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Who is Benedetta Rossi: Biography, Age, Husband, Homemade and How Much Earnings

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Who is Benedetta Rossi: Biography, Age, Husband, Homemade and How Much Earnings

Benedetta Rossi is one of the most famous Italian Food Bloggers, owner of a farmhouse in the province of Fermo, in the Marche region. He has a cooking blog and a very popular YouTube channel, Homemade by Benedetta, in which he explains the simple traditional recipes. Benedetta di Fatto in casa airs on Food Network and Real Time.

Who is Benedetta Rossi?

  • First name: Benedetta Rossi
  • Date of birth: November 13, 1972
  • Age: 49 years
  • Height: 1.72 m
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Birth place: Porto San Giorgio (Fermo)
  • Profession: Foodblogger
  • Tattoos: info not available
  • Official Instagram profile: @fattoincasadabenedetta
  • Youtube channel: Homemade by Benedetta
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Benedetta Rossi was born in 1972 in Porto San Giorgio, in the province of Fermo. He immediately learns the secrets of traditional cuisine thanks to his mother and grandmother, increasing his love for food. His career then began dedicating himself to gastronomy opening a farm in the 90s thanks to the help of his partner Marco Gentili. Their business is immersed in the green of the Marche often present in his videos. He then opens a cooking blog where he explains with homely simplicity traditional recipes, such as her colleagues Chiara Maci, Carlitadolce but also – in the fashion sector – Chiara Biasi or Giulia Nati. TO December 2020 Benedetta decides to take a break from work apologizing to the fans: she needs to recover the relationship with her husband and for this reason she decides to get away from videos, social networks and recipes for a period.

Benedetta Rossi Instagram

Benedetta presented her dog Cloud on Instagram: after the painful death of Nuvola a new love has arrived in the house of Benedetta and Marco. On Instagram Benedetta has 3.5 million followers!

benedetta rossi and marco with the dog cloud on instagram

Work and career

Benedetta Rossi it is currently one successful food blogger is the owner of the La Vergara farmhouse in the province of Fermo. She learns the art and secrets of traditional cooking from her grandmother and mother and starts cooking as an assistant cook and waitress. After his resignation he opens his farm with his partner Marco. In 20111 Benedetta and Marco begin to undertake the activity on the web made up of culinary tips and simple recipes that will lead Benedetta to success in a short time. On social networks the page “Homemade by Benedetta“Grew in popularity in a short time and after opening the YouTube channel as well, in 2016 Benedetta published her first recipe book for Mondadori:” Homemade by Benedetta “, the following year”Homemade by Benedetta 2“And in 2018”The kitchen of my house“. Benedetta Rossi is currently on the air with her program on Food Network And Real Time.

Benedetta has been married to Marco for over 10 years. They recently renewed their vows with a ceremony on the beach in Hawaii. On the sand, Benedetta wrote: “At sunset we renewed our marriage vows … we got excited like 10 years ago”.

Benedetta Rossi Farmhouse

Benedetta Rossi had a farmhouse from where she broadcasts all the episodes of the now well-known cookingshow “Homemade for you”. The name of the farmhouse is “Agriturismo La Vergara” with an excellent rating on the web for the excellent location and services. It is located exactly in C.da Svarchi 12, 63017 Altidona in the province of Fermo (in the Marche), closed in the winter months. Right in this farmhouse, there is also the famous bench that opens and closes every episode or video starring Benedetta Rossi and her guests. Furthermore, Benedetta is very close to the pizza chef Gabriele Bonci.

In 2020 Bendetta closed his farm, to privilege the activity of Food Blogger. At the moment, therefore, it is no longer possible to stay at the “La Vergara” farmhouse. As she herself stated: “Our farm is closed this year – wrote Benedetta – However, it is a very small structure that did not have the possibility of hosting many people. That’s why we never advertised it ”.

“Homemade” by Benedetta

“Fatto in casa da Benedetta” is a format made up of an Instagram page, Facebook, Youtube and also a blog dedicated to cooking. Benedetta Rossi becomes one foodblogger successfull in 2011 and today she is a real influencer: her numbers, in fact, have guaranteed her popularity beyond expectations. On Instagram “Homemade by Benedetta”Has more than 1 million and 300 thousand followers, while on Facebook the page reaches more than 4 million followers!

What are its strengths? Surely the fact of being spontaneous and not giving herself the air of a chef: Benedetta’s simplicity and the genuineness of her Marche cuisine were the winning ingredients for her success. Furthermore, Benedetta is very good at explaining recipes: she communicates in a direct, simple way and enriching everything with nice anecdotes about her family.

Benedetta Rossi Vs Benedetta Parodi

Benedetta Rossi was also accused of being too “free-range” by some followers of Chef Benedetta Parodi on May 18, 2020. Under a photo in the Instagram profile of the latter some users have insulted Rossi for the Marche accent and for her way of doing things by contrasting it with that of Parodi. Fortunately, the fans of Fatto in Casa da Benedetta intervened in defense of their darling, but it did not fail to surprise the failure of Parodi herself to moderate the comments of her followers.

Red Bandage Sons

Benedetta Rossi and her husband Marco they have no children, but he had a Nuvola dog, who often appeared in their videos. Unfortunately Nuvola on 12 August 2020, after a period of illness, passed away and the influencer had a very hard moment to overcome. She also stated that she saw her husband cry for the first time on this very occasion. Subsequently in autumn 2020 Benedetta and Marco take a new dog that they call Cloud in homage to the faithful Nuvola.

Marco and Benedetta met at her parents’ stables and celebrated their wedding in Hawaii. Together they then refurbished the family farmhouse and there they created the farmhouse and the location for all the videos with the Val D’Aso and the sea in the background.

Benedetta and her husband Marco recently underwent a mourning in the family that has kept them a little away from social networks. In fact, Lanfranco passed away, Marco’s father and father-in-law of Benedetta. The cook communicated the great pain on her Instagram profile and said:

“He went away due to a bad illness that had worsened a lot in the last few weeks. For this reason we have been and will remain silent for a few days, respecting the pain of the whole family “

How much does Benedetta Rossi earn

It can be said that Benedetta Rossi earns a fortune! Much of its income comes from social where Benedetta is a real star. Benedetta is there food blogger most followed in recent times: it reached i 2 million subscribers on Youtube and each video it uploads touches 1 million views while on its page Instagram has passed i 3 million followers.

According to some sources, Benedetta receives from Instagram between 2000 and 4000 euros a month, but it is thanks to Youtube that her assets have literally exploded, collecting more than 75 thousand euros a year. To these must be added the earnings he gets from his books, sponsors, the farm and the television program. Doing the math in Benedetta’s pocket, her annual income far exceeds 200 thousand euros.

Video by Benedetta Rossi

One of Benedetta Rossi’s most famous recipes made live: Panzerotti Pugliesi.


  • On May 2, 2020 she was a guest of the Real Time “Second Life” program by Gabriele Parpiglia together with Donna Imma Polese of the Ceremonies Castle
  • Benedetta Rossi he stated that he does not call himself a chef because she hasn’t studied, she comes from grandma’s kitchen
  • Benedetta Rossi is a lover of animals and first had a dog named Cloud and the current four-legged friend is called Cloud who is a real social star!

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