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Who is Arisa? Age, Biography, Ex Boyfriend, Dancing with the Stars and Instagram

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Who is Arisa?  Age, Biography, Ex Boyfriend, Dancing with the Stars and Instagram

Arisa, whose real name is Rosalba Pippa, it’s a singer born on 20 August 1982 and is aged 39 years old. She became famous for the song presented at the Sanremo Festival “Sincerity” and for an iconic look. Arisa had a troubled relationship with Andrea di Carlo, manager of Can Yaman among others. Arisa is one of the finalists of Dancing with the Stars 2021 paired with Vito Coppola.

Who is Arisa?

  • First name: Rosalba Pippa
  • Art Name: Arisa
  • Date of birth: August 20, 1982
  • Age: 39 years
  • Zodiac sign: Lion
  • Profession: singer, television personality, presenter, writer, voice actress
  • Height: 161 cm
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Tattoos: Arisa has no visible tattoos
  • Official Instagram account: @arisamusic
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


Arisa, at the registry office Rosalba Pippa, was born in Genoa and grew up together with her two sisters Sabrina and Isabella in Pignola, in Basilicata. Already at the age of 4 he participated in his first singing competition, “Fatti sent dalla mamma” by Gianni Morandi. Learn to use the diaphragm and the automatisms related to the breath by imitating the lip of Mariah Carey and Céline Dion. He graduated from the pedagogical high school and started working: she works as a waitress, babysitter, hairdresser, cleaning lady and beautician.

Career by Arisa

The Beginnings

Arisa in 2008, together with Simona Molinari, SanremoLab wins and gets the right to compete in the 59th Sanremo Festival by winning in the Proposals category. The song presented, “Sincerity”, even before the final is at the top of the iTunes chart. Follows the homonymous album that reaches fifth position in the chart. Take part in the benefit concert organized by Laura Pausini, “Friends for Abruzzo” together with 40 other Italian singers. In 2010 he returned to the Sanremo stage in the artists section where he performs in “Malamorenò” which is also the title of his second album. In the same year he joined the all-female cast of the La7 program, “Victor Victoria – Nothing is as it seems” with Victoria Cabello, Melissa Panarello and Geppi Cucciari.


He returns for the third time to Sanremo with a song dedicated to the unification of Italy, duet with Max Pezzali. Arisa also becomes a judge in the popular talent show “X Factor” alongside Morgan, Elio and Simona Ventura and in the same year she tries herself in the role of Chiara in “All the fault of the music” in the film by and with Ricky Tognazzi, Stefania Sandrelli, Marco Messeri, Elena Sofia Ricci and Debora Villa. His adventure with cinema continues starring in “The worst week of my life” with Fabio De Luigi, Cristina Capotondi, the film for which he writes a piece of the soundtrack. He publishes his third album “Amami” with the single “La notte” presented at the 62nd edition of the Sanremo Festival where he takes second place. Also in 2012 she published her first novel “Il paradiso è non granché” (story of a catchy motivated “for Mondadori (followed by” You were everything for me “in 2014) and was reconfirmed as a judge of X Factor. She also made her debut as a voice actress in the animated film “A monster in Paris” by Bobo Bergeron in which she plays Lucille and later also in “Despicable Me 2” and “Barry, Gloria and the Disco Worms”. It is also the year in which he begins his collaborations: he sings in the song “Luce Sara” by DJ Big Fish, “Fragili” by Club Dogo, “Better late than never” with Fedez and J-Ax, “The army of selfies ”By Takagi & Ketra and“ DJ di m **** ”by Lo Stato Sociale together with rapper Myss Keta.

The success

In 2015 she enters the role of the host of the Sanremo Festival together with Carlo Conti, Emma Marrone and Rocìo Munoz Morales. The television adventure continues, Arisa in fact participates as a special coach in The voice of Italy, as a competitor in the reality show “Mont Blanc – vertical challenge”, “Prodigies – Music is life” and returns to judge the singers of X Factor alongside Fedez, Manuel Agnelli and Alvaro Soler. In 2017 he recorded “I changed the plans” which became part of the soundtrack of the film “Nove moons and a half” by Michela Andreozzi and was nominated for the Silver Ribbon for the best original song. The sixth work “A new Rosalba in the city” arrives, the first under a new label, Sugar Music. Arisa is excluded from the Sanremo 2020 Festival due to the similarity of her song with that of Giordana Angi, but participates in the event as a guest. He composes the Italian soundtrack of Walt Disney’s film “Lady and the Tramp” by dubbing the character of Gilda in the sung version. She founded her own record label, Pipshow and again in 2020 she is the teacher of the school of “Amici 20 di Maria De Filippi” with Anna Pettinelli and Rudy Zerbi for the Singing section. However, it is not confirmed for the Amici 2021 2022 season and its place is taken by Lorella Cuccarini who the previous year was a dance teacher.

