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Who is Damiano Carrara: Age, Wedding, Girlfriend, Bake Off Italy and Instagram

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Who is Damiano Carrara: Age, Wedding, Girlfriend, Bake Off Italy and Instagram

Damiano Carrara is one chef and pastry chef 35 years old from Lucca, well-known face of TV thanks to his role as judge a Bake Off Italy 2021 And Cake Star on Channel 8. Damiano lives between Los Angeles, Milan and Lucca and has published several recipe books. He is engaged to a girl named Chiara Maggenti and the two had to convoy to wedding in June but the date was postponed to July 2022.

Who is Damiano Carrara?

  • First name: Damiano Carrara
  • Age: 35 years
  • Date of birth: September 22, 1985
  • Zodiac sign: Virgin
  • Birth place: Lucca
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Profession: Pastry chef and TV presenter
  • Tattoos: There is mainly a lion on his right arm and an inscription that completely covers his left arm.
  • Official Instagram profile: @chefdamianocarrara
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Damiano Carrara was born on 22 September 1985 in Lucca where he spends a very peaceful childhood thanks to the serenity of the family atmosphere. The father is a construction worker and the mother is a postal worker (just like Cristiano Malgioglio). He approaches the world of cooking and pastry with his brother Massimiliano, specializing more and more towards this world. Become a bartender, but decides to undertake his own research by moving to Ireland. In 2008, however, he moved with his brother in California, in Moorpark, where two patisseries will open within a few years: the “Carrara Pastries“. Later he became a well-known face in the USA thanks to his participation in programs on Food Network America. He currently lives between Los Angeles, Milan and Lucca. As Damiano stated: We now have two stores in America and are opening a third. Then we have a laboratory and a company to import all the products that we then distribute to our pastry shops. Everything has changed compared to a few years ago ”.

Girlfriend and Wedding

Damiano Carrara Girlfriend

Damiano Carrara seems to be very reserved compared to his private life, for which not much is known. From some news around the web, it can be deduced that he is certainly engaged to a woman whose identity is unknown. It seems that it was Damiano who decided not to circulate rumors about it his partner, with the intent of protecting their relationship. In a photo on Instagram published on November 5, the presence of someone in Damiano’s heart is confirmed: however the identity of the girl continues to remain secret which nevertheless appeared in a romantic shot published on Christmas day by the chef himself.

Over the months the girlfriend’s name has been made public: the girl is called Chiara Maggetti! She and Damiano were supposed to get married in June 2021, the wedding cake is prepared by the friend of the chet Ernst Knam!

Unfortunately, a domestic accident forced the couple to postpone the wedding for over a year: they will be held on July 9, 2022 but we don’t know in which location! Speaking of this unexpected event, Damiano himself revealed:

“We talked about it a lot and unfortunately we decided to postpone the wedding, which would have been June 26th. After the resonance, it will take another two or three months before Chiara can go back to being herself. Covid does not improve the situation. We want to have a nice day. Being with the family, being able to hug each other “


We give Carrara revealed in November 2020 with this one photo on Instagram to be engaged even if the identity of the girlfriend is Chiara Maggenti and since that moment the two have published several photos that portray them together.

Work and career

Damiano Carrara is one chef, pastry chef and well-known face of TV, famous for his roles as a judge in Bake Off Italia and Cake Star. He specializes in bartending and then moves to Ireland. In 2012 he moved with his brother Massimiliano in the USA, in California, where after a few years of apprenticeship he opens his first pastry shop: “Carrara Pastries” to which a second one will be added after a few years. In 2015 arrives on TV, in the cooking show Spring Baking Championship of the American channel Food Network America, winning the podium. His TV appearances in the role of judge in “Food Network Star “, “Halloween Baking Championship” And “Spring Baking Championship“. This role will ensure that Damiano returns to Italy in 2017 when he is hired by Magnolia who wants him in the role of judge for Bake Off Italy And Junior Bake Off Italy, Ernst Knam, Clelia D’Onofrio and the presenter Benedetta Parodi. A year later he will be alongside Katia Follesa, in a program that proposes the format of “4 restaurants” led by Alessandro Borghese, entitled “Cake Star – Confectioner in Challenge”And currently on air again from February 1, 2021. From September 4, 2020 he is engaged in the new edition of Bake Off Italia 2020 which, in addition to the usual cast composed of Ernst and Clelia, sees the entry of the new judge Csaba Della Zorza. Damiano by the end of 2020 will open a pastry shop in his hometown, Lucca. The boy is working hard to create a sort of Atelier of his creations.

Damiano Carrara Recipe Books

In addition to TV, Damiano Carrara has also published several traditional Italian pastry recipe books. However, these are always very simple recipes that everyone can make in their own home kitchen without particular technical knowledge. The books published by Damiano are:

  • Dolce Italia: Authentic Italian Baking (2016)
  • A Taste of Italy: 100 Delicious,Homestyle Recipes (2017)
  • In life everything is possible (2018)

Carrara Pastries

After the experience in the USA, California, Damiano Carrara opens his first patisserie: “Carrara Pastries” to which others are added in a short time. Right at the opening of the third store, Damiano unveiled that the well-known sisters Kardashain would be his clients and he also unveiled that they stay in Las Calabasas and come every now and then, but they only drink juices and centrifuges because they are always on a diet. Among our customers there are Britney Spears, Aston Kutcher, the lead singer of System of a down ”.


  • Damiano has had gods in the past piercing: on the nose, tongue, lip and ear
  • In an interview he confessed to have repeated the first superior for three years
  • While studying in high school, he also worked as a metalworker
  • He also participated in the program “Come to me”Conducted by Caterina Balivo
  • One of his childhood friends today is his personal assistant
  • He designs his cakes using the “Cad” program, usually used by architects
  • The first dessert he learned to make is Tiramisu and Damiano also confessed that it is his favorite dessert because it reminds him of childhood.
  • Damiano will be the guest of the second season of Second Life hosted by Gabriele Parpiglia on Real Time where he will tell about the unpublished background of his private and professional life
  • Damiano Carrara has been called him sexiest and most desired chef of Italy, in second place there would be Massimo Bottura, starred chef, while on the third step we find Roberto Valbuzzi. The colleagues Chefs Rubio and Carlo Cracco are more distant.

Video Recipe by Damiano Carrara

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