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Who is Andrea Cerioli? Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Island and Men and Women

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Who is Andrea Cerioli?  Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Island and Men and Women

Andrea Cerioli is a television personality 31 years old originally from Bologna, he became famous thanks to his participation in Men and women (twice), al Big Brother 13 and to the Island of the Famous 2021. Andrea Cerioli’s girlfriend is Arianna Cirrincione, chosen by the boy on the throne of Men and Women.

Who is Andrea Cerioli?

  • First name: Andrea Cerioli
  • Date of birth: May 22, 1989
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Birth place: San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna)
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Profession: Model and tennis coach
  • Height: 1.83 m
  • Weight: 74 kg
  • Tattoos: Andrea has many tattoos: a Japanese symbol on his arm and a tribal on his shoulder. Other tattoos are on the left hand and shoulder, as well as other tattoos on the right ankle. Among those with a particular meaning, there are: a compass rose for his ex Valentina And the mother’s face combined with the face of a tiger to symbolize the fighting character of the mother figure.
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Andrea Cerioli was born in the province of Bologna, in a small village, on May 22, 1989. He spent a very happy childhood with his parents and his sister Giada and that helped her grow bond for his family. Before embarking on a career in the spotlight, Andrea becomes a sales agent. In 2014 he officially entered the Big Brother house, but in the same year Andrea he loses his mother to which he was very attached. For this he will decide to tattoo his face, together with the face of a tiger to remember the mother as a strong and combative woman. This loss will make Andrea feel the need to find a partner for life, which is why mitovo decides to participate as a tronista in Men and women. His indecision, however, will lead him to finish the program without making a choice. It will be only after a few months that he will decide to go out with a former suitors of the program, Valentina Rapisarda, with whom he will have a relationship of two years. After this story, he will bond for a while to Zoe Cristofoli fashion influencer and model.

Will return to Men and Women in 2018 as a tronista. However, Stavulty will be more decisive and, leaving behind the insecurities of the first experience, will choose earlier than expected (in January 2019) Arianna Cirrincione. He will be replaced by Andrea Zelletta.

Andrea Cerioli Instagram

Andrea Cerioli has over 1.5 million followers on his Instagram profile, accumulated over the years thanks to numerous participations in television programs. Andrea shares some fashion photos and various moments of daily life with his girlfriend Arianna Cirrincione.

andrea cerioli and his girlfriend arianna cirrincione

Work and career

Andrea Cerioli he has always worked hard to find his independence. In fact he has done various jobs including the bartender, the lifeguard and finally after graduation, thecommercial agent. One of his dreams is be independent, open your own business and dedicate yourself to photography. Despite these very concrete dreams, the young Andrea Cerioli, however, has another dream: that of the show. In fact, he participates for the first time in Men and Women as a suitor of Ramona Amodeo. His experience in the dating show does not last long, in fact he is immediately eliminated by the tronista. The competitors who, thanks to this edition, have found again in the house of Big Brother 14 in the company of Giovanni Masiero and Francesca Rocco true love. He decides to try again with Men and Women, this time as a tronista alongside Jonàs Berami. His indecisive nature and the recent loss of his mother unfortunately made this experience fruitless, so Andrea ended this edition as a single. Return to Temptation Island Vip in 2018 as the tempter. We will see him again at the end of 2018 back on the most famous throne of TV, or a Men and women. This time, however, he will end his experience positively by choosing the suitor Arianna Cirrincione, his current girlfriend.

Arianna’s girlfriend

In a recent interview Andrea spoke freely about the relationship with Arianna. On the marriage he has declared: “Surely marriage crowns a strong and important feeling. We are not thinking about it yet, but in the future it will certainly be one of the many things we would like do.”

As for the sons instead it seems that between Andrea and Arianna there are clear ideas: “Here you are, let’s say that among us the discourse of children occurs more frequently than the discourse of marriage. A child for us represents something wonderful …“.

Where does she live?

Andrea Cerioli lives in Bologna with his girlfriend Arianna Cirrincione. The couple has a house on the top floor with a beautiful terrace where Andrea loves to grill with friends: he is in fact a great barbecue expert! Andrea is minimalist and essential, on her bedside table she only keeps some handkerchiefs and loves to fall asleep while watching TV with her cat.

