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Who is Ciro Priello of The Jackal: Age, Wife, Daughter, LOL and Tale and Which Show

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Who is Ciro Priello of The Jackal: Age, Wife, Daughter, LOL and Tale and Which Show

Ciro Priello, stage name of Ciro Capriello, is a youtuber, comedian and author Neapolitan born in 1986. He is part of the well-known comedy group The Jackal and is known for his comic sketches, for his commitment in the field not only actor but also author of the videos produced and is a reference figure for lovers of the genre. Competitor of the Prime Video program, LOL – Who laughs is out, Ciro reached the final with Katia Follesa and, stealing a laugh, was proclaimed winner of the program. Ciro Priello participated in Tale & Which Show 2021 finishing in third place.

Who is it Ciro Priello?

  • Ciro Capriello
  • Stage name: Ciro Priello
  • Zodiac sign: Fish
  • Age: 35 years
  • Date of birth: March 12 1986
  • Birth place: Naples
  • Profession: youtuber, actor and comedian
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @ciropriello
  • Follow us on our Official Instagram profile: @


Ciro Priello was born in Naples on March 12, 1986, as Ciro Capriello. Since childhood he has been a lover of the art of dance, in fact, at the age of 11 he studied in Fuorigrotta (district west of Naples) with Enzo Paolo Turchi and Carmen Russo, becoming one of the first dancers of the school. At 18, in 2004, he tried to enter the school of Friends by Maria De Filippi, at the time They will be famous, arriving in the semifinals but finally not being admitted. The love for dance does not abandon him and participates in the choreography of The cantata of the shepherds with Peppe Barra. Over time he also became passionate about amateur video production with childhood friends: Simone Ruzzo (pseudonym of Simone Russo), Francesco Capaldo (aka Francesco Ebbasta) and Alfredo Felaco; together the 4 founded, in 2005, the video production company: The Jackal.

In 2011 Ciro and The Jackal gained notoriety thanks to web series, produced by them, Lost in Google, but become popular nationally in 2014, thanks to the Gomorrah video parody series: The effects of Gomorrah on people, in which Salvatore Esposito and Roberto Saviano take part.

Here is one of the most famous videos de The effects of Gomorrah.

We see Ciro increasingly present on television and also in the cinema; is from 2017 the film AFMV – Goodbye fucking green faces, which considerably increases the popularity of Ciro and the group, making them collaborate with personalities such as: Emma Marrone, Malika Ayane, Beppe Vessicchio.

Ciro participates in the Prime Video program in 2021, LOL – Who laughs is out, together with his colleague Fru (stage name of Gianluca Colucci), Frank Matano, Katia Follesa and Lillo. The program, led by Fedez and Mara Maionchi, wins, and donates the fee of 100,000 euros to the Action Aid foundation, an international organization committed to supporting fundamental human rights.

Currently Ciro Priello works in Naples, where he lives with his wife Maura Iandoli (influencer and blogger) and her almost 5-year-old daughter Anna.


After a start in the field of dance, Ciro in 2005, together with his childhood friends, founded the video production company The Jackal. The following year, the founders of the group: Francesco Ebbasta, Simone Ruzzo, Alfredo Felco and Ciro Priello, landed on you tube, with their channel, which today boasts almost a million subscribers, and gradually become more and more known thanks to projects such as: Lost in Google And The effects of Gomorrah on people.

Ciro arrives in the cinema in 2017, with the film AFMV – Goodbye fucking green faces, which also includes newcomers to the group, such as Fabio Balsamo, and actors such as Fortunato Cerlino and Salvatore Esposito.

With the new formation of The Jackal, which sees the entry of Fru (Gianluca Colucci), Claudia Napolitano and Aurora Leone, Ciro and the group are seen in collaboration MasterChef Italy, for which they produce parody videos to sponsor the start of the program (together with Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Joe Bastianich and Bruno Barbieri), X Factor And The Sanremo Festival, for which they produce video comments of the evenings, also inviting those who are participants in the event and beyond.

In 2020 we see Ciro conducting I didn’t go out anyway, broadcast on Rai Play, and the following year instead participates and wins in the program LOL – Who laughs is out. In May 2021, he is kicked out, together with his colleague Aurora Leone, from the inaugural dinner of the Match of the Heart, as, being a “woman” of the latter, did not allow her to sit at the table with the other players / artists, all men, despite the fact that she too had received the call-up.

Ciro Priello at the cinema

Ciro also took part in works that did not concern the rest of The Jackal, such as: I have to think (2015), Cinderella cat (2017) and Sadness is a light sleeper (2020).

