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Who is Anna Windsor Royal Princess Daughter Queen Elizabeth: Age, Title, Job and Husband Who is Anna Windsor?

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Who is Anna Windsor Royal Princess Daughter Queen Elizabeth: Age, Title, Job and Husband

Anne Windsor, Princess Royal, is the second and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Edinburgh, twelfth in the line of succession to the throne of England. Princess Anne follows and cares for more than 200 charitable organizations, and is in charge of around 500 assignments for the Royal Family. The only member of the Royal Family to participate in the Olympics, Anna she is married to Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, and has two children had by previous husband Mark Phillips.

  • Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Mountbatten-Windsor
  • Treatment: Royal Highness
  • Noble title: Royal Princess, Princess of the United Kingdom
  • Date of birth: August 15, 1950
  • Birth place: London
  • Age: 70 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Lion
  • Mother: Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor)
  • Father: Prince Philip of Edinburgh (Philip Mounbatten)
  • Line of succession to the throne: 15th place
  • Profession: Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @theroyalfamily
  • Official site:
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Anna Windsor, Princess Royal, bornand as Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, at Clarence House in London on August 15, 1950. Anna is theonly daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and of Prince Philip of Edinburgh, in fact, he has 3 brothers: Charles (Prince of Wales and heir to the throne), Andrew (Duke of York) and the younger Edward (Royal Highness). As a child she was assigned to the care of Catherine Peebles, governess of her elder brother Carlo, remaining under his tutelage until 1963, when she was enrolled at the Benenden School. Always passionate about horse riding, it is precisely the sports career in this area that Princess Anna will decide to undertake.

Noble title

During the life of a member of the royal family, various titles are conferred, following the tradition and career merits. But for female members the issue is somewhat differentin fact, according to a patent letter signed by George V, only the male children of the Royal Family were entitled to the title of royal heights. However, the law changes in 1948, when George VI established that all the heirs of his daughter Elizabeth would enjoy at least the title of Sir or Lady and that they would have the royal and princely status. Anna was born that Elizabeth had not yet been crowned queen; in 1953, on the death of King George VI, Elizabeth becomes Queen and Anna thus obtains the title of Royal Highness. Thanks to her career and merits, Princess Anne’s full title is:

Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, Royal Princess, Royal Companion Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Extra-numerary Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, Grand Master and Grand Cross Lady of the Victorian Royal Order, Lady of Grand Cross of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, Extra-numerary Companion of the Order of Service of the Queen, Chief Grand Companion of the Order of Logohu, Decoration of the Canadian Forces.

Genealogical tree

According to the genealogy of the British Royal Family, Anne Royal Princess ranks 12th in the line of succession.

Genealogy of the British Royal Family

British Royal Family Tree

Training and Work

Sports career

From an early age, Anna cultivated a passion for horseback riding. In the seventies he began to compete at a competitive level, winning several titles at European level, Which:

  1. Gold – Burghley 1971;
  2. Silver – Luhmuhlen 1975;
  3. Silver – Luhmuhlen 1975 (team).

He participated in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, but did not win any medals. Anna remains the only member of the Royal Family to ever participate in the Olympic Games. After the competitive phase of her career Anna holds various positions, such as:

  • President of the Fédération équestre internationale (1986-1994);
  • Member of the International Olympic Committee (1988);
  • Honorary President of the Scottish Rugny Federation (present).

Public and real assignments

The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Anna has always been interested in life and public office. He began to take public office as early as the age of 18 and, in 1969, he was firmly committed to the opening of a school in Shropshire, which within it should have given particular attention to sport. She made her first state visit to Austria, alongside her parents, and was admitted to the Order of the Garter in 1994. She obtained the highest Scottish honor, the Order of the Thistle, on the occasion of her 50th birthday, in 2000, thanks to demonstrated commitment to Scotland’s enhancement works.

Princess Anna Assignments

Private life

Ex Husband Mark Phillips

Princess Anne marries Mark Phillips, lieutenant of the Queen’s 1st Dragoon Regiment, November 14, 1973 in Westminster Abbey. Mark is the son of Major Peter William Garside Phillips and Anne Patricia Tiarks. Initially, the marriage seems to be going well. They live in Gatcombe Park and they give birth to two children: Peter and Zara. In 1989, however, the couple announced their separation, which ended in divorce in 1992.


During her first marriage to Mark Phillips, Princess Anne gives birth to two children:

  • Master Peter Mark Andrew Phillips (November 15, 1977);
  • Zara Phillips (May 15, 1981).

Both of Anna’s children are the first grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II not to have a noble title; this is because his father was not entitled, and when he was offered the title of Marquis, he refused.

Husband Timothy Laurence

After the divorce from Mark Phillips, Anna, on 12 December 1992, married the Vice Admiral of the Royal Navy: Timothy Laurence at Balmoral Castle.. The ceremony takes place in a very private way, there are in fact only 30 guests. The two are still together: they live in Gatcombe Park and often go on vacation on their Ballochbuie sailing yacht.

Princess Anna Husband

Attempted kidnapping

In March 1974, Princess Anne is the victim of an attempted kidnapping. Returning from a charity event with then-husband Mark Phillips, Anna finds herself in a car, which is blocked by a Ford Escort driven by Ian Ball. Promptly, the personal agent of the Princess, gets out of the car to defend Anna. At the same time Ian Ball attacks both the agent and Anna’s driver, disarming them, a journalist who is nearby also intervenes, but is hit in the chest by the attacker. Ian Ball goes to the Princess explaining hers the intention was to kidnap her, ask for a £ 2 billion ransom and then donate it to the National Health Service. Ball orders the Princess to get out of the car, but Anna replies:

Absolutely not!

Then thinking of hitting him and trying to escape. Out of the car, Anna is helped by a passer-by who attacks Ball from behind, and allows her to escape. Once the reinforcements arrive, Ball is arrested, and found guilty of attempted murder and attempted kidnapping, and is then hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic.

Where do you live

Princess Anne and her husband Timothy Laurence live in Gatcombe Park, country house that Queen Elizabeth II gave her when she married her first husband Mark Phillips. The property has at least 300 hectares of land, a forest and a lake. The house, on the other hand, consists of:

  • 5 main bedrooms;
  • 4 secondary bedrooms;
  • 4 reception rooms;
  • 1 library;
  • 1 billiard room;
  • 1 music room.


Princess Anna has no Instagram account. However, we can follow his real commitments through the official profile of the royal family.Princess Anna Insta


  • During the years at the Benenden School, Anna is dating Andrew Parker Bowles, the queen’s squire and future husband of Camilla Shand, now the wife of Charles Prince of Wales;
  • the wedding ceremony of Anna and Mark Phillips was broadcast worldwide, being followed by about 100 million viewers;
  • his outspoken character and sharp tongue are famous;
  • in 2006, Granda Television produced a documentary focusing on the attempted kidnapping of Princess Anne;
  • gets along very well with granddaughter Lady Louise Windsor, they both love horseback riding.
  • in the popular and award-winning Netflix series, The Crown, iThe character of Princess Anna is played by actress Erin Doherty, and voiced in the Italian version by Elisa Giorgio;
  • the story of the reign of Elizabeth II, was the subject of an episode of Ulysses – The pleasure of discovery, by Alberto Angela, with narration by Luca Ward.

Anna Windsor Royal Princess Video

Here is a short summary video of Princess Anne’s first marriage.

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