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Who is Andrea Nicole Ex Tronista Men and Women? Age, Choice and Transition

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Who is Andrea Nicole Ex Tronista Men and Women?  Age, Choice and Transition

Andrea Nicole Conte is a 29-year-old Milanese girl, a tronista of the new season of Men and Women 2021 2022, conducted by Maria De Filippi. The news of Andrea Nicole’s participation in the program caused a sensation, since the girl ended her transition period from man to woman in 2014. Nicole chose between Ciprian Aftim violating the rules of the program.

Who is Andrea Nicole?

  • First name: Andrea Nicole
  • Surname: With you
  • Date of birth: January 26, 1992
  • Zodiac sign: Fish tank
  • Birth place: Milan
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Profession: saleswoman in a clothing store
  • Programs: Men and women
  • Official Instagram profile: @andreanicoleconte
  • Follow us on our Official Instagram profile: @


Andrea Nicole was born in Milan in 1992 in the month of July. She has a brother she is very fond of and a family that tends to protect her a lot. She has been employed as a saleswoman for at least 10 years in a clothing store, and who has undertaken and completed a transition path. Her passions are beauty (make-up and beauty) and music. Since 2018 she has been living alone in Milan.

In August 2021 his presence in the Maria De Filippi program is confirmed, Men and women, as a tronista. NB. Many online newspapers attribute the surname Scavuzzo to Andrea Nicole, but the exact surname is Conte.

Transition path

Andrea Nicole she does not define herself as Trans. As he explained in an interview, trans is the one who is still making the transition instead Andrea Nicole is to all intents and purposes a woman having completed the course. The female gender is also reported in his identity card. Using the word Trans for Andrea Nicole it does not do justice and dignity to a completed path making you in fact always in progress and never complete.

At the age of 15 years, Andrea Nicole, it expresses the will to begin a transition process to become a woman, having been born into a man’s body that she never felt was hers The girl tells what it was like to communicate her decision to the family:

For them it was a shock, an understandable reaction. When your 15-year-old son tells you he wants to change sex, the trauma sets in, it wasn’t much discussed at the time. […] At 18 I officially started the journey and they saw how my life, my mood was changing. They realized it was the right choice for me.

At 18 he begins the hormone cure up that lead Andrea Nicole to have the operation in Barcelona for the change of sex. Adequate i documents in Italy in 2014, the new life of Andrea Nicole begins and brings her directly to the throne of men and women.

Tronista Men and Women

Andrea Nicole is a tronista of Men and Women 2021, in this regard Andrea declared:

For years I ran away from love, I always felt unsuitable, inferior to other women. […] I decided to participate in order to defeat my fears. By telling my auction, I will immediately understand the reactions of those in front of me.

Andrea Nicole’s family does not seem to have taken the news in the best way, being very private and fearing for any criticism that a program so discussed as Men and women, may attract Andrea Nicole on their. The girl he does not deny having a slight fear for the possible homophobia that her participation could attract, but she says she is determined to undertake this television experience. He will certainly find the support of commentators Gianni Sperti and Tina Cipollari in the studio. Together with her we find the tronists Joele Milan, Matteo Fioravanti and Roberta Ilaria Giusti. In the episode of presentation Maria De Filippi introduces Andrea Nicole in a very sweet way and wishes her to find love in her program. Andrea Nicole, however, warns everyone: she has already taken into account a partial escape of the suitors.

Andrea Nicole tronista Men and Women

At the beginning of his throne Andrea Nicole focuses mainly on two boys by making two external: the first is the physiotherapist and personal trainer Ciprian Aftim. The second guy she focuses on is Gabrio. Also some guys got scared from the past by trans by Andrea Nicole, while they showed openness and tranquility.

In particular with Ciprian during the first outdoor there were intense looks and the complicity between Andrea Nicole and the young personal trainer seems very high. In their third external Nicole asks to turn off the cameras: the advances tell of a kiss that the two would have exchanged right away from prying eyes, arousing the amazement of Gianni Sperti who does not trust Ciprian and therefore warned Andrea Nicole.

During the program, after the kiss given to Ciprian, the suitor Gabrio decides to eliminate himself in tears because he would not be able to go beyond that kiss. Andrea Nicole therefore focuses her path on Ciprian and Alessandro. Both have moments of despair and leave the program, Andrea Nicole goes to pick them up above all Ciprian telling him he is in love her. After this one confession but he leaves because she doesn’t consider him enough. He comes back after a clarification but Andrea Nicole’s path continues to be tortuous.

Andrea Nicole in the recording of November 30th chooses a surprise: to read all the previews on the choice you can go to this dedicated article. Let’s retrace the path of Andrea Nicole from childhood to men and women, from sex change to choice.

Meanwhile, the backward episodes are on the air, where Ciprian enters the storm for having told Andrea Nicole that a couple of glasses are enough for heri of wine to kiss: he, angry at the outside where he kisses Alexander and not him, uses these words to provoke Andrea Nicole. Many condemnations in the studio for these words, which could make Andrea Nicole pass for what she is not. On December 15th the choice of Andrea Nicole is broadcast on Canale 5: she and Cipriam show up in the studio mortified but are severely attacked by Tina and Gianni. Ciprian on his own initiative went to Andrea Nicole without cameras and the two spent the night together. Andrea did not actually notify the editorial staff before the following day. Andrea Nicole and Ciprian, after the choice, commented on Instagram what happened.


Andrea Nicole’s Instagram profile currently has about 3 thousand followers, a number destined to rise during the airing of the episodes of Men and Women. You can follow Andrea Nicole on her official profile:


  • Doesn’t tolerate being called “trans”, as the term refers to the transition period, a period that ended for you between 2012 and 2013; Keep calling her trans represents for Andrea Nicole a non-recognition of the path taken.
  • his baptismal name is Andrea, and at the time his brother chose him
  • Andrea Nicole defines herself as a “cat lady”, in fact, she lives with two kittens that on Instagram she calls “my loves”


Andrea Nicole’s video presentation to Men and Women

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