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Who is Dayane Mello? Age, Daughter, Boyfriend, Ex Sala, Instagram and A Fazenda

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Who is Dayane Mello?  Age, Daughter, Boyfriend, Ex Sala, Instagram and A Fazenda

Dayane Mello it’s a Brazilian model of 31 years old, known for participating in the Island of the Famous and in Beijing Express and al Big Brother VIP 2020. She had a difficult childhood, she is the mother of a little girl named Sofia she had with her ex-partner Stefano Room. It was paparazzi by Chi in May with a Casertano entrepreneur named Andrea in a romantic weekend.

Who is Dayane Mello?

  • First name: Dayane Mello (pronounced Daiani)
  • Date of birth: February 27, 1989
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Fish
  • Birth place: Joinville, Santa Caterina (Brazil)
  • Height: 1.77 cm
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Tattooingi: various tattoos, one of which is dedicated to the daughter
  • Instagram Profile: dayanemelloreal
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The childhood of the Brazilian model Dayane Mello it was not very simple: it was born in Joinville, in Brazil, February 27, 1989. The father he was a member of the Brazilian army and was therefore very absent. The mother, who wanted to abort her, abandons both her and her siblings during their childhood. There In fact, her mother used to prostitute herself to make a living: during the experience at Big Brother Dayane told how she and her brother Juliano often suffered from hunger and had even begun to carry out petty thefts in supermarkets to survive. When the mother accompanied a new man, he beat up both Dayane and his mother and sister. Mello currently regards her mother as a stranger. Dayane Mello therefore takes care of the brothers and grows up without affection. There mother comes back to visit her children only once a week, only to abandon them again. His life begins only after his father returns home. In 2006 Dayane decides to moving to Chile and begins her modeling work, aware of her beauty. Dayane describes herself as sensitive and generous even though her biggest flaw is impulsiveness.

There Dayane’s mother, named Ivone Dos Santos, she has been ill for a long time with cancer dead May 29, 2021. At the news of the disease, fans showed great solidarity with Dayane by starting a fundraiser to support the care her mother needed. However, Dayane did not accept the financial aid despite the great affection shown for the initiative.

Lucas Mello

February 3 Lucas Mello, brother of Dayane Mello, he died in a road accident aboard his utility car in the city of Santa Caterina. Lucas Mello collided with a truck while taking a girl home. Dayane Mello temporarily comes out of the Big Brother house to receive the tragic news. Visibly distressed and pained Dayane decides to stay in the house because she wouldn’t have to go out anyway could reach Brazil (there are quarantine days) and hug his family. Dayane wondered if it was one of the last thoughts: the boy a few hours before the accident had posted a story on instagram that portrayed him with Dayane and the brother Juliano Mello. Over the course of the days, Dayane spoke several times with her father and brother to stay close to her loved ones in grieving: Dayane is very worried about her father because she seems unable to react to the tragedy that happened to her son.


Dayane Mello is collecting very successful on his Instagram profile. Dayane had entered the GF house in January that she had “Only 100” thousand followers, which, however, during his stay in the house more than doubled. Dayane currently has over 250,000 followers, in part also foreigners since the Brazilian fandom she moved to support the girl and make her known to the public.

Dayane Mello Photo

Work and Career

Dayane Mello she left Brazil in 2006, moved to Chile and, aware of her beauty, began her modeling career. Here she becomes a fairly well-known face and is the protagonist of some photographic services for the Sportweek magazine and becomes the face of some international brands (from L’Orèal in Breil, passing through Yamamay and Intimissimi). He also works on music video clips for singers such as and Emis Killa. In Italy Dayane Mello was the protagonist of dancing with the Stars, program conducted by Milly Carlucci and the program Mont Blanc – vertical challenge; where it arrives in the semifinals. But the program that made her very famous was the Island of the famous 2017 – together with, among others, Raz Degan, Simone Susinna, Eva Grimaldi, Giulia Calcaterra – even if she is already eliminated in the second episode. Dayane Mello, together with Ema Kovac was part of the Top team that participated in the Beijing express 2020 edition and finished third. Dayane Mello then participates in the Big Brother 2020 2021 managing to finish in fourth place.

From September 2021 Dayane Mello participates in a reality show in Brazil entitled: A Fazenda. Dayane will have to take care of living on a farm taking care of the animals along with other celebrities.


Dayane Mello left the Big Brother house is single. She is paparazzed by Chi with her ex Mario Balottelli, but the brief return of the flame is soon replaced by a romantic weekend with Andrea, a Casertano entrepreneur who takes her with friends on a boat: kisses and fun are the prelude to something more?