Dancing with the Stars 2021

Arisa participates in Dancing with the stars 2021, where he dances in tandem with the historic dance teacher Vito Coppola. The other competitors competing for the final victory of the program are:

After the first episode of Dancing with the stars Arisa is first in the standings, enjoying great success both among judges and from home. In fact, he also gets the 10 points of the social vote. During the program, Arisa confirms herself as one of the protagonists of this edition and gets excellent marks from both the jury and the public. In the fourth episode of 6 November with the votes of the jury Arisa is in second place on an equal footing with three other competitors, Bianca Gascoigne, Sabrina Salerno and Morgan, while in first place is Valeria Fabrizi.

Arisa, during the November 27 episode of Dancing with the Stars, made the audience dream and the jury chat. Arisa and Vito Coppola are in great harmony and during the bachata performance, on the notes of Dirty Dancing, the two exchange a kiss.

Arisa and Vito Coppola are among the seven couples left in the race who in the episode of December 4th compete for enter the semifinal of the 2021 edition of Dancing with the Stars.

Arisa and Vito Coppola are increasingly close-knit and in the episode of December 4th they perform in a romantic cha cha to the notes of Madonna. With a score of 35 the pair enters the semifinal on 11 December. It is reconfirmed as one of the most loved couples by the public and appreciated by the jury.

Arisa and Vito Coppola won the final of Dancing with the Stars 2021. During the episode of 11 December, having to choose to dance with an important person in her life, Arisa chose to dance with her father.


Arisa has 923,000 followers on her Instagram profile. The singer shares many shots and selfies of her private and working life, maintaining an excellent and constant relationship with her followers. In the last period, the singer offers many shots that see her enhance her physicality, with messages of body positivity.

Arisa Insta

Boyfriend Andrea Di Carlo

Arisa had formalized a new relationship on December 18, 2020 with her manager Andrea di Carlo. He also gave her an engagement ring and the wedding date was fixed, only to leave her and put the relationship in crisis because he does not feel sufficiently considered and recognized by Arisa herself. In fact, Andrea seems to have been disappointed by the fact that Arisa did not say her name during the interview with Domenica IN and that in general she does not share pictures and words about the couple, remaining very reserved. Arisa for her part, although suffering, has declared that her priority is music and that if a man can accept this and his confidentiality well, otherwise he will be right. The relationship between the two continued for a while albeit strongly in crisis. Arisa on May 22, 2021 published a story on her Instagram profile with a photo of Andrea in which she thanked him for the good and greeted him with the words “The End” and the song Single ladies by Beyoncé. It therefore seemed that the story was definitely over. But in the first days of July 2021 the two of them reappeared together and they seem very happy, the relationship is currently closed again.

Private life

Arisa has been linked to her manager Lorenzo Zambelli for many years with which he built a nice, but sometimes difficult relationship. Always very close, the two had some difficulties and broke up twice, in 2016 and 2018. Arisa has indeed adopted two dogs, Titti Verdura and Nino Meringa to soothe the pain, but the two have retraced their steps. Arisa declared “I experienced an exceptional love. It was bitter and sweet, difficult but absolutely a picture drawn by God ”. Arisa is very jealous of her privacy while also respecting Lorenzo’s privacy. They were paparazzi together in the summer of 2020, very much in love, between kisses and hugs on the beaches of Sardinia. Their relationship however ended after the summer.

Arisa currently lives on the outskirts of Milan and has declared that he isoctoposed to various cosmetic surgeries, more to please others than out of personal desire.

Arisa declared in an episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show of mid-April 2021 to be mentally attracted to women even if for the moment he has not had any experience in this sense that went beyond friendship.

After the demanding experience at Amici20 and the many professional commitments of the first months of the year, Arisa she decided to get one wellness break in a center on the outskirts of Bologna. Among the many stories she publishes to update fans there is one in which she appears together with another great woman of music, Ornella Vanoni.


Arisa has become famous for her iconic look, so different from the “usual” stars of Italian music: large dark glasses, a black helmet and a bright red on the lips. But over time her look has undergone several variations. On her second participation in Sanremo she wears glasses, so iconic, designed by her and soft curls. Then I change direction. He replaces glasses with contact lenses and an almost retro haircut. Arisa often plays with her look, going blonde, even shaving her hair proves that short hair is not boring at all!

Sanremo 2021

From 2 to 6 March Arisa is one of the BIG singers of Sanremo Festival 2021. She participated with the song entitled “You could do more” and therefore brings her particular and very recognizable voice back to the festival stage. In the evening dedicated to duets and covers of Sanremo 2021, Arisa sings “When” by Pino Daniele. Arisa has decided not to sing in a duet but to present herself alone.

The singer ranks tenth place of the final classification of the Festival.


  • The pseudonym Arisa it is a combination of the initial letters of his family (A – father Antonio, R – Rosalba, I and S – sisters Isabella and Sabrina, A – Assunta);
  • Suffered bullying at school;
  • is closely related to father Antonio;
  • According to her, love only lasts three years, since men are used to getting bored after a certain period;
  • in 2012 he presented, together with Giogliola Cinquetti and Anna Valle, the awards ceremony for the Campiello Prize;
  • took part in the film La worst week of my life (2011), with Cristiana Capotondi, Alessandro Siani and Fabio De Luigi;
  • was a guest of Francesca Fagnani on the program Beasts.


The video of the song “La Notte” by Arisa.

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