of reflection in his work. In fact, there would have been some misunderstandings with the company with which Alessia has always worked and decided to inform her fans of the news with a post on Instagram:

alessia marcuzzi mediaset

Temptation Island

Alessia Marcuzzi was host of Temptation Island Vip 2019, the reality show of Maria De Filippi broadcast on Canale 5. In fact, the showgirl replaces the helm of her own transmission Simona Ventura after his passage in Rai. Alessia before starting the 2019 season had declared: “It is in the separation that we understand the strength with which we love, a new journey into feelings begins, a new Temptation Isand Vip and I can’t wait ”.

The success of the 2019 edition of the docu-reality gives Marcuzzi fans hope and there is already talk of a possible return to the conduct of Temptation Island Vip 2020, We will keep you posted…



  • Hair: Alessia has always appeared blonde to the general public, but it seems her true color is Red
  • She voiced the character “Neera” from the Disney movie “Dinosaurs”
  • Nickname: “the Pinella “ which derives from her passion for the game of burraco
  • Friendship: Elena Santarelli, a well-known showgirl, is one of her greatest friends
  • Nicknames:”Lady Oscar“It was given to her as a child, as she was a tomboy, although with adolescence the more feminine side came out
  • Social: much loved by fans, it has almost 5 million followers on Instagram where it is very active

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