Dayane in the past he had a long relationship with the tennis player Nicolás Massú, winner of the 2004 Olympic gold medal in Athens. He later had an affair Carlo Gussalli Beretta heir of the homonymous arms manufacturing family and currently in relationship with Giulia De Lellis. Dayane confessed that she was very upset by the fact that Carlo texted her after two years of relationship, not having the courage to tell her that their age difference had become a problem. Dayane is currently single, lives in Como with her daughter Sofia and is looking for true love.

On July 14, 2020 Dayane Mello enters in the attendance of Belén Rodriguez e Gianmaria Antonolfi: the entrepreneur and Belén were in fact photographed exchanging a kiss in Capri. Dayane is not there and presses through the pages of the magazine “Who” saying that Gianmaria had been dating her for a month and a half when he started dating Belèn. He had said to go out for a business dinner, then the girl found out that Belén was at that party and from that moment on he started to get cold and later left her for texting. Dayane advises her Argentine colleague to be careful, because she believes that Gianmaria is just looking for popularity.

Ex Stefano Sala and Daughter

Dayane Mello’s longtime ex boyfriend is Stefano Sala. After the experiences in several television programs, Dayane Mello is the protagonist of pink chronicles for the relationship with Stefano Sala, from where little Sofia is born, in 2014. Although the two split in 2017, they maintain a civil relationship and obtain joint custody of little Sofia. Stefano Sala however, in an interview on the pages of someone on October 21, he tells how he was not happy with the lies that Dayane told in the house. Their daughter Sofia also at school he would have the spotlight precisely in relation to the attitudes of his mother in the house, Stefano also stated that despite the joint custody, he is the one to provide for the economic and practical needs of Sofia, who lives at home with him.

Mario Balottelli

The short story between Dayane Mello and Mario Balottelli she was nominated by her to the Big Brother VIP: speaking with Enock, Mario’s brother, the woman confessed how she still feels very attached to Mario despite their history was short, and how when she sees him her heart beats strongly. Enock was visibly surprised by these statements. Dayane therefore seems to have shown feelings that are still current for the player who instead responded with a promptly removed story, where he asked not to say nonsense about him and not to mention him on television because he is making his life. When Mario enters the GF’s house in the episode of Friday 23 October to greet his brother Enock, Dayane is questioned by Signorini who asks her if she would like Mario to enter the house. Smiling, she replied yes, at this point the boy let himself go to one joke (not to say insult) decidedly sexist saying “you want to let me in but then you tell me to stop that I hurt you“. The reference to an intimate past of theirs is evident and has triggered the reactions of the web that are amazed at why Alfonso Signorini has not reprized Mario after this joke.

From April 2021 the passion between Dayane and Mario Balotelli who have been paparazzi by the weekly Chi in Milan on several occasions.

Big Brother VIP 2020

Dayane Mello is an official competitor of the GF vip 2020 aired in September on Canale 5. She declared that she participates in the program to test herself by being closed in a house and that the thing she will miss most is doing Yoga in front of Lake Como.

The reality show is conducted as usual by Alfonso Signorini. Together with Dayane in the house there are: Elisabetta Gregoraci, Stefania Orlando, Adua Del Vesco, Maria Teresa Ruta, Andrea Zelletta, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Francesco Oppini, Tommaso Zorzi, Selvaggia Roma, Giulia Salemi, Giacomo Urtis, Cristiano Malgioglio. The new entries of December 2020 Carlotta Dell’Isola, Filippo Nardi, Samantha De Grenet, Mario Ermito, Andrea Zenga, Cecilia Capriotti, Sonia Lorenzini, and Ginevra Lamborghini (sister of Elettra). We also remember the eliminated: Denis Dosio, Francesca Pepe, Patrizia De Blanck, Matilde Brandi, Myriam Catania, Maria Teresa Ruta and Guenda Goria, Massimiliano Morra,, Enock Barwuah, Fulvio Abbate, Fausto Leali and Paolo Brosio. Subsequently, on January 29, the last competitor Alda D’Eusanio also enters the house.

Dayane Mello the evening of the Big Brother VIP final on March 1st ranks 4th in the final ranking.

The parade at the Venice Film Festival

Dayane Mello was at the center of the chat on the web after participating in the famous Venice Film Festival, in 2017. The fashion show in red carpet, together with colleague Giulia Salemi, was accused of being a little too risque. The beautiful fuchsia dress worn by Mello had a dizzying inguinal split: the model in this regard declared to be at ease too without shame, and that is usual walking around the house naked.


  • His favorite cocktail is Spritz and his favorite dish is carbonara
  • He prefers the sea to the mountains
  • He trains about 2 hours a day
  • Dayane and daughter Sofia look a lot alike
  • One of her goals is to buy a house in Brazil for her and her daughter

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