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Who is Andrea Delogu: Age, Ex Husband Francesco Montanari and Friend Ema Stockholma

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Who is Andrea Delogu: Age, Ex Husband Francesco Montanari and Friend Ema Stockholma

Andrea Delogu is an Italian TV presenter, radio host and writer. Led with Marcello Masi Life Live Summer in 2020 and from December of the same year he leads the program I restart from RaiTre with Stefano Massini in the early evening. She has been married to the actor since 2016 Francesco Montanari but the couple is currently separated. Note his friendship with Ema Stockholma, who also painted it by portraying it without veils in a painting.

Who is Andrea Delogu?

  • First name: Andrea Delogu
  • Date of birth: May 23, 1982
  • Age: 39 years
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Profession: TV host, radio host, writer
  • Birth place: Cesena
  • Height: 1.73 cm
  • Weight: About 61 Kg
  • Tattoos: Andrea Delogu has a tattoo on his left shoulder with the inscription Dancing in the Dark, has a female figure on the right forearm and a butterfly behind the neck.
  • Official Instagram profile: @andrealarossa
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Andrea Delogu was born in Cesena on May 23, 1982. Her name was given to her by her father who wanted a boy so badly. Andrea has a sister, Barbara, and a brother, Evan. Always a hyperactive child and passionate about singing and dancing, Delogu lived up to 10 years in the community of San Patrignano, the place where her parents, former drug addicts met and to which Andrea is very attached. He says he learned a lot from that experience, especially sharing, a sense of community and respect. In fact, Andrea often talks about his childhood in the community of Vincenzo Muccioli, place where Andrea’s father, Walter Delogu, he was the personal driver and bodyguard of the founder of the San Patrignano community, as also seen in the series NetflixSanpa “The passion for the show was born at the age of 14 when in Rimini at a concert of Cristina D’Avena due to a delay of the singer, she went on stage for lack of a conductor. Hearing his voice in the microphone caused her immense emotion, so much so that she made it her job. Andrea Delogu is very good friends with Ema Stockholma: the girl also portrayed her in a painting that you can see below and that attracted the attention of the media and also Madame’s comment “What a joy”:

ema stockholma painting andrea delogu


Andrea Delogu on his official Instagram profile he loves to keep a checkerboard photographic style alternating photos and impactful phrases. There are also many videos that she shares with her followers and that portray her both in moments of work and in moments of daily life.

Andrea Delogu Instagram

Work and Career

Andrea Delogu is one Italian TV presenter, radio host and writer. From a very young age she studied acting, singing and diction. He began his career on the radio and made his debut on TV in 2002 in the Italia 1 show, Never Say Sunday, like Letteronza alongside the Mago Forest. In 2004 she is one of the girls of Champions, the dream, sports reality that launched Giorgio Alfieri, Sossio Aruta and Giovanni Conversano. He has also led the program since 2014 for three editions Stracult and in 2015 leads the historic football program The Monday trial. From there he began a career made up of great successes and great conductors, such as One Love Manchester, Talk to Lei, i Silver Ribbons. In 2018 she was called by Renzo Arbore for Back all! 30 and the ode and the following year Look … Amaze, both in prime time on Rai 1. Currently it conducts from Monday to Friday “The Version of the Two” on Rai Radio Due together with Silvia Boschero. She was also planning a theatrical show with her husband entitled “the Toymaker” which, however, was postponed several times due to the Coronavirus.

Andrea Delogu and Francesco Montanari

Andrea Delogu has been married to the actor since 2016 Francesco Montanari who played The Lebanese in Criminal novel. The two were on their honeymoon in Tokyo and Delogu told Vanity Fair that during their first outing he would hire a magician to amaze her, making her live a first date somewhat disastrous.

In January 2021 the news came out that the couple is in crisis: Andrea would no longer live in the house he has always shared with Francesco (as you can see from his stories) e moreover, his posts reveal a certain sadness.

Neither Andrea nor Francesco wanted to make any statements but we know that Andrea has moved a few months ago and that they have never seen each other again. Some voices spoke of one alleged relationship between Andrea and the Rai presenter and journalist Alberto Matano. However the two are very close friends and these rumors were not confirmed.

Andrea Delogu and Francesco Montanarini

New Boyfriend

Andrea Delogu was photographed by the weekly Diva and Donna in the company of a new guy named Luigi Bruno. Luigi is a model with dark and intriguing eyes and full lips. Luigi has a social page followed by 1500 followers. We don’t know if it’s just a flirt or a relationship, we’ll see.

Andrea Delogu Cinema and Books

Andrea Delogu in addition to being a successful conductor, premiered in theaters in 2020 alongside her husband Francesco Montanari in the romantic comedy Divorce in Las Vegas. Furthermore, Delogu is the author of two books, The hill published in 2014 with Fandango Editore, where he retraces his story and tells the events in the community e Where the words end. Semi-serious story of a dyslexic, published in 2019 by RaiLibri, in which he recounts his experience with the dyslexia.

Life Live Summer

Adrea Delogu in 2020 was alongside the journalist and presenter Marcello Masi, in the conduct of the ninth edition of Life Live Summer. The Rai afternoon container is the summer version of the historic program La Vita in Diretta, currently conducted by Alberto Matano and Lorella Cuccarini until the 2019 2020 edition, then conducted solely by Alberto Matano.

The 2021 edition of the program is instead led by Roberta Capua and Gianluca Semprini.

I restart from RaiTre

Andrea Delogu presents with Stefano Massini I restart from RaiTre a program born from the idea of ​​responding to the dramatic situation in which live entertainment in Italy moves a cause of the pandemic. In fact, thousands of operators in the sector were left without work due to the cancellation of the shows and the closure of theaters. Many protagonists of the world of theatrical entertainment who will be the protagonists of this program broadcast from Sistina Theater from Rome: Claudio Bisio, Luca Zingaretti, Alessandro Gassman, Serena Autieri, Tullio Solenghi and Massimo Lopez, Luca Ward and Paolo Conticini.


  • Andrea Delogu she found out she was dyslexic as an adult in a diction class and claimed to have a disturbance in attention and this leads her to concentrate on many things for a short time.
  • He suffered from depression.
  • His favorite conductors I am Antonella Clerici, Simona Ventura and Raffaella Carrà.
  • Andrea Delogu is a 2nd dan black belt in karate.
  • Andrea Delogu received the honor of Knight of the Republic by the President Sergio Mattarella.
  • With her friend and colleague Ema Stokholma she participated in the sixth edition of Beijing Express
  • Andrea is very good friends with Stefano De Martino and was a guest of his broadcast on Rai2 Everything is possible tonight with Clementino
  • She is a big fan of Ambra Angiolini.
  • Together with her friend Ema Stokholma and many other Italian artists she participated in the event trunks in the square to focus the attention of politics on the crisis in the entertainment world due to Covid. With them also Manuel Agnelli, Max Gazzè and Emma Marrone
  • In a recent interview with Elle Italia he stated that his dream is to become producer!
  • was a guest of Francesca Fagnani on the program Beasts.
  • in October 2021 Andrea Delogu published some shots on Instagram that portray her inside the new house “to be restored” overlooking St. Peter’s dome in Rome


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