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Who is Andrea Damante: Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Former Giulia De Lellis

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Who is Andrea Damante: Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Former Giulia De Lellis

Andrea Damante it’s a deejay, model, influencer born in 1990 in Gela, became famous when he was a tronista of Men and women, program in which he chose the influencer Giulia De Lellis with whom he had a long love affair. Andrea Damante also participated in the Big Brother Vip and currently his Instagram account has over two million followers. He’s engaged with actress Elisa Visari.

Who is Andrea Damante?

  • First name: Andrea Damante
  • Profession: Model and Deejay
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Date of birth: March 9, 1990
  • Zodiac sign: Fish
  • Birth place: Gela
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 81 kg
  • Tattoos: a phoenix on the left arm, the date of Giulia’s choice of Men and Women on the calf, a black line on the right forearm and the symbols of femininity and male virility
  • Official Instagram Profile: @andreadamante
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Andrea Damante was born in Gela on June 3, 1990 he spends most of his life in the city of Verona. In 1993 his parents separated and even though Andrea was only 3 years old, this determines an indelible mark in his life. After graduating, he enrolled at the University of Economics, also encouraged by his father who would like Andrea to follow in his footsteps in the family business. But Damante leaves the university to devote himself to music, his only passion. At the age of 19 he goes to live alone.

Damante participated in Temptation Island, where he met Giorgia Lucini – then paired with Manfredi Ferlicchia -. The two share a year of their life together but Andrea leaves her when he realizes he doesn’t really love her. The experience of Men and Women where she meets true love: Giulia De Lellis. The two in recent years have broken up and taken over several times but currently – even if neither of them has yet formalized the return of the flame – it would seem that they live together.

Work and Career

Andrea Damante is the son of a manager of the family business. His father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and go to work in the company, which, however, never interested the handsome tronista. His love for music led him, at a very young age, to start a career as a deejay. An important turning point came with participation Temptation Island in 2014, where he meets Giorgia Lucini with which he will establish a relationship lasting about a year.

Andrea Damante, after the end of the relationship with Giorgia Lucini in 2015, becomes one of the most loved tronists of Men and Women. Together with him in the red chair are Lucas Peracchi and Oscar Branzani. Here he is romantically linked to his beloved Giulia de Lellis. The following year Damante becomes one of the competitors of the Big Brother Vip. After the end of the television experience, he publishes his first single “Follow my pamp“And the following year opens the”Damante shop”Stop online of clothing and accessories. Among his friends there is also Mattia Mustica, a young Roman DJ producer currently the protagonist of Riccanza Deluxe.

In summer 2020 Andrea Damante releases the single “Somebody To Love” (feat KIFI). In exatate 2021 (precisely on June 25) the video of the new single with the title is released Understatement Pt.1 sung by Brigetta Truitt which sees protagonists Blond (the former singer of Amici) e Giorgia Malerba (famous influencer) in the role of a couple put in crisis by the arrival of a third person.

In the summer of 2021 Andrea Damante is among the protagonists of the Mediaset summer broadcast conducted by Elisabetta Gregoraci, in the first episode of Live beats. Together with him perform Baby K, Colapesce Dimartino, Fedez, Orietta Berti, Annalisa, Francesca Michielin, Noemi, Deddy, Coma Cose, Federico Rossi, Irama.

Andrea Damante Instagram

Andrea Damante known as DAMA on Instagram has a really important number of followers: 2.4 million followers who are constantly updated through posts and stories.

Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis

Below is the story of the love between Andrea Damante and GIulia de Lellis, which lasted from 2015 to 2020.

Andrea and Giulia: getting to know Men and Women

Andrea Damante was tronista of Men and Women of the 2015/2016 edition, here he meets the suitor Giulia De Lellis and their feeling is clear from the first moment. After the moving choice, the two go live together in Verona. They both start making plans for the future but yes leave in April 2018, due to Andrea’s alleged betrayals towards Giulia, which took place just when the girl was one of Big Brother’s competitors. Giulia de Lellis returned to the theme by writing the book “The horns look good on everything. But I was better off without ”.

Betrayal and rapprochement

The two then reunited in the spring of 2019, but it did not last long since the beautiful former suitor then became engaged to Andrea Iannone. In September of the same year, the aforementioned book by De Lellis comes out, in which she confesses the betrayals of her ex-boyfriend. During the separation between De Lellis and Damante, the young DJ would have had various relationships.The names attributed to him are: Sara Croce, Barbara Fumagalli, Giorgia Caldarulo, Aurora Frattari. In autumn 2019, the beautiful lady is accompanied by Viviana Vizzini, to then move on to winter in Claudia Coppola. But everything changed in spring 2020: even if the two have not yet confirmed the rumors in their Instagram profile, it would seem that Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis are back together, sharing the coronavirus quarantine.

After lived several months of love and happiness, Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis broke up in July 2020. In fact, the summer saw them spend their separate holidays: he at work in Ibiza between commitment and fun, she spotted in the company of his friend Carlo Gussalli Beretta. The magazine “Chi” by Alfonso Signorini reports a quotation mark from Andrea saying “The mistake was getting back together, we hurt each other despite the love that will bind us forever”. After having lived several months of love and happiness, Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis broke up in July 2020. Andrea also talked about the end of their relationship in Verissimo’s living room, led by Silvia Toffanin, where he was very heartbroken.


During a live broadcast of Point Z, the program of Tommaso Zorzi, Andrea Damante has confided that he will no longer share the dog that he had with Giulia, as it was a gift for her and it is right that it remains with her. The dog, a Pomeranian Spitz, named Thomas Kowalski which also has its own Instagram page with over 100 thousand followers, after their separation he spent his time a little with Andrea and a little with Giulia.

Andrea Damante Current Girlfriend

Andrea Damante has been engaged since October 2020 with Elisa Visari. The Roman girl, nineteen-year-old actress and model, is Andrea’s official companion, and the two have also adopted a dog named Justin after the summer holidays. Since they have been together they have been spotted first in Verona and then in Trento, then for Christmas ’20 in Dubai and spring ’21 in the Dominican Republic. For their first anniversary, in October 2021, Andrea Damante launched a romantic dedication to his girlfriend on Instagram “you and I have been traveling around the world for a year. I love you my love.”

New Single Understatement Pt.1

Videoclip of the latest single by Andrea Damante

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