Island Of The Famous 2021

Andrea Cerioli is one of the competitors officers of the Island of the Famous 2021: Enter the third or fourth installment and join the other castaways in a fight for survival in the fourth installment after going through quarantine in a hotel. A great opportunity for Andrea Cerioli who hasn’t appeared on TV since he was a tronista.

Andrea is a sportsman and we are sure that it can be an added value for all the competitors of the island thanks to its practical sense and its strength. It is likely that he will be included in the Rafinados team, which was decimated after yet another lost reward test that led them to give up the competitor Brando Giorgi passed to the other team. In the first week of stay Andrea encounters the first difficulties: first of all he who has always been a smoker found himself without cigarettes and this clearly caused him mental and physical stress. In addition, the extreme life situations and a reward test that Andrea did not win as he hoped led him to go into a crisis of tears. Even the lack of Arianna is felt, Meanwhile, the girl sends him her support from home via social media. Andrea during the live broadcast on April 19th he is moved thinking of his mother who cannot see the man he has become: ready the intervention of Iva Zanicchi who reassures him and of his sister Giada who sends him words of love and support.

After the episode of May 14 Andrea is in nomination with Ignazio Moser and Roberto Ciufoli. Andrea is saved, and continues his journey by highlighting more and more his character who does not like to compromise. Andrea always says things to his face and despite some of his companions complain and vote him for being always hungry and complaining about this, Andrea is establishing himself as one of the most representative characters of this edition of the reality show. Adnrea Cerioli is one of the finalists for the episode of June 7, where he contends for the final victory with Valentina Persia, Awed, Beatrice Marchetti, Ignazio Moser and Matteo Diamante. Andrea during the final of the program on June 8 receives a visit from his girlfriend Arianna: giving life to a meeting after two very exciting months. At televoting Andrea Cerioli ranks third in the final standings.

All Shipwrecked Competitors

The official competitors of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 are:

Andrea Cerioli at Men and Women 2015

Andrea Cerioli appears for the first time at Men and Women 2014 – 2015. However, his was not an easy experience, in fact he characterized this edition by showing his very difficult, often grumpy and in any case indecisive character. At the end of the season he stays with two girls: Sharon Bergonzi and Valentina Rapisarda. In the end, he will not go out with either of them, ending the single edition, despite the public hoping for the birth of a love affair with Sharon, one of the most loved characters. Bergonzi’s success is due to the fact that during the show she becomes friends with Rama Lila Giustini, Jonas Berami’s suitor.

Despite the predictions, Andrea Cerioli leaves the program determined to find love elsewhere. She will still be his former suitor Valentina Rapisarda to hit his heart a few months later and away from the cameras. In fact, the two will present themselves together as guests of the dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi. Their relationship will lead to a coexistence, unfortunately ended in a way that seems not very serene.

Andrea Cerioli and Temptation Island Vip 2018

Andrea Cerioli is back on TV as a tempter in the program hosted by Simona Ventura, Temptation Island Vip. Andrea was tempting Alessandra Sgolastra with which he immediately established a relationship of deep understanding. Sgolastra showed up at the show as a couple with her boyfriend Andrea Zenga (son of the famous Italian footballer Walter Zenga). Alessandra and Andrea, however, did not let themselves be tempted by pitfalls of the program and above all by the presence of Cerioli and they finished the program together and decided to work on their relationship.

Andrea Cerioli at Men and Women 2018

In 2018 Andrea Cerioli returns to what was for him the program that launched him in the world of TV, namely a Men and Women 2018 2019 edition. Forget the moments of insecurity and abandoned the grumpy and somewhat controversial character, distant above all for the pain experienced due to the loss of the mother, Andrea will tackle the program with a different spirit and above all with much more decision. Immediately declares to want a mate and possibly a child. This edition, which he will do with the other tronista Ivan Gonzalez, will end with an anticipated and unexpected choice. Left with two suitors: Arianna Cirrincione and Federica Spano, he will prefer Arianna at the beginning of 2019, concluding his experience in a positive way.


  • Andrea Cerioli is terrified of pigeons
  • Andrea and Arianna at home they have two big cats named Marlon and Brenda
  • Andrea has a huge passion for Cacti: they have one at home!
  • Andrea Cerioli loves playing on the Playstation
  • Andrea after the experience on the Island of the famous remained in contact with Ignazio Moser: Andrea declared that he had found a friend and publicly thanked him because he knows that it is not easy to be close to him

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