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Who is Brando Giorgi: Biography, Age, Wife Daniela, Restaurant and Instagram

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Who is Brando Giorgi: Biography, Age, Wife Daniela, Restaurant and Instagram

Brando Giorgi it’s a 54-year-old Italian actor and former model from Rome. Starred Mostly in fiction and soap opera, and is the owner of a restaurant in Rome. He is married to his wife Daniela Battizzocco and was in the nineties romantically linked to singer Mietta. It is a competitor The island of the famous 2021, currently on Parasite Island.

Who is it Brando Giorgi ?

  • First name: Brando Giorgi
  • Real Name: Lelio Sanità of Toppi
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Age: 54 years old
  • Date of birth: May 21, 1966
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: actor and former model
  • Height: 187 cm
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: unavailable
  • Official Instagram Profile: @brandogiorgi
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Biography Brando Giorgi

Brando Giorgi, at the registry office Lelio Sanità di Toppi, was born in Rome (more precisely in the Portonaccio area) on May 21, 1966. As a child he dreams of becoming a pilot, however, he enrolls in university and studies computer science, a course that does not complete. In 1992 he rediscovers his true passion for acting and enrolled in an acting course held by Beatrice Bracco. The next year he attended the School of Dramatic Art.

He made his film debut in 1992 in the films: Bad Girls, with Eva Grimaldi, e Tanned 2 – One year later where he works alongside Valeria Marini. In the following years he intensified his aactivity as a model and becomes the testimonial of various advertising campaigns, becoming the flagship model of names like: Valentino, Pignatelli and Trussardi.

He moves to television where he participates in: Incantesimo 3, Vivere e CentoVetrine. It is divided between cinema, television and theater, appearing, among others, in: A Place in the Sun, Don Matteo, Catherine and her daughters 3 And Café room.

He had one long relationship with the singer Mietta, in the nineties. Since 2013 it is married to showgirl Daniela Battizzocco, and together they have two sons: Camilla (2000) and Niccolò (2004).

Brando Giorgi Restaurant

Brando Giorgi owns the restaurant “Ristorante Osteria Corte Del Grillo” which is located in Rome at the addressAscent of Grillo, 6b “. Brando Giorgi besides being the owner he is also an excellent cook: several times he cooked himself for the patrons of his restaurant.

Career Actor

He made his debut in cinema in 1992 with the film by Marina Ripa di Meana Bad Girls. It says, in the same, in the video clips: Common people And Sea water, of the singer Mietta. In 1993 he returned to the cinema with Tanned 2 – One year later and begins to intensify the career as a model.

Takes part in several advertising campaigns and becomes Trussardi’s flagship model, Valentino And Pignatelli. In 1999 he made his debut in the theater and yes move on television, participating in Spell 3, and plays Roberto Falcon in the Italian soap To live.

It is among the competitors of the reality show Nights on Ice 2, in 2007, hosted by Milly Carlucci and continues his prolific activity on television. Turn I do not forget, Wives in pieces And The blood and the rose.

Brando Giorgi Instagram

It must be said that Brando Giorgi on social media is not all that active. It has around 1000 followers with whom he shares the love for catering and karts. Now that he has joined the cast of L’Isola dei Famosi 2021, the actor has also begun to share posts where he talks a little about himself.

Brando Giorgi Insta

Mietta, Ex Wife and Wife Daniela

At 25, Brando Giorgi married his girlfriend at the time. After his first marriage he was tied up for a very long time, in the nineties, to the singer Mietta, story then ended.

In 2013, after fifteen years of engagement, he married the showgirl Daniela Battizzocco. He called it the sun that warms his soul and brought serenity back into his life. They have two sons: Camilla (2000) and Niccolò (2004).

In 2018 the couple decided to get married with a religious rite, however, not before Brando obtained the cancellation of the Sacra Rota of his previous marriage. The ceremony was celebrated in the Church of San Bernando da Chiaravalle in Rome. Three years before the religious wedding Brando and Daniela had a deep crisis that they managed to defeat only thanks to faith.

Island Of The Famous 2021

Brando Giorgi is a competitor of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 broadcast from March 15, 2021 conducted by Ilary Blasi and which sees Massimiliano Rosolino as a special correspondent in Honduras. It is the first time that Brando participates in this type of program and has declared that the thing that scares him the most is to get through the first week, characterized by adaptation to deprivation. Brando can’t stand vulgarity and presumption: given the presence of strong characters in the program, there could be squabbles among the competitors precisely given by this type of character differences.

In the first episode, Brando immediately put himself to the test in the race for immunity: although he managed to hold his breath for a very long time, he was unable to win the victory against Vera Gemma. Brando’s wife pointed out how the test benefited Vera’s conformation whose face allowed her to breathe longer out of a circular slit before going free diving. Brando goes to the Burinos team in the third episode as a consequence of the team test. In the same episode, Brando is nominated against Francesca Lodo. Brando Giorgi loses the nomination but decides to stay on Parasite Island with Fariba Tehrani and Ubaldo Lanza. In the episode of April 5 he returns in a group with the others, winning the televoting against Vera Gemma. The coexistence with the others, however, does not last long: Brando in fact continues to not get along with the group and he decides to isolate himself despite living on the same island as his companions who do not take this decision well, confirming the difficulties in relating with Brando. In the episode of April 15, Brando Giorgi must abandon the game for checks to be carried out in Italy due to a vision problem on the island.

All Shipwrecked Competitors

The official competitors of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 are:

Curiosities about Brando Giorgi

  • When he’s not on set Brando Giorgi deals with catering, with a friend he opened a restaurant in the center of Rome;
  • TOhe should have participated in Big Brother 5, but it is not known why he did not participate;
  • The stage surname “Giorgi” was wisely coined by the actor’s agent;
  • It has the passion for karts;
  • in 2006 he took part in the program Nights on the ice, which saw Alba Parietti among the competitors;

Brando Giorgi Video

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