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Aurora Ramazzotti it’s a presenter and influencer, daughter of Michelle Hunziker and and Eros Ramazzotti. She is making her way into show business for her acting skills and has been happily engaged for years with Goffredo Cerza. She is one of Tommaso Zorzi’s best friends and recently claimed to have tested positive for Covid-19. On February 16th he made his debut as “Hyena”In the famous Italia1 program conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi and Nicola Savino.

Who is Aurora Ramazzotti?

Names Aurora Ramazzotti
Age 24 years
Date of birth December 5, 1996
Birth place Sorengo (Milan)
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Height 168 cm
Weight 52 kg
Tattoos an F on the foot made during a holiday in Formentera. A human heart surrounded by flowers on his back. The letters “E” and “M” on his left wrist represent his parents’ initials, while on his right wrist he has a red crown. The phrase “but your smile remains” at the elbow, dedicated to the friend Tra, daughter of the singer Pino Daniele. Sara instead The phrase “aurora” was tattooed, a piece that Eros dedicated to her daughter.
Profession TV host
TV Programs Mystery Land (with Alvin)
  • First name: Aurora Ramazzotti
  • Date of birth: December 5, 1996
  • Age: 23 years
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Profession: TV host
  • Birth place: Sorengo (Milan)
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Tattoos: an F on the foot made during a holiday in Formentera. A human heart surrounded by flowers on his back. The letters “E” and “M” on his left wrist represent his parents’ initials, while on his right wrist he has a red crown. The phrase “but your smile remains” at the elbow, dedicated to the friend Tra, daughter of the singer Pino Daniele. Sara instead The phrase “aurora” was tattooed, a piece that Eros dedicated to her daughter.


Aurora Ramazzotti was born in Milan on December 5, 1996 from a well-known couple: the one formed by the Swiss-born presenter Michelle Hunzinker and the Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti. Aurora grew up in Milan and studied at the International European School, obtaining her diploma in 2015. The girl’s childhood was all in all serene but unfortunately in 2002 she witnessed the divorce of parents. They both remarry: Michelle with the entrepreneur Tomaso Trussardi while Eros with the model Marica Pellegrinelli (marriage that recently came to an end and was spotted with Marta Delogu). From the new marriage of the mother were born the sisters of Aurora, Sole and Celeste, while from the marriage of the father were born the brothers Maria and Gabrio Tullio. Despite the painful divorce between her parents, Aurora is very attached to both. After graduating, Aurora enrolled at the Cattolica Di Milano to study Sociology, but put her studies on standby to devote herself completely to the show.

Aurora Ramazzotti Instagram

Arora Ramazzotti is a real web star: on her Instagram profile, where she is not afraid to show herself naturally and without filters, she has over 2 million followers. You can follow her on her official profile:

aurora ramazzotti instagram

Work and Career

Aurora Ramazzotti works in the television world. His career begins in Sky, precisely in X-Factor, where in 2015 he leads the Weekly appointment of the program famous for having launched important names such as that of Anastasio and Gaia Gozzi.

Subsequently she was confirmed to lead the same program also in 2016 and 2017, and she herself declares at that time to be satisfied with her work. After Sky, Aurora arrives in Mediaset with the management – alongside the mother – of the program You want to bet. Aurora, who has often and willingly been accused of being recommended, has shown her talent by managing to enter the world of entertainment relying only on her strength.

In the summer of 2020 Aurora Ramazotti is sent of the daily program of Tv 8 Every morning conducted by Adriana Volpe. With Flora Singing the two sent go around for Italy telling stories of ordinary and well-known people. She could be a columnist from March 2021 of the reality show L’Isola dei Famosi.


Aurora Ramazzotti made her debut in the de team Hyenas February 16, 2021 where in the first episode of the new season she was the protagonist of her first report dedicated to the scarce presence of women in Mario Draghi’s new government. A theme very dear to Aurora who declared:

Italy is not a country for women

At the end of the service, in fact, Aurora paints herself a pair of mustaches by lowering the mask for a moment.


Aurora Ramazzotti is fiancée with Goffredo Cerza, a young engineering graduate known by the nickname kingcerz. The two had a real love at first sight: Aurora in fact confessed to having said “I love you” to Goffredo a few weeks after their acquaintance. In the past she has been attributed several never confirmed flirts with the singer Riki, the youtuber Sebastian Gazzarrini,

Friendship with Tommaso Zorzi

One of his best friends is Tommaso Zorzi: Aurora was among the first to know about his homosexuality. The two were best friends from high school but it seems their friendship cracked during the lockdown. There trigger of this detachment would be attributable to the behavior that Aurora would have shown towards Zorzi during the quarantine and would not have given him the due attention. However, there seems to be another reason: Aurora’s engagement to Godfrey.

On this distancing Thomas would have made some statements inside the house of Big Brother Vip 2020: I would like to make peace with my best friend with whom I have quarreled because I have a character of m… a. She is very engaged and perhaps it is something that I cannot accept, I have the abandonment syndrome, I always feel a bit at a loss in certain situations. Being my best friend and being there in the house with everyone I expected an extra call. That’s why we had a fight.

Aurora Ramazzotti will enter the house of the Big Brother for a clarification with Tommaso? Surely after Alfonso Signorini’s live invitation there will be some more possibilities.

Acne and Body Positivity

Aurora Ramazzotti has never hidden that she suffers a lot from the problem of acne on the face. On social media she often posted photos that depicted her removing make-up to give a sign of body positivity and acceptance of the problem to give strength to his peers who suffer from the same problem. Aurora told about her fight against this disease in a post:

It has been almost a year since I started my path to treating acne. Yes, in short, the last path I had allowed myself before giving up on the fact that it would never go away. Before starting it I had tried everything. I’ve done every possible test imaginable (really), stopped eating a lot of foods that I thought I was intolerant of, and seen so many of those specialists that I lost hope. Why fighting with your skin is like this: if you haven’t tried it you can’t understand how frustrating it is not being able to find the cause. Each attempt is a lottery game and, when it goes wrong, a defeat to be cashed and worked out.

Over the past year, however, she has relied on a person who inspired her confidence, seeing constant improvements. And in fact he said: “I wish everyone to find a person who knows how to transmit love for the skin even when it seems to us that there is absolutely nothing to love”.


  • Aurora admitted to having suffered, during her adolescence, from the treatment that the gossip magazines reserved for her, which I titled articles like “Aurora is uglier than her mother” or “Aurora’s mother has a better physique than her teenage daughter “. Michelle’s beauty is certainly undeniable but certainly this is not the treatment to be reserved for any teenager.
  • Her idea as a child was to become a singer, just like her father. Growing up, however, he preferred to follow in his mother’s footsteps.
  • Aurora has often sided against body shaming like some of her colleagues in the show including Matilda De Angelis, Vanessa Incontrada, Paola Turani and Chiara Ferragni
  • He is one of the sons of art of the moment, together with Giovanni Antonacci and Matteo Bocelli.

Aurora Ramazzotti Video

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