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Who is Ema Stokholma: Age, Mother, Partner and Friend Andrea Delogu

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Who is Ema Stokholma: Age, Mother, Partner and Friend Andrea Delogu

Ema Stokholma, pseudonym of Morwenn Moguerou, is a DJ, radio host, TV host, painter and model French with Italian citizenship. After the experience at the 70th Sanremo Festival with the conduct of PrimaFestival And AmaSanremo in 2020, he followed the live broadcast of the Festival also in 2021 on Rai Radio 2, where Ema is also the radio voice of‘Eurovision Song Contest which saw the victory of the Maneskins. His single was released in June 2021 Ménage à trois and in July he won the Stall Award for his autobiography.

Who is Ema Stokholma?

First name Morwenn Moguerou
Stage name Ema Stokholma
Date of birth December 9, 1983
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Age 37 years old
Birth place Romans-sur-Isère, Provence, France
Profession DJ, Radio and Television presenter, writer, painter
Height 1.75 cm
Weight About 60 kg
Tattoos Ema has many tattoos on her body and has undergone several surgeries to remove some
Wikipedia Ema Stokholma, pseudonym of Morwenn Moguerou (Romans-sur-Isère, 9 December 1983), is a French radio host, TV presenter and writer with Italian citizenship


Ema Stokholma, born in Morwenn Moguerou, was born in Provence in 1983 from an Italian father and a French mother. His childhood is very painful as she herself tells in an autobiographical book released in 2020 entitled “For my good”. Morwenn grows up with his mother and brother greater Gwendal between the South of France and Brittany. Adolescence is also a very difficult period for her as she has to deal with the continuals violence of the mother, both physical and psychological, both towards her and her brother. At the age of 15 Ema manages to run away from home to reach the father in Rome. After a few months, however, he also leaves his father’s house and in Italy he soon has the opportunity to enter the world of fashion, becoming a model for fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Valentino and Versace. It also approaches the world of music becoming a DJ with performances that take her to the most famous Italian and European clubs.

Ema Stokholma Photo


Ema Stockholm as a child experienced many difficulties. After being born in a small town in the south of France. His mother Dominique she is a violent woman always looking for a job. His father Antonio, on the other hand, abandons the family even before Ema was born. Ema develops a fervent fantasy to take refuge from this reality.
Still a young girl she decides to build a life away from home for her own good between Bologna, Milan and London. Thus began a career as a model, but always carrying music in her heart. So buy a small console to learn to play in the disco. He practices and starts DJing in the clubs of Milano Marittima. Her talent was noticed and she became one of the most famous Italian DJs. Hence the landing on TV.


At the age of 4, Ema says that there was room only for physical violence at home, verbal and cruelty. There was no caresses, love and sweet words. Ema knows the loneliness between daily episodes of violence towards him or towards his brother. As Ema writes in her book “for my good”:
“It always started with a cold shower, the method consisted of dragging me into the tub and throwing myself in it still dressed. […] Sometimes he even filled the tub and kept my head under water “. During the interview Ema said that the violence of words did even greater damage, which the girl carried with her for many years. Her mother came to take her to the deck urging her to jump downstairs. Luckily the bookseller from the village in France where they lived arrived and they pretended nothing happened. Even the mother would have it accused of sleeping with her father. Ema stated:

My mother was a monster. I understood why he did it: he had nothing. I don’t hate her anymore.

Guest al Venus Club by Lorella Boccia, Ema said that from childhood she remembers “Only beatings, humiliations and invitations to suicide. TO London I hit rock bottom. I let myself go into dangerous situations ”. He confessed to the search for the survival limit, between cigarettes picked up from the ground and looking for food in the garbage. “Then, at a crossroads, I told myself that I had to go back to Rome: make a lot of me and try to live “.

Instagram Ema Stokholma

Ema Stokholma’s Instagram profile is a mix of photos and paintings made by her. They follow her over 245 thousand followers but the number is destined to rise.


