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Who is Antonella Clerici: Age, Daughter, Comrade Garrone and It’s always noon

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Who is Antonella Clerici: Age, Daughter, Comrade Garrone and It's always noon

Antonella Clerici she is one of the most popular Italian television presenters. He started working on TV in the mid-80s, mostly in Rai programs: one of the most well-known broadcasts cannot fail to mention “One morning” And “Sunday In“. But it is with the program “The cook’s test”Which reaches the pinnacle of success. Her popularity and her incredible talent will lead her in 2010 to be the presenter of the 60th of Sanremo Festival. In the autumn of 2020 it was engaged with a new Rai program that saw talents over 60 in the competition, The Voice Senior, while from 2021 it leads the daytime of noon It is always noon.

Who is it Antonella Clerici?

  • First name: Antonella Clerici
  • Age: 56 years
  • Date of birth: December 6, 1963
  • Birth place: Legnano (MI)
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Profession:TV host
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: Nobody
  • Official Instagram: @antoclerici
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Antonella Clerici was born in Legnano in the province of Milan on 6 December 1963. His father at the time owned a paint factory while his mother was a housewife. His academic career winds between a high school diploma and a law degree with 110 cum laude.

She would have become a magistrate but Antonella, by pure chance thanks to the contact of one of her classmates, turns into the world of television and begins her career as a reporter and TV announcer.

antonella clerici

Work and career

Her debut in the world of television dates back to 1985 as a television announcer for the network “Telereporter“. Then he will begin to conduct some programs on Rai 2: “Semaforo giallo”, “Oggi Sport” and “Dribbling”. He will continue to work for various television broadcasts on the second Rai network and then move on to the flagship program of Rai or Rai 1: he is the face of a program linked to the 1998 World Cup, alongside Luca Giurato in the conduction of the well-known program “Unomattina” , is part of the cast of “Domenica In” and this latter participation makes her very popular with the public.

For a short time she will play in some Mediaset programs and then return to Rai in 2000: the broadcaster entrusts her with a gastronomic program with the name “The cook’s test”Which over the years will not only achieve great success with the public but which will make her one of the most popular faces on the small screen.

In 2005 he joined Paolo Bonolis in conducting the kermesse of Sanremo Festival and in 2010 her skill and popularity will make her go up again on the famous stage of the Ariston but this time as the official host of the program.

He has conducted numerous prime time programs on the Rai broadcaster. Among the best known there are certainly “The restaurant“(Which saw several characters challenge each other, including Patrizia De Blanck and Naike Rivelli),”The train of desires“,”I leave you a song“And a modern version of historical programs such as” Portobello “and” Zecchino d’oro “.

From some rumors it is known that Antonella Clerici will be reconfirmed from Rai to guide the program It is always noon. Together with her, Rai has also confirmed Mara Venier at the helm of Sunday In and Serena Bortone as host of the program Today is another day.

The Voice Senior

From December 2020 Antonella Clerici leads The Voice Senior the program that sees singers over 60 compete with judges Clementino, Gigi D’Alessio, Loredana Bertè, Al Bano and Jasmine Carrisi as protagonists. Among the competitors competing in the first edition we saw: Erminio Sinni, Gianni Pera, Alan Farrington, Ann Harper, Elena Ferretti and Pietro Dall’Oglio. The talent show has been confirmed for the second edition on Rai due from 19 November 2021: instead of Al Bano And Jasmine Carrisi the new entry among the coaches is Orietta Berti, while Gigi D’Alessio, Loredana Bertè and Clementino are confirmed by the first edition.

It is always noon

Antonella Clerici in June 2018 definitively leaves the helm of the program “La prova del cuoco” which in the last 20 years has given her so much popularity, also allowing her to write well 25 books between cookbooks and gastronomy books. However, after various experiences, he returns to Rai with a new program entitled “It is always noon“. The broadcast is a real success, it has stabilized for some time on 15% share e even exceeded 17%. Numbers much higher than those of “La Prova del Cuoco”, which remained between 10-12%.

In the studio a It is always noon Chloe Facchini, at the time Riccardo, is back after her transition path and Antonella welcomed her more warmly than ever!

Private life

Antonella Clerici she has had numerous love affairs and has been married twice. Among his childhood loves, it seems there was also his colleague Massimo Giletti. In 1989 she married the basketball player for the first time Giuseppe Motta and the marriage lasts 2 years.
In 2000 he remarried in New York with the record producer Sergio Cossa and the marriage lasts about 3 years. In 2007 he met the tourist entertainer Eddy Martens, 13 years younger and in 2009 they become the parents of a little girl, Maelle. But in 2016 their relationship ends, apparently for an alleged betrayal by Eddy. It will start shortly thereafter a relationship with the entrepreneur Vittorio Garrone, with which he happily coexists today in the Basini Estate in Arquata Scrivia in Piedmont.

Antonella Clerici Instagram

Antonella counts on Instagram almost 1 million followers: with her cheerfulness keeps many people company also through social media.

Antonella Clerici Instagram


  • Antonella has never hidden that she is a great fan of the Milanese football team ofInter
  • Antonella is a great lover of animals: she has two little dogs, Pepper and Argo and in the past she had a little dog named Oliver to whom she was very attached
  • In 2011 Antonella has been sued because during his show “La prova del cuoco” he expressed a not very positive opinion towards a restaurant in Palermo. Only in 2013 was the accusation withdrawn and the defamed restaurant chefs invited to broadcast for a culinary test
  • It seems that there is no good blood between Antonella Clerici and the historic TV presenter Mara Venier and when they found themselves in the “Domenica In” program they often quarreled
  • “La prova del cuoco” was Antonella Clerici’s longest-running and most successful program, who conducted it for almost 18 years in a row. There was only one season off, in 2009, when the presenter’s daughter was born, and Clerici was replaced by Elisa Isoardi at that juncture. But during an interview with Maurizio Costanzo she revealed that it was, at the time, not a personal decision but of the broadcaster and that this change made her suffer a lot.


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