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Who is Alessio Gaudino Special Friends: Biography, Age and Curiosity Dancer

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Who is Alessio Gaudino Special Friends: Biography, Age and Curiosity Dancer

Alessio Gaudino said Ale is a Italian dancer, famous to the Mediaset public for having participated in Friends 15 as a competitor and thereafter as a professional for Amici 19 and Amici Celebrities. Alessio Gaudino is a competitor of the four episodes of the program on air from 15 May 2020: “Special Friends“.

Who is Alessio Gaudino?

  • First name: Alessio Gaudino
  • Date of birth: June 12, 1993
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Age: 27 years old
  • Birth place: Desenzano del Garda (province of Brescia)
  • Profession: Dancer
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Height: 175 cm approximately
  • Tattoos: Alessio has many tattoos on his body, for example a Maori on his hand, the inscription “serenity”, a symbol on his neck and his arm is completely tattooed.
  • Official Instagram profile: @alessio_gaudino
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Alessio Gaudino was born in Desenzano del Garda, in the province of Brescia, on 12 June 1993 under the sign of the twins. Alessio is very attached to his family, his father Ciro and his brother Marco who made him Christian’s uncle. Regarding his studies, Ale enrolls in theITCG Bazoli, an educational institution in his city. Alessio’s passion, however, is music, and more generally dance: he begins to take his first steps in dance at the age of 15, participating in somehip hop courses. Later he specializes in free style, electro boogaloo and popping. Gaudino, however, loves to experiment and try other styles of dance to expand his knowledge and improve himself, so he also begins to study classical dance, modern and contemporary dance.

Alessio Dancer Special Friends

Alessio Gaudino participates in Amici Speciali on air for four weeks from May 15, 2020 under the artistic direction of Giuliano Peparini: this is the version of Amici dedicated to some former competitors of the talent and characters already known in general. During his experience in the “standard” version of the program, Gaudino lost the cup in the dance category by a whisker, against another future competitor of Amici Speciali, Gabriele Esposito. Will he be able to win this time, and beat the other competitors in the program? The complete cast of the program features: Giordana Angi, Alberto Urso, Irama, The Kolors, Gaia Gozzi, Michele Bravi, Alessio Gaudino, Gabriele Esposito, Andreas Muller, Umberto Gaudino, Javier Rojas and Random.

  • In the first episode of the Amici Speciali program, broadcast on May 15, Alessio Gaudino was the champion of the first episode. Alessio, who is part of the white team, he beat Stash and Michele Bravi. The entire proceeds from televoting were donated to civil protection to deal with the Covid-19 emergency.
  • In the second episode of 22 May Alessio will be able to be the champion again? What choreographies will be presented this time? All that remains is to wait to see the performances that the dancer Alessio di Amici will give us in this episode.

Alessio Gaudino Instagram

Work and Career

Alessio Gaudino he is currently an established dancer. Since he started dancing he has never stopped, collecting experiences in international stages. In 2011, Ale participates in the second edition of Italia’s got talent, going straight to the semifinals. But it is his participation in the fifteenth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi that makes him known and appreciated by the large television audience. Alessio is proposed by the teacher Veronica Peparini who introduces him during the afternoon, where he performs on the notes of “Formidable”. Thanks to his talent and his expressiveness, Alessio, later called Ale to distinguish him from Alessio La Padula (another talent dancer), first wins a desk in the school then a place in the evening. The coaches Nek And J-Ax they choose him for the blue team. In the semifinal of the talent, Ale loses against Gabriele Esposito of the white team but wins the Fonzies scholarship.

After his experience as a competitor, Ale becomes a professional dancer and begins to collaborate with Giuliano Peparini, thanks to whom he can take part in various tours of famous people, such as that of Alessandra Amoroso and theatrical performances such as “Romeo and Juliet love and change the world”. After joining the tour of Claudio Baglioni, Ale also accompanies him on important stages such as that of the Ariston on the occasion of the Sanremo festival in 2019. Also in 2019 he returns in prime time as a professional of Amici, this time in the “Celebrities“.

Friends 15

Alessio Gaudino was a competitor of the edition 2015 – 2016 by Amici by Maria De Filippi, conquering audiences and critics with a choreography on the notes of Formidable. Alessio has always stood out for one high expressive capacity, which had always impressed the judges and Morgan at the time. The dancer was eliminated in the semifinals in the evening, but still won an important award: the Fonzies scholarship (who was the sponsor of that edition) which allowed him to study having paid the expenses. Particularly touching to Amici 15 was one of his interpretation of a choreography inspired by the art of Caravaggio, which you can see in the video at the end of the article. After the end of his experience as a student in Amici 15, Alessio Gaudino became one of the professional dancers of the program both in subsequent editions, including the last of Amici 19, and for Amici Celebrities.


Alessio Gaudino he is very reserved about his sentimental sphere. During his experience at Amici, the dancer was engaged and in love with his Corinne, but the two to date they seem to have broken up. Ale on his Facebook profile appears single and there are no traces of past relationships.


  • In people can’t stand arrogance, pride and disrespect.
  • Entering friends he stated that his goal was to be able to live off his passion, and that his desire was to become a choreographer for television programs or concerts by great artists. He’s certainly doing it great!
  • To cheer for Ale, during his experience at Amici Speciali, will also be Massimiliano Varrese, a former competitor of Amici Celebrities.
  • Has a medium-sized dog brown color that often appears on his Instagram photos.
  • On his Instagram profile he has just under 200 thousand followers.

Video by Alessio Gaudino

Article by Gerardo Attanasio

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