Ema Stokholma made her debut in fashion world as a model for designers of the caliber of Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Valentino and Versace. He then approaches music becoming one of the most famous in a short time DJ on the Italian and international scene and in 2013 he made his debut in the television Italian, conducting the aftershow of the MTV Italian Awards. Later he participates with his great friend Andrea Delogu in the programs Jump! I’m diving in tonight of Canale 5 e Aggratis! of Rai 2. In 2015 he started working as radio speaker for Rai Radio 2 together with Gino Castaldo in the well-known Back2Back program. In 2017 he participates in the reality show Beijing Express of Rai 2, winning the edition paired with Valentina Pegorer. The sixth edition of the reality show also saw Antonella Elia and Jill Cooper, Achille Lauro and Francesco Arca as competitors.

Always for Rai Radio Two has conducted the live broadcast of the Sanremo Festival (edition conducted by Claudio Baglioni with Michelle Hunziker and Pierfrancesco Favino) with Gino Castaldo and Adrea Delogu and the final Eurovision Song Contest, with Federico Russo. In 2020, in addition to the live broadcast, it leads PrimaFestival on Rai 1, flanked by Gigi and Ross. Still the same year he is in the cast of AmaSanremo the Sanremo Giovani program conducted by Amadeus, where Ema presents simultaneously on both Rai 1 and Rai Radio 2. Ema Stokholma was also the protagonist of the 2021 edition of the Sanremo Festival as correspondent of Rai Radio 2 together with Andrea Delogu. The two presenters wore beautiful dresses from the Castor fashion boutique.

Ema Stokholma is the voice of Rai Radio 2 for the semifinal and final of theEurovision Song Contest of 22 May 2021 which sees the participation for Italy of the Maneskin. On Rai1, however, the live broadcast will be accompanied by Cristiano Malgioglio and Gabriele Corsi. After the Maneskin victory, Ema declared that “theirs is not the most modern music there is. In fact, they won Sanremo and the public there is not young! ”.

He debuted in June 2021 as a singer with the first single “Ménage à trois” announcing it on social media: “Did you think the hits of the summer were over? But no“. The very funny text is a list of the French words we commonly use, a way to not take ourselves too seriously! The launch was attended by: Andrea Delogu, Stefano De Martino, Michela Giraud and Valerio Lundini with funny videos posted on Ema’s Instagram profile!


We don’t know if Ema Stokholma is currently engaged or not. However, we know that in the past she was romantically linked to the famous Roman rapper for two years Gemitaiz, but their relationship ended. He himself declared that it was “a beautiful but very complicated story”.

Friendship with Andrea Delogu

Ema Stokholma is linked by a long friendship with the host Andrea Delogu. Ema and Andrea spend time together very often and post their moments together on social media, especially since Andrea Delogu and Francesco Montanari have moved away, Ema has been a great friend and has been very close to Andrea. Their relationship goes beyond friendship and Ema stated that:

“Andrea is a person who changed my life”

Furthermore, Andrea is often the subject of Ema’s paintings who, publishing the last portrait on Instagram, wrote: “I need * new * models, the one I use is weird”, joking about her friend. That painting, a nude, attracted the attention of the media and also Madame’s comment “What a joy“.


  • The pseudonym Ema Stokholma is inspired by the Stockholm song by Rino Gaetano: Ema has in fact decided to give herself a stage name because her name is difficult to pronounce for someone like her who has the soft “r”
  • Ema wrote hers autobiography by title For my own good published in 2020 by HarperCollins Italy and won the Bancarella Award 2021.
  • There relationship with the mother it was very painful and Ema told Silvia Toffanin a very true and to Serena Bortone a Today is another day that her mother had taken her to a bridge and asked her to commit suicide!
  • Ema was often a guest of Live Life by the journalist Alberto Matano, of the Rai Due program in prime time Tonight everything is possible by Stefano De Martino and the show by Simona Ventura Game of Games together with Gilles Rocca, Enzo Miccio and Sara Croce.
  • Together with her friend Andrea Delogu and many other Italian artists she participated in the event trunks in the square to focus the attention of politics on the crisis in the entertainment world due to Covid. With them also Manuel Agnelli, Max Gazzè and Emma Marrone
  • Ema was a guest, together with the singer-songwriter Folcast, of the Rai Play broadcast PlayMag conducted by Livio Beshir and dedicated to millennials.

Video by Ema Stokholma

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