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Who is Elisabetta Gregoraci: Age, Boyfriend Stefano, Son Nathan and Briatore

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Who is Elisabetta Gregoraci: Age, Boyfriend Stefano, Son Nathan and Briatore

Elisabetta Gregoraci she is a showgirl, former model and TV presenter. She was married to the well-known entrepreneur Flavio Briatore with whom he had the son Nathan Falco, born in 2010. It was a contestant in the reality show Big Brother Vip 5 conducted by Alfonso Sigorini. She is engaged to Stefano Coletti, Formula 2 driver. Elisabetta Gregoraci is one of the rotating hosts of Jokes aside, according to the new format wanted by Enrico Papi.

Who is Elisabetta Gregoraci?

  • First name: Elisabetta Gregoraci
  • Age: 41 years old
  • Date of birth: February 8, 1980
  • Sister: Marzia
  • Zodiac sign: Fish tank
  • Birth place: Cosenza
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Profession: Showgirl
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Tattoos: Elizabeth has several tattoos: Elisabetta has numerous tattoos including: on one finger the name of her son Nathan Falco, on the forearm she has a sentence for her mother (Mom..I will never be the same without you), on the left arm he has engraved a sentence by Ramazzotti (What is in the bottom of the heart never dies,), a heart inside the left arm and the word Love near the right wrist, a highly realistic woman’s eye it is present on the inside of the left arm.
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Elisabetta Gregoraci was born in Soverato (CZ) on February 8, 1980. Very attached to her family and her younger sister Marzia , was deeply marked by the untimely loss of the mother Melina after a long illness, for cancer in 2011. Elisabetta said that her mother’s illness, which lasted many years, was very painful: while her peers were going out, she and her sister spent the evenings at her mother’s bedside. Elisabetta also told of the beautiful memories of her adolescence, when her mother was not sick, made up of spaghetti, late night chatter and laughter.

At a very young age she began her modeling career, won the title of Miss Calabria and reached the Miss Italy finals where she won the title of Miss smile. From here he parades for various designers including Armani and Dolce and Gabbana. He graduated in accounting in 1998, then he moved to Rome where he graduated from the Ials in Modern Dance. He successfully approaches the world of television where he participates in numerous broadcasts including Ciao Darwin, Tonight everything is possible and made in the South which he will present from 2012 to 2017.

Over the years it has been at the center of some procedural events both for the Vallettopoli investigation and for alleged tax crimes. In the summer of 2006 Elisabetta Gregoraci leaps to the honors of the Italian and international news for her relationship with Flavio Briatore, much older than her, who was the general manager of the Renault Formula 1 team. Briatore and Elisabetta got married on 14 June 2008 and on 18 March 2010 itheir son Nathan Falco Briatore. They will end their marriage on December 23, 2017 in a mutual separation.


Flavio Briatore

Elisabetta Gregoraci she was married to the famous businessman Flavio Briatore, much bigger than her: the age difference between the two is in fact 44 years. They met in a nightclub in 2005 and got married in the summer of 2008 with a very sumptuous ceremony. From their union in 2010 their first and only son Nathan Falco Briatore will be born, to whom they are both very fond.

During her participation in the reality show GF Vip, Elizabeth confessed to her difficulties experienced near Briatore: “Managing a man like him is not easy. I had to sacrifice so many things to be close to him ”. Elisabetta in the house of Big Brother told how she felt at times neglected by Flavio, to the point that when Elisabetta’s mother died he went to the disco. He also spoke of the man’s relationship with Naomi Campbell: Naomi and Flavio have always been great friends, and told Elisabetta that on New Year’s Eve of their first year as boyfriends he first kissed Elizabeth instead of wishing Noemi a happy birthday. The girl with a scene packed her bags and left according to Gregoraci’s story.

The couple after the end of the marriage would have drafted a post-marriage pact where Elisabetta, for three years, undertakes not to be seen in gossip magazines and in public with some new flame. The penalty would seem to be very high fines. This could be one of the reasons why Elizabeth she has never been photographed with any of the alleged flirts as well as the reason for his posting from Pierpaolo Pretelli.

Elisabetta Gregoraci After Briatore

After the end of the marriage with Flavio Briatore has been attributed to her a relationship with Francesco Bettuzzi founder of Pure Herbal. The story between the two came out when she got divorced but he stated that. lasted three years. Currently it turns out to be single. In these days of emergency Elisabetta and Flavio Briatore are spending the coronavirus quarantine together in Montecarlo with their child. The newspapers spoke of a flashback.