Such and what Show 2021

Ciro Priello was confirmed as a competitor of the eleventh edition of the program conducted by Carlo Conti, Such and Which Show. Together with him were confirmed: Deborah Johnson, Stefania Orlando, Alba Parietti, Federica Nargi, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Dennis Fantina, Francesca Alotta, Gemelli di Guidonia, Simone Montedoro and Biagio Izzo.

The program will see as judges: Loretta Goggi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Giorgio Panariello.

  • In the first episode of Such and Which Show Ciro imitates Stash of the Kolors. The performance, rather appreciated, earned him sixth place in the provisional ranking.
  • In the second evening Ciro imitates Mika.
  • In the third episode Ciro Priello tries his hand at imitation of Freddie Mercury
  • In the fourth episode plays the role of Marco Mengoni
  • In the fifth episode Ciro Priello imitates Tiziano Ferro
  • In the sixth episode Ciro Priello plays the role of Michael Jackson
  • Second (jointly with Dennis Fantina) in the provisional classification, Ciro Priello in the seventh episode imitates Massimo Ranieri
  • In the’latest episode Ciro Priello imitates Ed Sheeran: Ciro contends for the final victory with Dennis Fantina and the Guidonia Twins, who lead the provisional ranking. He does not win but announces from the stage of the program his imminent marriage to his long-time girlfriend, Maura Iandoli.

Ciro Priello will be one of the 13 competitors in the race of Tale and Which Show, the tournament, aired on November 19. He will be an exceptional judge Antonella Clerici and the other 12 competitors:


With nearly 350,000 followers, the Instagram profile of Ciro is very active. The youtuber he posts funny videos or photos almost daily, along with The Jackal, but also posts about his private life, especially about his wife and daughter. Last post obviously what concerns the victory a LOL – Who laughs is out.

Ciro Priello Insta

Wife and daughter

About Ciro Priello’s private life we ​​know what he himself made known through social media, or during interviews. He is engaged to influencer and blogger Maura Iandoli. Together they live and work in Naples, and they are Anna’s parents, born on August 22, 2016. Maura, who also studied acting, singing and dancing, has also collaborated with The Jackal, and has her own format under her belt, on her instagram profile, What does Freud say?, in which he talks about psychology.

Ciro Priello Family

Ciro Priello and Aurora Leone kicked out of La Partita del Cuore

On May 24, 2021, on the occasion of the inaugural dinner of the annual charity event, La Partita del Cuore, Aurora Leone and Ciro Priello are chased by the general director of the singing team Gianluca Pecchini, from the hotel where the event takes place. The two, called up as participants in the match for the Champions for Research team (captained by Andrea Agnelli), after having sat down at the table of the National Singers, were taken over by the president Gianluca Pecchini. Initially the two comedians thought they simply had the wrong place, but it was then explained to them that only Aurora had no right to share the table with the singers / players; right that Aurora does not have as a “woman”.

You’re a woman, you can’t be here, women don’t play

The president explained to an incredulous Aurora and a stunned Ciro. On Aurora’s instagram profiles, Ciro, The Jackal and all the components, what happened is well explained. Although Aurora had been called up to “play”, had received the outfits to participate in the match, she would not have been entitled to a place like all the other male participants.

Ciro can stay, you can’t, you can’t sit here, they are our rules. Don’t make me explain why … You can put the outfit in the stands as well, what’s that got to do with it. Women don’t play. These are our rules and if you don’t want to respect them you have to get out of here

Aurora Leone Match of the Heart

Abandonment of Aurora and Ciro in La Partita del Cuore

These words were followed by Aurora and Ciro’s abandonment of the room. The two were literally kicked out of the room, and even from the hotel, they were unable to check out before the end of the dinner. Aurora and Ciro will therefore not be present at the Match of the Heart on May 25, 2021, explaining

We feel alienated from a context that should have a completely different purpose. We continue to support the project, because donating to cancer research remains important, but we don’t feel like joining the game. I would have liked to play also as a woman, I’m sorry to talk in these tones but what happened to me had never happened to me. I felt embarrassed

The reply of the organizers of the event

The reply of the organizers was sudden

The Italian Singers National Team has never discriminated against sex, fame, musical genre, skin color, type of success, and followers. There is only one thing – she continues – in which she has never compromised: We cannot accept arrogance and threats from our guests


  • Ciro’s favorite book is To choke by Chuck Palahniuk;
  • He is also an excellent imitator (remember his imitation of Alessandro Borghese);
  • He graduated from the Naples Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications;
  • The ballet of the “third arm”, Which Ciro showed on the occasion of LOL, is becoming popular on the web.

Ciro Priello Video

Ciro participated, on October 14, 2019, in the episode of Everything is possible tonight, conducted by Stefano De Martino, and performed, together with Elenoire Casalegno in a fun dance-challenge.

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