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Who is Armando Incarnato Men and Women: Biography, Age, Work and Daughter

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Who is Armando Incarnato Men and Women: Biography, Age, Work and Daughter

Armando Incarnato is an entrepreneur, actor and model known to the public for being part of the Throne Over in the program Men and women. Present for several years now, Armando is one of the most talked about characters and a regular presence on the program. Currently he continues to be part of the season 2021 2022 of Men and Women Over.

Who is Armando Incarnato?

  • First name: Armando Incarnato
  • Age: 40 years
  • Date of birth: February 6, 1981
  • Zodiac sign: fish tank
  • Birth place: Naples
  • Profession: Actor, Model and Entrepreneur
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Weight: 76 kg
  • Tattoos: On his chest he has the name of Michelle, his daughter, tattooed
  • Official Instagram Profile: @armando_incarnato_ (Private Instagram Profile)
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Armando Incarnato he is originally from Naples, we know from his childhood that he had to undergo a parental divorce (the information was not directly confirmed by Armando, but this rumor is circulating on the web). Subsequently Armando goes to live with his father and then returns to Naples after graduating. Armando confided, whether we believe it or not, that he had suffered from some evil eyes that have been inflicted on him and that in life have caused him various psycho-physical ailments. On the Over throne of Men and Women he has always stood out for having an opinion on everything and for being particularly fierce when it comes to love.

Armando Incarnato Ex and Daughter

Armando Incarnato had a long relationship with a girl from name Daniela, mother of her daughter Michelle. The relationship lasted for seventeen years but then it ended because Armando felt attracted to another woman and therefore understood that the love for Daniela was over. He then betrays his ex-partner and begins a very tumultuous moment in his life. He then decides to change his life and moves to Rome to try to affirm his television career. He has been participating for some years as a knight on the throne over of Men and Women led by Maria De Filippi.

Armando Incarnato Instagram

Armando Incarnato has an Instagram profile with about 200,000 followers. Several photos of the actor and protagonist of the throne over from moments of everyday life to working ones.

Work and Career

Armando Incarnato he is an actor and an entrepreneur. Manages one hairdressing salons series managed by Armando Incarnato’s sole proprietorship Exclusive Luxury Hair. The boy devoted himself to this activity after having interrupted law studies in Naples and doing the most disparate jobs: from the barman to the courier, passing through the manager of a department of supermarkets. He decides to participate in Men and Women over in 2018 and is also currently part of the program. His acting career boasts a joke-free appearance in the fourth season of Gomorrah – The Series. In fact, Armando appears as the bodyguard of a Boss and in the 2020 season is back on the set of Gomorrah 5.

Men and Women 2021 2022

Armando Incarnato in the 2021 2022 season of Men and Women dated two girls: Jessica Cardinals and Marika Geraci. Especially with Marika the closure was “poison” and the two continued to tease each other for several episodes. Armando is currently waiting to meet new ladies. He strenuously defends Ida in the quarrel with Diego, demonstrating that the sympathy for Ida has never subsided and has been going on since before her relationship with Riccardo.

Men and Women 2020-2021

Armando Incarnato returns as a knight of the male parterre of Men and Women also this season. He spoke with several girls: he went out once with Ludovica but the acquaintance did not continue. He is also feeling with Lucrezia Comanducci, a suitor of the tronista Gianluca arousing the jealousy of the latter. However, after a period of dating, the girl pulls back from both. Armando then receives several girls who have come to the studio for him to meet him, including Marianna Faraldo who then decides to go out with Gianluca. However, the knight is not interested and at the moment he has tried some unsuccessful approach with other girls of the parterre including Veronica De Nigris, who later went out with Nicola Vivarelli. Armando also often quarrels in episode with Michele Dentice. In the episode of November 19, Armando accepts the number of Giada, a girl who went out with Michele but who decided to close the acquaintance with him after an evening, and who said she was interested in Armando. This obviously fueled the controversy between the two horsemen of the parterre who always quarrel animatedly. In December month Armando also goes out with Brunilde Habibi a girl of the throne over who is also dating Riccardo Guarnieri (recently returned to the program) and with Nicole of the Over throne who nevertheless prefers Carlo. In April Armando starts dating Angela Paone, the acquaintance is short-lived by her will. Then three ladies descend, we are at the beginning of May and in particular Armando goes out with Patty with whom he exchanges a kiss but then denies.

Men and Women 2018-2019

Armando Incarnato is one of the best known knights of Men and Women Over. Its Mediterranean appearance and refined clothing have made it the subject of various knowledge within the program. For a certain period of time, in fact, he attended the lady Ursula Bennardo, then returned with her long-time love Sossio Aruta also known within the program. Now the couple has given birth to a daughter named Bianca. Subsequently he meets Noel Formica and then with Roberta of Padua. At the moment, however, Armando is still single. His outspoken and particularly communicative character have often put him in controversy with the commentators of the program and with other protagonists from Riccardo Guarnieri to Barbara De Santi.

Men and Women 2019-2020

In the 2020 season of Men and Women Armando was involved in a “love triangle that sees his former acquaintance Noel Formica, Stefano Torrese and Pamela Barretta as the protagonist. According to rumors, in fact, it seems that Armando and Noel heard each other while she was still busy with Stefano Torrese. Noel was accused by Armando of being false and profiteering. Subsequently Armando got to know the lady Veronica Ursida more closely after having also had a brief acquaintance with Ida Platano who decided to return with her ex Riccardo Guarnieri despite the feeling she had established with Armando.

Ex Janette

Janette is an ex of Armando Incarnato. She was often mentioned during the 2020 throne season due to some rumors and reports that the couple were still together (and that they had also gone through quarantine together) effectively invalidating Armando’s participation in the Throne Over. After several clarifications Janette herself intervened in the studio dispelling the doubts about their sentimental situation which at the moment is only and exclusively about friendship.


Video of Armando during one of the key moments of the program

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