Boyfriend of Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elizabeth before entering the house of Big Brother Vip declared herself single and ready to fall in love if it happens, despite love in recent years has hurt her a little she wants to be loved again with the right man. Despite the clear advances of Pierpaolo Pretelli in the house of the GF VIP, Elisabetta has set the record straight by saying that there is a deep understanding between them but that we are only talking about one special friendship. In fact, it would seem that there is someone in Elisabetta Gregoraci’s heart that she is thinking about inside the House.

In fact, in the episode of 9 October a plane flew over the GF’s house with a message you are the epicenter of my earthquake “: Elizabeth did not want to reveal more, confirming that she entered from single. There are many knots in this story, we’ll see!

The “principal” of the planes in love above the house of the Big Brother dedicated to Elisabetta Gregoraci seemed to be Stefano Coletti a Formula 2 driver who also participated in Elisabetta’s 40th birthday party. The couple is confirmed on May 16, 2021, after months of silence, by some of the boy’s Instagram stories

Work and Career

Elisabetta Gregoraci is a showgirl, presenter and model. She began working in the world of fashion while still a minor, at 17, when she won the title of Miss Calabria and entered the national Miss Italy competition. He will not win the competition by finishing in 24th position but he will win the band of Miss Sorriso. Thus began his career on the catwalks, in particular by parading for haute couture brands such as Armani and D&G.

On television he begins by participating in Hi Darwin led by Paolo Bonolis in the episode Veline contro Intellettuali, he also acts as a valley for Pupo in the program Il Malloppo and begins his participation in the cinema in films such as “The sky in a room” by the Vanzina brothers and “There was a Chinese in a coma” by Carlo Verdone while on television he appears in the TV series “Il Mammo” and “Un medico in famiglia”.

Starting from the co-conduct of Starflesh with Jerry Calà and Elenoire Casalegno, she has her first role as host in “Sognando Hollywood”. Within this contest he knows Flavio Briatore. In 2005/2006, thanks to Emilio Fede, he conducted the in-depth analysis of Tg4’s “Sipario” and the weather forecast.

In the same year is removed from the rai for having been involved in the wiretapping of the Vallettopoli scandal, however at the behest of Paola Perego she returns in the 2006 – 2007 season among the hosts of Buona Domenica on Canale 5. Celebrity Bituri will follow with Brigitte Nielsen and she is nominated in 2010 by GQ Spain woman of the year.

Since 2012 he has conducted Made in Sud with Gigi and Ross and Fatima Trotta, until 2017 when after having conducted 101 episodes he will leave the helm to Trotta and Stefano de Martino. In the summer of 2020 he led Live beats the musical program of Italia 1 and returned again the following year (in the company of Mariasole Pollio), after the experience at the GF VIP. The Mediaset summer music program saw the participation of many singers including: Sangiovanni, Baby K, Colapesce Dimartino, Fedez, Orietta Berti, Annalisa, Federico Rossi and many others.

Elisabetta Gregoraci after conducting the summer program Live beats will be one of the presenters of the new edition of Jokes aside in the format desired by Enrico Papi.


Elisabetta Gregoraci was involved in the Vallettopoli investigation conducted from 2006 to 2007 by PM Woodcock. The focus of the investigation was intimate performances in exchange for favors to work in television and in the entertainment world. Under investigation for extortion and corruption were Giuseppe Sangiovanni, Deputy Director of Rai Television Resources and Salvatore Sottile former spokesman of Gianfranco Fini. During the investigation Elisabetta confessed to having had intimate contacts with Sottile in the offices of Foreign Ministry, the Farnesina.


  • Elizabeth said she had given up on adolescence for family reasons and to have grown up quickly: now at 40 she feels she needs lightness
  • During the Lockdown Elisabetta passed time with his son Nathan to play on the Playstation and classic board games such as Monopoly and Risk
  • She passed the quarantine in Monaco, without the possibility of returning to Italy and this weighed heavily on her
  • Her lucky charm is a rosary from her mother
  • She has declared that her character is good and sunny but that she hardly ever lets herself go.
  • Sofia Giaele De Donà is called “little Gregoraci” due to the resemblance to Elisabetta
  • It was rumored that he had received flowers from Francesco Zangrillo, but it was all the result of a misunderstanding as the man is the alleged boyfriend of Barbara D’Urso

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